About Us

Hi there and welcome.

My name is Mike and my beautiful wife’s name is Cassie. We’ve been happily married for 6 years and while we’re not swingers or into hardcore bondage we do like to keep it interesting. We keep it interesting with role playing, erotica and of course our favorite adult toys.

You may have noticed this site is a little bit different. We try to give honest reviews on sex toys, both for him and her, from a male and a female perspective. You also may have noticed there aren’t creepy shutters out front or an endless list of products which are impossible to sort through. Mmmm do I buy “B.O.B. or T.O.M.” – I’m not the jealous type but I’d prefer if my wife didn’t use vibrators named Bob or Tom so you won’t find those products reviewed here either.

It took my wife some convincing to get her to do this with me. We’re a very open couple but diving into a site like this has been both a tremendously scary and liberating experience all at the same time.

I’m in sales and she’s a web developer, we don’t have kids, just a dog. You’re probably thinking “Holy shit I know a Mike and Cassie…she’s a web developer… he does something, could be sales… they have a dog.”

Fuck, we’ve been discovered.

You’ll never see a picture of us on this site – it just wouldn’t be practical if our employers found out that on the side we ran an adult website. We’ll simply go by Mike and Cassie but I guarantee if you stick around for a while you’ll feel like you know us. Something about reading another man or woman’s masturbation tendencies or the kinky shit they do in bed makes you fast friends.

Come to think of it all of the men in my wedding party knew about both.