Alexis Texas Fleshlight Review

One of the best booty’s in all of adult entertainment, Alexis Texas joins the team at Fleshlight to create her very own vagina Fleshlight. Along with her molded vagina lips, a brand new signature sleeve has been created named the Texas Tornado which will have you “leaving your trail of destruction in her in no time.”

For those who aren’t familiar with Alexis Texas, she burst on to the scene in 2006 and has since won several awards for her work including one of my favorite Buttwoman vs. Slutwoman which also included the very lovely Kristina Rose and Asa Akira. For those of you who also read my review on the Tori Black Fleshlight you’ll know what a fan of hers I am and when Alexis Texas and Tori Black got together to do a lesbian scene, my mind almost blew completely.

Available Sleeves and Holes

You’ve got some options here, you can go for the pussy or the ass, and each one has a different sleeve texture inside. You’ve got the Outlaw in the vagina and the Tornado in the ass, so you’ve really got a difficult choice to make (I chose the Tornado, because come on, it’s Alexis Texas…gotta go for that ass!).

AlexisTexasVagOutlaw>> Get the Alexis Texas Vagina / Outlaw Sleeve! <<


>> Get the Alexis Texas Ass / Tornado Sleeve! <<

My Experience

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Alexis Texas at a sex conference along with Ron Jeremy and it was actually after learning she was on the product line at Fleshlight. I asked her what that was like to get her bits molded and she said it was actually a really simple process and she was personally amazed at just how detailed it all turned out. And as I look at the Alexis Texas Fleshlight I have sitting beside me and compare it to a picture I found on her website, it’s pretty bang on.

I ordered this model online and it arrived just like every other Fleshlight I had ordered before. Always in a discreet box, it arrives at the door without any judgment from the mailman which is sometimes nice compared to the dingy sex stores which are close to our home.

The other nice thing about ordering online is that it’s actually cheaper than buying it in a sex store and that’s always important to me, especially since I own so many of these damn things.

Included in the package was the Fleshlight canister, sleeve, a small package of lubricant and instructions. I always prefer to warm my Fleshlight up so I let the hot water from my bathroom sink run over the entire thing before blow-drying it dry. Now that it’s nicely warmed up, I squeezed the lube deep into the sleeve and warmed myself up to one of my favorite Alexis Texas scenes of all time, as I mentioned above, featuring Tori Black.

Once I was ready to go, I slowly let myself enter the Fleshlight until I had myself all the way in. Keep in mind, for MOST men, you won’t have a problem ‘fitting’ into the Fleshlight because it extends a little over 9”. And even if you are bigger than 9” inches, it still doesn’t change the sensation. For smaller guys, you might not get to experience all the different ribbings and bumps but when you don’t know what you’re missing out on it’s not such a big deal.

As I worked my way through this particular sleeve, I found it wasn’t particularly stimulating. If you have problems getting off or want a Fleshlight which is particularly stimulating, I would recommend the Stamina Trainer or maybe even the Stoya Detroya as these will tickle the head of your cock way more aggressively.

I personally really like this sleeve as I find sometimes the really stimulating sleeves to be just a bit too much. I like what Fleshlight is doing in providing a variety of sleeves which feature different sensitivity so that there is something for everybody or the opportunity to have multiple sleeves like I do. As you slide through Alexis Texas, the ribbing is pretty consistent as it slims down and opens up throughout the entire unit.

As always, the climax was fantastic which seems pretty consistent among the various Fleshlights. With the Texas Tornado you can be pretty aggressive with it because it isn’t super sensitive which actually makes it a little bit more for a climax.

Clean-up is easy as you just need to give it a rinse and ensure that you find a safe place to let it dry. Using some soap will help to avoid any build up of anything you don’t want festering inside the sleeve. Make sure it is in fact a safe place to dry your Fleshlight as you don’t want your kids running into it.

All in all I think it’s a great addition to the overall line-up and one that I will definitely use again. Another excellent ass to join the quality ranks at Fleshlight, including the much-loved Lisa Ann. Let me know if you try the Outlaw sleeve, I may have to pick that one up too to complete the collection. Anyway, go get yours today, you won’t regret it.

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