My Asa Akira Fleshlight Review

asaakirafleshlighthomesmallBorn in New York but the only child of Japanese parents, Asa Akira is one of the top international adult stars in the world.

With a height of just 5’2, Asa’s a bundle of energy in the many roles she has been apart of including many which play out the Asian fetish such as a mail-order bride or masseuse.

Joining the team at Fleshlight in 2011, her Fleshlight actually won the 2012 TLA Raw Award for “Best Sex Toy.”

Below you can read my review of the Asa Akira Fleshlight.

Available Sleeves and Holes

Could there be any more options for Asa lovers out there? You get the whole selection here, from ass to mouth (if ya know what I mean ;)).

You can pick her pussy, ass, or mouth, and her pussy comes in THREE different sleeve textures. The only thing harder than picking just one sleeve from all of these is your dick at the thought of entering it haha.

AsaAkiraVaginaAll>> Get one of the amazing Asa Akira Vagina Sleeves! <<

AsaAkiraMouthSwallow>> Get the Asa Akira Mouth / Swallow Sleeve! <<

AsaAkiraAssForbidden>> Get the Asa Akira Ass / Forbidden Sleeve! <<

My Experience

Being a guy who has always had an attraction to Asian woman, I was pretty damn excited to give the vagina of Asa Akira a try. Everytime I buy a new Fleshlight I am always a bit taken back by how lucky we are to live in an age when we can buy something as awesome as this these days. I mean, they actually MOLD your favorite porn stars vagina (or ass, or mouth…) so that you can get as close to fucking it in real life as possible. It’s pretty damn cool.

Whenever I buy the Fleshlight of one of the porn stars I always choose the star specific sleeve which in this case is the Asa Akira Dragon. From the pictures, I was really interested in the potential of it as the design is pretty damn cool. Quite tight on the inside with spiraling ribbing from top to bottom I was pretty sure I was going to really enjoy the spiraling ribbing all around the head of my cock.

The package came as it always does, extremely discreet with nothing on it that reads Fleshlight so if you live with someone who might receive the package while you’re out, you won’t have to worry about having to explain.

Fleshlights in general are pretty discreet as they look more like a flashlight than anything (that’s why they named them what they did). I would prefer if they didn’t brand the word ‘Fleshlight’ on the side of the plastic casing but oh well. Luckily for me, Cassie knows of my Fleshlight collection and actually gets quite a bit of satisfaction when we play with them together.

I unpackaged all the components and warmed up my brand new Asa Akira Dragon sleeve. I always like to warm up the sleeve with Cassie’s blow dryer or some warm water. Just make sure the sleeve is completely dry before use or it gets a little bit messy with the lubricant. Keep in mind Fleshlight does provide a small package of lubricant but you’ll want to buy extra lubricant for down the road as it really does make the experience what it is.

I was all warmed up and ready to go and just before I was about to slide myself in Cassie came walking into the bedroom. Now for most guys, this might be the cause of embarrassment but for us it was more hilarious than anything. Cassie had gotten off of work early and come home to find me in our bed naked with a raging hard on about to fuck my brand new Asa Akira Fleshlight. Now perhaps some wives would have freaked out a bit but luckily for me she asked, “Want some help with that?”

Before I knew it Cassie was straddling my thighs holding the Fleshlight over top of me. Unfortunately, unlike I might have preferred, she teased my head, not allowing me to fully enter the Dragon sleeve I was so excited to try. It felt like forever but finally she let me experience everything it was.

The ribbing was honestly perfect with such a consistent feel throughout the entire sleeve, I was super impressed. Now needless to say, given the entire situation, my experience with the Asa Akira Fleshlight was… short. Between Cassie straddling me, and the spiral ribbing which tickled the head of my cock perfectly, I had filled Asa Akira up and my god was it amazing.

I got up and went to clean off. Always best to wash the Fleshlight thoroughly after use and then leave it in a safe place for the sleeve to dry fully. When I had returned to the bedroom after cleaning, I can’t say I was shocked to find Cassie in bed playing with one of her favorite products

But that’s a different story all together.

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