My Christy Mack Fleshlight Review

christymackfleshlighthomesmallFleshlight is always continuing to expand their offering of your favorite porn stars and in the case of Christy Mack, it’s no different.

Now you have the chance to experience both Christy Mack’s asshole and pussy in the comfort of your own home and in case you also have the Fleshlight LaunchPAD you can watch some of her best movies including “Hot Body Ink” or the “The Dark Knight XXX“, which is essentially the closest you’ll get to banging her in real life.

As the Fleshlight line continues to grow, so does my desire to try them all. Since Christy Mack exploded onto the scene in 2012, her tattooed body has provided me (and Cassie I might add) with some pretty amazing orgasms. In the below Fleshlight review, I try out Christ Mack’s vagina and let me tell you, it sure doesn’t disappoint!

Available Sleeves and Holes

Not only does Christy Mack have both an ass and a pussy to choose from, she’s also got a signature texture for each, which means these sleeves are totally unique to her Fleshlights. Pretty hard to go wrong with either of them I’m sure, but I chose the pussy with Attack texture combo.

ChristyMackVaginaAttack>> Get the Christy Mack Vagina / Attack Sleeve! <<

ChristyMackAssBooty>> Get the Christy Mack Ass / Booty Sleeve! <<

My Experience

As I have had the pleasure of trying out a whole bunch of different Fleshlights, I was particularly excited to try out the brand new Christy Mack. Featuring a brand new sleeve I hadn’t tried before (the Attack – it’s her signature one for the pussy version) was also a major draw and as I had taken a close look at it online before purchase, there wasn’t much doubt it was going to provide a lot of fun.

The package actually arrived while I was on a business trip and Cassie ended up signing for it when the postman dropped it off. As always it’s shipped in a discreet box but in the case of Cassie she obviously knew it was on the way. She even knew how excited I was by texting me a photo of the box when it arrived.

I got in the next morning and found the box on the bed waiting for me. Cassie had already left for work which made it the perfect opportunity to try out my new toy. I unpackaged the parts and took a good long look at the sleeve. The outline of Christy’s vagina is super realistic and when I compared it to a quick picture I found online, the attention to detail was impressive. For a model such as Christy, I actually prefer the vagina as hers in particular is so unique. For the most part in my opinion as far as the Fleshlights are concerned, an asshole is an asshole. If the inside of the sleeve is particularly interesting, this takes priority over the design though, as the feel is ultimately what’s most important.

I like to warm up the sleeve in some hot water before use so I warmed up some water and let it soak in. It’s always a good idea to dry it off before inserting the lube or else the lube becomes a bit of a mess. Sometimes I’ll even use Cassie’s blow dryer to warm it up but again this isn’t a necessary step.

The package ships with a starter lubricant package but it’s basically for one time use so it’s a good idea to order some extra lube online as well. Make sure to pick up the water based lubricant as it will prolong the life of the Fleshlight as well.

Now that I was ready and warmed up myself, I slowly put myself inside Christy Mack’s (almost) vagina. The sensation is really heightened as you move through the layers of dots, bumps, ribs and nodes and the sleeve is extremely tight providing an extremely exciting sensation.

If you are on the bigger side of things, towards the end of the sleeve your cock will hit something very similar to the Tori Black Lotus Fleshlight which I have always really enjoyed. Nothing too extreme, it’s a sensation that feels really nice on the head of your cock. As I began to pump a little harder and deeper, the true magic of the Fleshlight shone and I wish I could describe to you how it felt in this Christy Mack Fleshlight review. The sleeve is an awesome mix of tickle and relaxation and one which brought me to climax within minutes.

Cumming into a Fleshlight is one of the more enjoyable things to do on this planet. If you have never tried a Fleshlight or a Tenga Egg in the past, you won’t know what I mean but the compared to a real vagina, all of the ribbing and bumps provide an even greater sensation that what you can have with a partner. Now I am no way suggesting that the Christy Mack Fleshlight is better than sex with a real woman but when it comes to an orgasm, it’s pretty tough to beat.

Clean-up was a breeze as it’s as simple as washing it out thoroughly and finding a safe place to let it dry. There is nothing worse than leaving it somewhere for your kids to find (thank God we don’t have kids, not sure where I’d put all my sleeves) so make sure you have a place to let it sit for a few hours.

The Christy Mack Fleshlight will be staying in the regular rotation for me and I know that Cassie and I will have some fun with it in the future for sure. Watching one of Christy’s dirty girl flicks together while warming up with the Fleshlight sounds like a pretty romantic evening don’t you think?

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