Coconut Oil as Lube: A Him and Her Take

Update: Like I mention in the article below, I got Cassie to give her write up after we’d had a chance to use this together. Click here to skip my take and see what she had to say.

Coconut Oil as LubeThe world of sex can be strange. Obviously there are varying degrees of what is weird in the world of sex and to be honest it really is to each their own. What might seem weird to one person in the bedroom might be completely normal to another and I always find it interesting the way these ‘strange’ tendencies work themselves out among couples; especially new ones.

When new relationships are starting out, it’s always a slow-play of sharing what each other might like. There is always the ‘test move,’ which is always a semi-accidental touch, or lick or whisper of what you might want. When she screams bloody murder when you start putting your finger in her butt is usually a pretty good sign you’re test move isn’t for her. But you have to try! And pushing the boundaries is what keeps sex fun and exciting and I’m in always in favor of suggesting couples try things once… you never know what you might like.

Using coconut oil as a lubricant could very well be classified in the strange section of sexual accessories but when you think about it a little bit more, using coconut oil makes a lot of sense. Coconut is extremely good for the skin and when you buy the completely natural (extra-virgin) variety, it doesn’t have any added chemicals or anything to worry about. I don’t think we’ll be seeing tubs of coconut oil in a sex store anytime soon but it does make logical sense to use it as a lubricant.

Reading more about the idea of using coconut oil as lube, I decided I might as well give it a try. I decided I would keep this one to myself and not tell Cassie about it until after I tried and if all went well we’d maybe have a go with it together to let you know how it was from a female’s perspective.

We use coconut oil around the house on a pretty consistent basis for cooking (this is our preferred brand), so I didn’t have to make a special trip. I took about a good table spoon of oil and warmed it up slightly so it was pure oil as the stuff we have gets a bit hard when it’s cool. I personally love the smell and taste of coconut oil so my mind was all ready wandering to using it with Cassie but for now it had to wait.

I lapped up a healthy amount and rubbed it over myself and began going at it. Since I am uncircumsized, I rarely use lubricant although there have been times when I have used it. I’ve always enjoyed the sensation of using lubricant but I never really bothered outside of using it in my Fleshlights and Tenga Eggs in which case it’s almost necessary.

The initial feeling was actually pretty good. It’s a fairly runny oil so it will run a little bit so I suggest putting a towel underneath you as getting oil out of material is pretty annoying. I remember a story of a friend of mine who was staying overnight at a buddies house and brought a girl home from the bar. Desperate for some lube, he raided the cabinets and eventually found some grape seed oil. It worked but it left a hell of a mess on the mattress and sheets and he had a lot of work to do in the morning.

I wanted to make sure I used the oil for an extended period of time to see how long it would last for. There is nothing less appealing than having to reapply oil during a session so I thought this might be important. I was actually surprised with how long it lasted as I actually had to have a shower after I was ‘finished’ to really get the rest of the coconut lube off of me.

In about a 10-minute session, the consistency was really impressive and I definitely didn’t feel much like the oil lost it’s lubricating abilities much. Too be honest, I could have cum multiple times if I didn’t restrain myself but I really wanted to make sure it had the legs to last.

After the session, there was no residue or any type of reaction that I could notice. With that in mind, I have since used the coconut oil as lubricant with Cassie but I’ll let her tell you how it was! I wouldn’t say that coconut oil is going to replace our normal lubricant or the lubricant that I use for my Fleshlights or Tenga eggs but it’s definitely a great addition to male masturbation techniques or couples play, especially if you’re caught in a bit of a tight situation.

From a Female Perspective (by Cassie)

Like I have expressed before, I love to try and experiment with new things. Whether it be toys, positions, or certain products. Trying new things out in the bedroom is SO exciting to me and it’s something that really allows Mike and I to keep things hot and fresh in the bedroom. Mike had recently come across the idea of using coconut oil as lube, apparently it’s the hottest thing out right now. Imagine that? Something that we cook with on a daily basis is getting used to add that extra texture and sensitivity in the bedroom.

I wasn’t sure about this whole idea at first, but after Mike had done his research and tried it out himself (which you can read about above) before bringing it to me, I knew it couldn’t be too bad of an idea.

I mean lets face it we all know how coconut oil has its own health benefits, so why wouldn’t it work in the bedroom as well? Coconut oil is all natural, preservative free, and a hell of a lot cheaper than most store bought lubes now a days! One thing I know for sure is that most lube companies can’t say that their products are all natural and are not packed full of preservatives!

Some of the issues that women do face (such as myself) is vaginal dryness, chemical sensitivities, and vulva sensitivities and coconut oil as lube is perfect for people with these problems! Another amazing fact I found about coconut oil is that it contains natural antifungal properties which could help reduce the risk of infections while using it. One thing to be aware of is that it still needs to wiped off thoroughly after sex and it also should not be used with latex condoms.

I recommend this to be used between two comfortable partners who know plenty about each other.

So when Mike had come to me about using coconut oil as lube I had mentioned earlier I wasn’t 100 percent sold on it. While he was at work one day I had done all my research on it and had felt more comfortable with the idea of using it next time things got hot and heavy for us.

I decided to surprise him that evening, candles lit, music playing, dinner made, sexy outfit on and coconut oil ready to go by the bed side. As he walked into the house I could see the excitement light up his eyes. He knew something was about to go down after dinner. I never hinted at what was to come through the meal, I wanted to keep him guessing.

After long a long time waiting, the time had come and I finally led Mike to the bedroom. Coconut oil has a low melting point so as soon as you scoop some into your hands and rub it around it’s good to go. Another option is always to heat it up prior but this option can cause things to be a bit more messy. Make sure to lay down some towels as well just in case!

I had Mike laying down on the bed, me straddling him, and coconut oil in my hands ready to use as lube all over his hard and throbbing cock. The look of pleasure on his face gave me such an instant satisfaction, I love the taste of coconut oil so you know I had to go down and have a little fun with it. It was finally time to add some more after I had gone down on Mike for awhile, slowly dripping more and more warm coconut oil onto his hard dick. I gently grabbed it and slowly slipped him into me, ever so softly rocking back and forth, back and forth. I couldn’t believe the sensations I was feeling, the oil just naturally glided off his dick and into my now wet and pulsing vagina.

After everything was said and done we both couldn’t get over how amazing we both felt. The sex, pleasure, feelings were heightened 10 times more by just using coconut oil as lube. We made sure to clean up thoroughly in the shower, which also made for more fun 🙂 So go ahead give it a shot, I promise you will not be disappointed!

Oh and in case you’re wondering, we use this coconut oil and it works great!