5 of the Most Common Sexual Fantasies to Consider Trying

August 30, 2018 Erotica, Sex Tips
sexual fantasies

The results are in: about one out of every four people say that they have secret sexual fantasies that they’d love to try out with their partner.

If you’re among them, then it’s likely that you might feel nervous about bringing up what you’re into, especially if you feel like there’s a chance your partner might reject the idea.

The good news?

Tons of people want to have kinkier, more experimental sex — and you don’t have to go completely out of your comfort zone to make that happen.

Check out our list of some of the most popular sex fantasies, and talk with your partner about which ones the two of you are the most willing to try out.

1. The Dominant Woman

Are you and your partner interested in sexual fantasies that allow you both to play with the ideas of power and control?

If so, then you should certainly consider switching things up and letting the woman be the one dominating the man for a change. If you’re in a same-sex relationship, just force the person who is usually more in charge in the bedroom to relinquish control for the evening.

Bring in handcuffs, dress up in a seriously hot outfit, and even experiment with bondage.

Make the more dominant partner beg for what they want, and even try humiliating them in whatever ways turn you both on the most.

Just make sure that you’ve clearly outlined your boundaries beforehand, and that you’ve come up with a safe word just in case things get too intense.

2. Sensory Deprivation

Believe it or not, some of the most popular erotic fantasies out there don’t involve having sex outdoors or squeezing in a quickie in the office bathroom on a lunch break.

Instead, people these days are into something even kinkier: the idea of sensory deprivation.

In plain English, this means the idea of taking away one of your partner’s senses or abilities when you’re having sex.

Most commonly, this involves one of you wearing a blindfold. Then, you can keep your blindfolded partner guessing as to what’s coming next. You can tickle them with a feather duster (more on other kinds of toys you can use in the bedroom in a minute) or even run a cube of ice along their body.

If you’re ready to take things to the next level, you could even stuff panties or a ball gag into your partner’s mouth while the two of you are getting frisky. Just make sure that your “safe word” transforms into a “safe signal.”

Your partner can tap you twice on the shoulder or snap their fingers to let you know that they need to stop.

3. The Stranger

You love your partner, but you’d both be lying if you said that you didn’t miss the old, early days of your relationship when you couldn’t wait to get home and tear each other’s clothes off.

Sometimes, you even catch yourself listening to the sexual exploits of your single friends with some major envy. Yes, dating might have been a nightmare, but at least you got to have much less predictable sex than you’re having now.

What if you could turn your partner into a stranger for the evening?

Recreate the idea of a first date, and meet up at a bar where the two of you pretend that you’re meeting for the first time. You can come as a single version of yourself, or pretend to be someone completely different altogether.

This is a fun sex fantasy that allows you two to explore and discover new things as a couple — without the emotional consequences of infidelity.

4. Playing with Toys

Your partner definitely knows a thing or two about how to use their fingers and tongue.

But if you’re honest with yourself?

Lately, you’ve found yourself wanting to play around with adult toys like vibrators, plugs, or even nipple clamps in the bedroom.

Maybe one of your ultimate fantasies even includes watching your partner pleasure themselves with a toy in the bathtub or on top of your desk at home.

If you’re new to the world of solo or couples sex toys, we know it can be a bit intimidating at first.

Check out our reviews of some of the hottest toys on the market to get a feel for the kinds of things both you and your partner might like.

5. A Costumed Fantasy

Have you always had a thing for men or women in uniform?

Watched one-too-many period films lately, and wonder what it would be like to see your partner dressed up in an 18th Century outfit?

Maybe you have a more common roleplaying fantasy, like that of a maid, a secretary, or a flight attendant.

Getting dressed up is an awesome way to break into the idea of having kinkier sex, because it’s much easier to feel like you’re “acting” the part of someone else.

If you want to take things to the next level, you can even try speaking in an accent, or, if one of you knows a foreign language, switching to that in the bedroom.

Ready to Talk about These Sexual Fantasies with Your Partner?

We’re certain that this list of popular sexual fantasies has your blood flowing and your heart racing.

So, how should you bring up these ideas to your partner?

We suggest showing them this post, or sending them a link to our website or one of the toys we’ve reviewed with a sexy, intriguing subject line like, “Willing to give any of this a shot?”

Just make sure that you listen to what your partner is and isn’t willing to do, and ask them if they have any fantasies that are even wilder than some of the ones listed here!

You might be surprised — and seriously excited — by what you find out.