Anal with the Actuary

October 14, 2014 Erotica

Submitted by @Alana_Knight

Sophie rolled off me and laid on my chest. We relaxed together, falling breathlessly into the night. The rain continued to fall outside, pattering hard against her bedroom window as the candles flickered and the fire roared on. I don’t want this moment to end. I stroked her hair and she looked up into my eyes, “You know what could be nice?”


“A nice hot bath—and then a surprise.”

“Another surprise? You’re full of those aren’t you?”

She nodded with a smile, “I thought it could be a fun addition to the night.”

“I’d love that.”

She kissed me and she rolled over and out of the bed. Walking to the bathroom to draw a bath for the two of us. She motioned me with her finger to come and join her, I waited to watch her leave, watching her hips and ass dance and sway on her short walk to the bathroom.

She was sitting on the edge of the tub pouring some oils and bubbles into water when I came in, her hair fell delicately down her back and shoulders. She turned her head to look at me and smiled softly before turning back around.

She stood up and entered the bath, before she could sit down I pulled her towards me and kissed her back, she had been tempting me too long and I desperately wanted to feel her skin against my lips again.

She turned around as I reached her tailbone, she guided me into the water and stroked my cock, all the while kissing me. She bent down and sucked my head, teasing me before we went into the water. I sunk my body into the hot and soothing water, it blanketed my body with scents of jasmine and vanilla.

I rubbed her silken legs before pulling her closer to me. I moved forward and she wrapped herself around me. She laid her head on my shoulder and I held her tight. We relaxed our bodies in the hot and inviting water. Steam filled the room, fogging her mirror. I watched as the feathery steam rose from the water, enveloping our bodies as we sunk deeper into relaxation.

She picked up a bottle of soap and poured some in her hands, then massaged it over my shoulders and chest. She rubbed me tenderly, lathering me with suds. Her hands moved gingerly down my body, she reached under the water to grab hold of my flaccid cock, it quickly awakened with her keen hands. I closed my eyes and let her keep stroking me. She moved from my cock and grabbed a hand towel, dipping it in the water and wringing it over my body. The water cascaded down my body, rinsing away the soap. She repeated the motion, this time grinding her hips against my cock, teasing me––reminding what was to come. As she finished, she leaned forward and whispered in my ears, “Now it’s my turn.”

She turned around so her back faced me, I opened the bottle and drizzled it over her back and massaged it into her body. She leaned back into me and I moved my hands to her front and caressed her breasts. She leaned harder into me with each stroke, I moved my hands lower down her body reaching for her aching pussy. I rubbed her outer lips, as I did she spread her legs, hungry for more attention. I teased her a while longer with my fingers before whispering in her ears, “I think I want to see my surprise now.”

She chuckled lightly, her eyes still closed from the massage. She opened them as she spoke, “You got it, Mister.” She slowly got up, making sure her ass was close to my face. I could feel the heat from the water resonating off her supple cheeks. I grabbed them and massaged them in my hands, before I could get to far she stepped out of the tub and turned to me, “Just wait and it will be all yours.” She’s such a tease.

She led me out of the tub and wrapped me in a towel. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I pushed her against the door and grabbed her head, my hands tangled in her hair. She let me take her, I pressed my lips against hers and we kissed, our tongues pushing up against one another. She dropped her towel and went limp in my arms, I moved a hand down below to feel her juices. I love how wet she gets. She looked up at me and closed her legs, my fingers were so close to her pussy. “Let’s get you in the bedroom so you can see your surprise.”

She opened the door and led me to the bed. I watched as she pulled out a black paper bag and revealed a butt plug. My heart pounded with excitement. I couldn’t wait for her to insert that in herself.

Slowly she walked over to the bed and turned around showing me her ass, she turned her towards me to watch her lick the glossy plug. She took the plug out of her mouth and slowly pushed it inside her tight hole. I grew hard watching her ass swallow the entire toy, only leaving the cap pushed against her rim. It’s emerald jeweled base stared back at me—teasing me. I moved over to her running my hands over her new toy. She turned on her back and pulled me in for a kiss.

We made out, our tongues pressing and circling one another,  I want to be in her ass, I want to feel her tight hold take me in whole, enveloping every inch of my hard cock.  She moaned and reluctantly pulled back. “Are you hungry?”

Her question threw me off for a moment. I couldn’t deny it, I was hungry, we had skipped dinner and I could use something to eat, “I could eat.” I whispered.

“Well how about I keep this in and we go grab something to eat. I have some cheese in the fridge and I have a few bottles of wine we could pick from.”

“That sounds nice.” My mind raced at the idea of her keeping the plug in her the entire time. It moving with her as she walked, bent, everything.

She put on my dress shirt and led me to the kitchen to get things ready. I opened the wine and watched her stretch and bend, grabbing glasses and food from the fridge. I knew the plug was deep inside her, taken in entirely by her tight ass. I was jealous of the toy and couldn’t wait to get inside her.

She knew I was watching her and exaggerated her stretches and bent for longer than necessary, wiggling her ass while doing it. I poured our wine and we gulped it down, thirsty from our earlier expeditions. She playfully fed me some grapes and we munched on cheese and crackers. We both knew where the night was leading us and we couldn’t control it anymore.

Once she finished her glass, I picked her up and placed her on the counter, letting the cold, hard, stone push onto her plug, forcing it deeper. She arched her back as I nuzzled her breasts. She propped her legs on the counter spreading her pussy for me to taste. I couldn’t help but dive into her temptations. I ravaged her slowly, teasing her, relaxing her. I knew I would be a lot for her to take in and I wanted her to enjoy every minute of it.

About the Author

Alana Night is a twenty something year old indie writer living the dream in Vancouver. She loves to write erotica that opens readers minds-and gets them hot! When she’s not writing naughty words to fill your e-reader, she’s either outside snowboarding and kayaking or inside snuggling with a good book and her Hitachi. Alana is currently working on her ABCs of Sex series, exploring sexual fantasies from A-Z. You can find the first three in the series on Amazon.