Beach Dream

September 4, 2014 Erotica

Thanks to @ErikaFoxxBooks for this steamy submission! Find more of her work here.

I watch every move of his tan body,
His muscles rippling as he jogs by.
Glorious beads of sweat cover his body,
Glistening in the bright sunshine.

I see her soaking up the afternoon sun,
White bikini against her bronze skin.
She’s lowers her matching Coach sunglasses,
And watches me as I jog past.

My eyes follow his strong legs
From ankle to thigh,
And I admire where they come together,
Hidden under his black running shorts.

Her blonde ponytail flips in the breeze,
And wisps of it dance across her face.
Her legs are strong and her breasts
Are perfect.

I watch his body disappear in the distance,
And I feel a sweet familiar tingle deep inside.
I close my eyes and feel the warm sun on my skin,
Imagining it’s coming from his eyes.

Her image is etched in my mind as I jog.
Soft blue eye shadow to highlight her eyes,
Legs slightly parted in her beach chair,
Did they open just a bit when our eyes met?

I see him stop and turn and walk back toward me,
And I can see his broad, strong shoulders
Tapering into his narrow waist,
His abs leading my eyes where they meet under his shorts.

“I just want to make sure you’re okay,” I say.
And I bend down to make sure.
I put my hand on her arm, and the warmth
Of her soft skin takes my breath away.

A deep, smooth voice. A shadow on my face,
A strong hand on my arm
“Am I dreaming?” I answer.
And I know the answer when his large hand rests on  my shoulder.

Her voice is soft and sweet and sexy,
And she takes off her sunglasses.
She shades her eyes with her hand,
And laughs. And I smile at the joy in her laugh.

“Thank you for stopping, but I’m okay. Really.”
I try to stand, but my body is overheated from the sun.
I lose my balance and he catches me,
His strong arm encircles my waist.

The skin of her back is cool against my arms.
Her sun-warmed breasts are soft against my chest.
I feel her arm around my waist,
And she wraps her other arm around my neck.

It seems like time is stopped as his lips find mine.
His kiss is so soft and his lips are so sweet and cool.
When I shiver he pulls me closer
And his mouth opens, inviting me.

Her lips are so soft, her breath sweet.
I feel her shiver in my arms.
Her hand pulls my head down to her,
And her mouth engulfs mine.

I feel his other arm slide down my leg
And in one motion he picks me up.
My fingers comb their way into the cool,
Sweaty hair on the back of his head.

She is like a feather in my arms,
And I feel her free hand on my chest.
Her lips and mouth are devouring me,
Her hands are caressing my body.

He’s carrying me toward the shade of the trees,
His strong arms lowering me to a patch of soft, cool grass.
His mouth leaves mine, kissing and nibbling and licking
From my ear to my neck to my collarbone.

I hear a soft whimper from deep inside her
As my tongue traces a line from her neck to her breast.
I find her nipple through the soft fabric of her top,
And I would swear that she’s purring.

My hand has a mind of its own,
And my nails scrape a soft trail up the back of his strong legs.
My hand slides under his thin shorts and I caress
The soft, bare skin of his strong ass.

Her warm hand is playing in the curls of my chest hair,
And she scrapes her fingernails across my nipple.
I feel the fingers of her other hand walk their way down
The crack of my ass, only to cradle my balls in her hand.

I can feel moisture pooling inside me
As his lips bring my other nipple to attention.
I feel his hand on my knee, and then I feel it moving
Higher across my sunburned, dry and tinging skin.

Can this be happening to me? I wonder to myself
As I trace along the leg opening of her bikini.
I let my fingers graze across the fabric between her legs,
And I feel her hips rise to meet them.

He lifts his head and stares into my eyes.
They are so blue and wanton and sweet and yearning,
And I hope he sees the same in my eyes.
I feel my wetness seeping and soaking my bikini.

The look in her eyes is pure lust as my fingers
Untie the strings of her bikini and expose her.
My finger takes a trip down the length of her slit,
And I feel her nectar dripping between her soft puffy lips.

I slide my hand around to the front of him,
And I find his hardness, his cock.
I tickle the underside with my fingernails
And I feel it twitch with arousal.

My finger finds her opening, and I slide it in,
Feeling for her happy spot inside.
I hear her moan something as my
Finger finds the spongy, soft spot.

“Oh fuck yes,” I moan as his finger finds its home.
I tighten my grip on his cock, and he groans,
His voice isn’t smooth now. It’s gravelly and hoarse,
And his hips are rocking in rhythm to my stroking.

I alternate my gentle pressure inside with
A quick circle around her stiffening clit.
Her legs are wide now, and her hand is furious
On my engorged cock.

I manage to yank down his shorts so I can get
A look at the marvelous cock that I want inside me.
I pull him down to me as I lay back on the grass,
His fingers still buried inside my swollen pussy.

She pushes me away, and for a moment I’m afraid
That she’s done with me.
But she unties the other side of her bikini bottoms
And lifts them out from under her and spreads her legs.

I untie my top and take it off. He stands and
Slides his shorts off, and I see his long, stiff cock at last.
“Put that marvelous thing inside me,” I say, but
He just stands and stares at me, stroking himself.

“Ask me again, only this time without words,” I tell her.
Her eyes are willing my cock to where her hand
Is spreading her moist lips apart. They dart from my
Hardness to her wetness again and again.

No words, he says, so I pull my knees back
And lock my arms behind my knees.
I am open for him, and wet. I lick my dry lips
With my tongue and mouth the words, “Fuck me.”

I kneel at her altar of sweet, wet holes
That she has exposed to me, to nature.
My hand guides the engorged head of my cock
Up and down her sweet slit. “Is this what you want.”

He pushes forward, sliding the full length inside me.
His hand rests on my thigh, his thumb circles my clit.
My fingernails scrape across his tight abdomen, and then
Play with his hardened nipples and we both moan.

Her muscles are milking my cock
With every slow thrust into her. I feel her
Clit harden under my thumb and I press it harder,
And her eyes widen and then close.

I feel it now, his cock the source of that familiar
Pleasure. Every thrust and every circle is pushing me
Closer to the edge of my blissful cliff. A cool breeze
Makes us shiver, and he rolls my nipple with his fingers.

I feel it now, her tight, sweet, wet pussy the source of my
Pleasure. Every squeeze of my cock is pulling me deeper,
Closer to pushing us both to the brink. I feel her body
Quivering under me as her heels dig into my ass and pull me in.

I want more of him, all of him inside me. The waves of my
Orgasm start crashing inside me, and then it is a tsunami.
My body takes over and my mind explodes with the fury
Of my full release, hips bucking, head rolling, toes curling.

Her body is demanding more of me, and I oblige,
Thrusting faster and harder and deeper as I hear her animal release.
I feel outside myself, watching as my ass is hammering between her legs.
My cock spasms and I am so near.

I feel every inch of him inside, and his eyes are boring into my soul.
“Come for me,” I say. “Come inside me. I need to feel you fill me completely.”
His hands pull my thighs to him, and he’s fucking me so hard and fast,
And I come again as my own fingers take over for his thumb.

My balls are tightening and I know I won’t last long now.
And when she tells me that she wants me to fill her completely,
And I see her fingering herself, I feel my own orgasm start deep inside,
And I fill her with spasm after spasm of my own wetness.

I can feel every wonderful spurt inside me as I come again,
And I squeeze his magnificent cock to milk every last drop.
He collapses on top of me, and his sweat stings my sunburned skin.
We fall off the cliff together and land softly, panting and moaning.

And then I wake.