Clamped by the Creationist

February 26, 2014 Erotica

Carl held her head and leaned down pressing his lips firmly against hers. She was his and he was hers, there was nothing more in that moment he wanted more than to take her. His tongue lightly caressed the inside of her mouth, making her tremble at his touch. Her heart beat more rapidly with every second. She was losing herself entirely in his arms, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself up, bringing her legs around his body. He grasped her ass and turned to lay her on the ground.

They were surrounded by the soft sway of the sheets, blowing in the warm summer air. He brushed her hair from out of her face and took her again, this time more vigorously. Their tongues darted and pressed in circles against each other. Hazel dug her nails into Carl’s back and trailed down as far as she could reach. The rough material of his jeans rubbed her bare legs as he ground his hips against her. She reached down the sides to undo his pants, she was excited and wanted to feel his hard cock pressed against her.

“Not just yet.” He whispered in between kisses. “I’m not done with you.”

She wondered what else he had in store for her, she gazed over at the bucket of clothespins. Was he really up to doing that to her? She was worried at first that he wouldn’t want to hurt her like that, but his new tone of voice said otherwise. She hoped deep inside that he would reach into that bucket and clamp her nipples with one of those clothespins.

Hazel drew her arms and legs up and wrapped herself around him, bringing his body close to hers. His heart pounded out of his chest, she could feel its rapid rhythm beat against her skin as he continued to kiss her. Her hands desperately explored his body, she ran them across his back and through his luscious brown locks.

Carl grabbed her wrists and held them above her head, “I think we’ve had enough of these.” He said low and rough, her pussy tingled as his grip pressed firmly against the smooth skin of her wrist. He reached back into the basket to pull out a pillow case, twirling it around itself to create a make shift rope, “This ought to take care of it.” He whispered hoarsely, tying her wrist to the pole of the laundry line. The cool damp cloth cooled her off, its moist material clung to her skin, making it even harder to squirm out of her restraints. “Now where were we?” He kissed down her neck and past her collarbone carefully making his way to her breasts.

Carl unbuttoned her flannel blouse, slowly at first. As he neared the end he ripped the remaining buttons as he anxiously opened her shirt. Her breasts heaved slowly with her breath, she wasn’t wearing a bra, allowing him to see every inch of her curved breasts. Her small pink nipples stood erect in the breeze. He grasped her entire breast in his hand bringing it into his mouth. His grip was firm and commanding, she wanted him to squeeze harder. She shrieked excitedly as he drew her nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue against it before sucking. He sucked long and hard causing her back to arch—feeding him more of her. He rubbed her other nipple in slow, teasing circles. “Pinch it please.” She muttered under her breath.

“Not just yet. I think you need more teasin’.” He lightly slapped her breast and took his mouth off the other one. “What are we goin’ to do with these?” He said playfully as he massaged each breast. She glanced over at the bucket. He reached into it, the pins banged against their metal container, “Shall we play with these?” He asked pulling out a pin, he pinched the end, opening the wooden pin wide.

“Yes!” She said excitedly.

“Now where are we goin’ to put this?” He traced the small wooden tool across the side of her torso, “Here?” Hazel shook her head with a smile going along with his little game. “What about here?” He said stopping at her belly button. She shook her head again, “I think I know where you want it.” The clothespin lightly traveled up to the base of her breast. Her breath shuddered as it climbed further up reaching the peak of her erect nipple. He opened the clothespin, stretching it into a wide stance. He stroked the v-shaped tool across her nipple, back and forth he moved it—softly teasing her. She wanted him to release the pin, she wanted to feel the harsh and firm clamp of the pin against her nipple. She was ready. Carl closed it slowly, the grip of the clothespin getting tighter and tighter. He released it completely, its tight grasp held onto her erect nipple. Blood rushed to the site, a soft red color took over the ivory complexion of the skin around her nipple. It stung, it was bitter. She bit her lip with the overwhelming feeling of pain and pleasure.

“Are you okay?” He asked quietly.

She nodded with a smile, “Do the other one please.”

He reached into the bucket with a pleased smile, quickly grabbing another pin to clamp around her other nipple. He opened it and slowly pinched it down. Both of Hazel’s nipples were being squeezed by the unwavering grip of two clothespins. She arched her back, the sting bothered her at first—it was sharper than his original play, but the sting also turned her on. It stung, but she also felt like she could feel so much more on her breast. Even the breeze that passed through felt stronger. Hazel wanted Carl to lick her breasts—to touch her more. She knew that the pleasure would be even more enjoyable.

Instead of touching her breasts, Carl watched as Hazel arched her back and squirmed with her new painful additions. He liked watching her—unable to move or control what was happening to her. “Do you like those?” He asked with a wry smile.

She nodded, “Yes, I love them!”

“Do they hurt?”

She opened her eyes and looked at him, “Yes. But in a good way.”