Cucked By A Couple

February 7, 2014 Erotica

This is an excerpt from Olivia Ruin’s Book “Cucked by a Couple.” You can find the full version for sale here

Together Julia and I sunk to our knees in front of Bill, and we kissed and laughed before turning back to the task at hand. She let me do the honors as I pulled at his belt and undid it. I could already see the bulge in the denim from his cock, and I even thought I could make out the ridge of the head down one pant leg. Surely that’s much too far down for that to be his dick, though. Must be a trick of the way the fabric hangs.

The button popped free, and then the zipper. Unfettered by its restraints, the pants fell abruptly to the floor and left Bill clad in only his black boxer briefs. I couldn’t stop a gasp from escaping my lips as I saw the bulge in much greater detail. It was a wealth of flesh held back by the springy fabric of the boxer briefs, and I needed them gone in order to believe what my eyes were trying to tell me.

Despite my desperate need to see, I was frozen in shock staring at his crotch. Julia laughed and took over the lead. “You may want to lean back a bit unless you want to get hit in your face!” She pulled the waistband of the underwear down, and as it cleared the shaft it bounced up and lightly touched my cheek before coming to a rest no more than an inch away.

It was huge. Obviously not hard yet, it was hanging down further than Jerry’s would reach if he were fully erect, and so thick that it looked like it might beat a pop can in a girth contest. “Holy fuck…” I trailed off as I looked at it. My mouth began to water, and I could almost hear the squish as my pussy turned up the juices as well. I looked up at Bill and then over at Julia. “May I…?”

“Go ahead sweetie, knock yourself out. I can still remember the awe I felt the first time I saw it up close and personal.” Julia’s eyes got a far-away look to them as she thought back. “I think you can see why I said that Bill here is too much man for me and I like to get other girls for him. He likes to go for an hour or two, and I can only take so much of a beating with that club before I pass out in bliss. Even after all the time that we’ve been dating I will be out of commission for a couple days afterwards if we do anything more than a quickie.”

My hand reached out tentatively to wrap around the meaty shaft in front of me. It filled my hand in a very satisfying way, and I couldn’t quite manage to get the tips of my middle finger and thumb to touch despite it not being fully hard yet. I gave it a couple slow strokes before I had to bring my other hand up to help out. The two of them covered about two thirds of the shaft, and I almost didn’t know what to do with all of the extra real estate.

Once I got my fill of jerking his cock two-handed and feeling it grow yet larger in my hands, I brought the head up to my lips and began to try and fit it into my mouth. Julia’s hands started caressing my naked body, playing with my tits and squeezing my ass. I was already getting a new, different kind of pleasure from working the large pole in my mouth and hands, and her touches added a new element that forced moans to begin rising from my throat. I was not usually a loud person in bed, but with these two and just the beginning of foreplay I had already moaned more than Jerry had caused in the past year.

Going into this blowjob I had thought the biggest challenge would be getting the length as far down my throat as possible. Since I could take Jerry’s entire penis into my mouth without hitting my throat I hadn’t had to perform an actual deep throat in years. The challenging part wasn’t the length itself as I had figured, but actually the thickness of the cock making it extremely difficult to open my jaw wide enough.

Julia’s hands grew bolder as I slobbered on her boyfriend’s cock, and while one hand dove down to slide through the folds of my soaking wet pussy for the first time, the other crept up and buried itself in my hair. She started controlling my head, pushing it onto and off of Bill’s manhood and making it bump into my throat whether I was ready or not. At the same time her fingers darted into my slit, and the absolute control she had over me drove me wild with lust.

Soon she was forcing my head onto the gigantic cock in my mouth, forcing gagging sounds at the depth of each stroke. The fact that this bubbly extrovert had flipped a switch and was in complete control of me sexually opened a new door for me in my mind that I had never known was there. If Jerry had attempted anything like the face fucking that I was now receiving, he would have been subject to an indignant slap and withheld sex for weeks. With this powerful couple, however, the forced submission was drawer me deeper and deeper into the darkest orgasm I’ve ever felt.

Stoic Bill, passive up to this point, began to thrust his hips in time with Julia’s hands pushing my head down, which forced his cock beyond the entrance and actually into my throat. I became their fuck toy, and just emptied my mind of everything but the need to keep my mouth as wide open as possible with my lips covering my teeth, and the feeling of Julia’s extremely skillful fingers buried in my pussy.

The combination of physical pleasure and the dominant mindfuck that I was experiencing for the first time pushed me into orgasm, and I started to squirm but instinctually kept my place, obedient. Screams eked out around the invasive member filling my mouth as I came harder than anyone had ever made me before, and even harder than I had ever managed in any solo sessions. Julia shoved my head down as far as she could onto Bill’s cock, and kept it there through the peak of my climax.

Pleasure continued to radiate outwards from my body, but I began to struggle as the lack of oxygen started to get to me. After a few extra seconds, Julia let go of the back of my head and I exploded backwards off of Bill’s cock, gasping and breathing deeply. “Oh sweet Jesus! Holy fuck. Holy shit. Oh my god.” I couldn’t form more than typical sex phrases, as my mind hadn’t fully recovered from the explosive orgasm that had torn it apart.

My pussy stopped spasming around the fingers inside of it, and Julia withdrew them slowly, to my disappointment. She locked eyes with me as she sunk them into her mouth, and closed her eyes while she gave a delicate moan. “Oh, Vanessa. I could just eat you for dessert, you are delicious. And I am so wet from that, you know how to suck a mean cock, babe.”

I shrugged, embarrassed at her compliments. “That was incredible, Julia. I have never felt anything like that. You two are so sexy, and this cock,” I looked at it lovingly as I hefted it once again in my hand, “this cock is unbelievable. If my boyfriend had a cock like this then I would never leave my knees, I swear.”