Dany’s Desire Pt.1

October 21, 2014 Erotica

Submitted by @kasperraw

The three of just stood there stunned and silent, a mere 20 yards from where they swam naked. It was like something I would fantasize about at summer camp when I first discovered boys, and now it was here in the flesh.

So much flesh.

A few of the men began to swim in, and as they reached where they could stand they began wading up to the shore. They spotted us just as the water level hung halfway between the V of their pelvic muscles and the start of their cocks.

Clearly they were shaven.

“Well, hello there,” the one with green eyes and black hair said. His voice was silky and pleasantly surprised. This got the attention of the others and they looked to us. Those still swimming started to come over.

“You’re in our hole,” I said, not thinking. “I mean our swimming hole.”

I heard Lynn chuckle and I elbowed her.

“Is that so?” another of them said. “It has your name on it?”

“Maybe,” Lynn said, smiling devilishly.

“And what would that name be?” the black-haired one asked.

“I’m Dany.”



The others had joined them and the eight of them stood in the water together. Some were taller and the base of their dicks were showing, flaccid but sexy in the summer sun. It was hard to get over their sculpted bodies; this wasn’t the local rec team – these were athletes.

They introduced themselves. The one with black hair was Ben. The only one among them with tattoos was Quinn; they dotted his legs and arms. The cute blond boys were Devin, Sam and Michael. The tallest was Deshawn, and the only beard belonged to Don. The coxswain, the captain, was Dillon. He was painfully gorgeous.

They all were.

“You’ve caught us in an awkward position,” Dillon said. “I hope you girls aren’t too modest.” He had sandy brown hair that fell almost to his shoulders. His lips were the kind that you could kiss for days.

“We don’t want to be lewd,” Ben smiled. “Or offensive.”

“There ain’t a damn thing offensive that I can see,” Lily said.

“Dany was joking,” Lynn continued. “It isn’t our hole. It’s everyone’s.”

I was looking them over as we spoke and could feel this strange, uncontrollable excitement welling inside. I could feel their eyes on me and it was invigorating and freeing. All at once I felt like joining them, rolling around in the water with them, feeling them.

“Where are you boys headed?” I asked. They were like a cluster of magazine models all cut out and placed next to one another on some Maine brochure backdrop. Only it was real, and the river and forest beyond was there and alive, and these men were made of flesh and muscle.

Dillon started to walk forward and rise out of the water.

“We wanted to try the rope swing again,” he said. He stepped onto solid ground and I could see his legs were as cut as everywhere else on his body.

The others started to follow his lead, and one by one they emerged from the water, dripping. My eyes couldn’t pick just one of them and instead the vision of it played out in front of me like a fantasy, these tall, sexy men all emerging from the river and coming towards us.

They stood all about us once on land.

“Can we join you?” Lilly asked. “It’s so beautiful out.”

“I don’t know,” Quinn said. He had a symmetrical tattoo lining his forearm down to his wrist. “We get shy when we’re the only ones without any clothes on.”

“It’s true,” Ben said. “We can go if you’d like? You can have your watering hole…and clothes.” He smiled.

“Wait here,” I said.

I grabbed the girls and pulled them after me as I went up the hill, towards the rock.

“What are you doing?” Lynn whispered after me as we left them down by the water.

At the rock I tore off my top and let it fall to the ground.

“You girls game for this?” I asked.

Without much hesitation they slipped off their tops and discarded them on the rock.

“This isn’t naked, though.” I looked at them.

“Seriously?” Lily asked. She raised her eyebrows, cute as a button.

“Yeah, I don’t know,” Lynn said. “They showed their goods, and we are showing ours.”

“They have a lot of goods, honey,” I said.

They looked at each other for a moment considering.

“You first,” Lynn said.

I shrugged and pulled my bikini bottoms down. The breeze up on the rock felt nice across my ass. Lily went next, exposing her pink pussy and little hair patch above it. Lynn untied hers, exposing her full lips.

One by one we sailed naked through the air as the men below watched. When I surfaced again I could see them already making their way up to the rock, and as Lynn landed and joined Lilly and I, Ben was already backing up for a running start with the rope.

Ben splashed in next to us; next it was Quinn. I saw Devin scale up the rope, and Michael grabbed it from under him, running and swinging them both out at the same time. The others picked up on the idea, and soon it was literally raining naked men….

His lips were supple, and as he pulled away I leaned in to keep him there. He stayed a moment longer, running his tongue briefly across my bottom lip. I looked at him as he laid back, and suddenly Deshawn was turning my face gingerly to meet his.

He kissed me long and deep, slowly and eventually sliding his tongue in to explore my mouth. I put my hand across his chest, feeling his warm skin and taut muscles. When he pulled back from me, Ben had sat up and was in front of me. He held my head with two hands as he came in, kissing rougher and more urgently than the others, making me wet.

As Ben and I kissed loudly I could feel hands running down my legs and back. Rough, calloused hands to complement the soft lips at my mouth.

They were kneeling around me now, and I felt Deshawn kissing down the back of my neck and onto my shoulders as he reached around and found my tits. His big hands squeezed them and I felt his muscles flex against my sides. I turned from Ben back to Dillon, feeling his tongue in my mouth for the first time. I was squeezing his strong arms as he made out with me, slowly kissing and licking.

It was a dizzy dance, kissing one then the other, their hands running down my body. Dillon kissed down my neck and onto my chest. As he started kissing and licking my right breast, Deshawn moved to the other and did the same. They teased my nipples with their tongues while I held a hand around each of their heads. It was like nothing I had ever felt before, so much attention it made me short of breath.

Ben moved behind me and I looked up at him. He leaned over and kissed me so our mouths were upside down and opposite each other, kissing while the others sucked my tits and caressed my legs.

About the Author

Kasper Rawlson is the author of the adventure erotica series “Seduction Island Secrets” as well as several other shorts.