Erotic Snapshots

March 11, 2014 Erotica

A guest house in Donegal on the verges of a pine forest in rural north-west Ireland. It’s high summer. They’ve been out walking hand in hand through the pines, they’ve even strolled through a chapel grounds, following the stations of the cross to a bold and startling life-sized crucifix, but religion had no place in their thoughts when they arrived back at their room. They stripped en route to the en suite and are sponging one another free of a summer day’s sweat and grime.

By now they’re used to naked proximity−months have passed since that first fevered coupling on his bed−but each still thrills to the touch of the other’s wet body during interludes such as this one. He loves the brush of her hard nipples against him as he reaches around and soaps her ass. His cock stands hard between them, prodding her tender belly, a promise of further intimacy. He rinses her and she returns the favour, their fingers lingering on each other’s sex as the last of the bubbles are hosed away.

“I’ve daydreamed about this so long,” she told him the first time they showered together, kissing and touching under the jets. “Being here like this with a man. All the time I was a teenager.” She’s so naturally sexual now that it thrills and hardens him each time he recognises the innocent girl underneath. A girl who’s shocked sometimes to find herself naked and wet as his fingers or mouth or cock probe that hot intimate place.

They towel each other dry, patting gently, playfully. Then she talcs herself. He loves how the powder clings in little crests to her nipples and he helps distribute, dusting her all over till she’s as fragrant as she’s pretty. They kiss and repair to the bedroom hand in hand, savouring the moment, however eager they are to come together in full union on the covers.

He glimpses their reflections in the dressing-table mirror as they make for the bed−Adam and Eve, young and sexy and stroking each other hungrily−and the notion comes to him. He acts on it instantly, keen to shock and excite her and because the thought excites him too. Grabbing the corner of the bed he heaves it around, glad that it’s light and glides easily on its casters. Lust is upon him and he wants her to know it.

“Let’s get this in front of the mirror,” he says, pushing the bed side-on to the dresser. “I want you to watch yourself get fucked.”

She’s flushed and short-breathed instantly, body tense and pupils dilated. She loves it when he takes control, that much he’s found, and also when he talks hot trash to her. Like the night she straddled him and dipped her fingers in herself, smearing the wetness on her nipples. “You dirty bitch,” he whispered, loving her adventurous spirit, and she replied to his words in awe. “God, I love that. Call me it again.” Anything that reminds her what a bad girl she’s being.

And so to this moment, here in their secluded little paradise.

She’s breathy and ready as he puts her on the bed, facing herself on hands and knees in the glass. Watching intently as he kneels behind and slots himself to her. He’s watching it too, like they’re putting a show. For all their recent explorations he’s still not used to himself as performer. As a virgin he watched so much of others and only felt distanced from the guys on the screen. Now to see himself taking his girl like this, placing himself at her shapely rear and readying his cock, it puts him on the camera lens’ other side. I don’t watch the fucking anymore, I do it. Check this out. Immature and egotistical for sure, but so deeply satisfying.

He thrusts and fills her and makes her watch it all.

“Oh my god,” she gasps as he grips her haunch and her shoulder and fucks her solidly from behind. She can see it now, even as she feels it, the hard shunt of his hips every time that cock drives deep inside her. She can see her man grasp her flesh and take her as he wants. She can see herself, the sweet friendly girl with the dancing eyes turned to a hot sexy naked slut on all fours, breasts bouncing as each stroke shudders her. How she loves to view herself this way; she’ll tell him so much later as they lie in the adjusted bed.

He loves it too, letting her eyes drink up this version of herself. And watching himself as stud, his own eyes can’t get enough of that. Who is the guy in the mirror, bearing himself strongly and rutting hard? Laying claim to the girl with his clasping fingers, pulling her up and ploughing her deep? He’s sure he hardly knows. This isn’t the student, the church-goer, the academic type who’s a little shy with the girls. This guy is someone new and to be reckoned with. Someone who’s going to get out a lot more.

“God yes. You like that? You fucking like that?” Mirror Man asks as he fucks, commanding and insistent.

From the sound of her moans, Mirror Girl likes it just fine.