Guardian Girl

July 21, 2014 Erotica

This is an excerpt from N.C. Simmons’ Guardian Girl (The First of Five Books In The Series)

Sonia tired of waiting for the boss to make the first move.  The grand spectacle of the visit was all a formality.  He probably had his mind made up before she arrived.  She was also going to get seriously fucked.  Randy Rory probably put Rambunctious Regina up to suggesting the stockings.

No time like the present.

Locking eyes with the boss, Sonia took a wide stance on the step, gripping the banister for balance.  She crouched slowly and rose, on the first descent keeping her knees together, wiggling her legs back and forth like a pole-dancing pro.  On the second descent, she spread her legs wide.  Sonia repeated the motion several times — closed then open, closed then open — doing a seductive dance to a pulsing soundtrack in her mind.  Her skirt inched upward with each downward shimmy.  Finally lowering herself to sit, Sonia spread her legs wide and exposed herself to The Master, giving him a clear view up her skirt.  Sonia’s black satin panties shimmered in the shadows.  A little “provocative” profanity seemed in order.

“Well, sir…,” Sonia began, leaning forward and giving her lips a long lick.  “I think we’ve covered all the important shit.  So…  Rory…  Do I get the fucking job or not?”

Sonia placed her palms to the inside of each knee and dragged her fingers toward her pussy.  She gripped the hem of her skirt and pulled it higher, exposing the lace tops of garter-attached stockings.  Sonia leaned back, running her hands upward across her chest and then downward to her thighs.  Reclining and closing her eyes, Sonia stroked her thighs and teased the boss with an unimpeded view of her V.

She did not fail to amuse, Rory would give her that.  He leered.  “Fairly confident, are we Miss Nichols?  What if I were to tell you I  had someone else in mind?”

Sonia lifted her head.  “Then I’d say you’re a lying motherfucker.  Be honest, Rory…  I had you when I came through the fucking door, didn’t I?”  Sonia puckered and blew Rory a kiss.

“Yes, Sonia, I must confess.  You had me from the moment I first took your hand.”

Rory offered the prize for which Sonia had waited so patiently.  “Miss Nichols, I would like to offer you the job.  When can you start?”  This time Rory wore the smug, flirtatious smile.

Sonia pointed to Rory with her index finger of her right hand, turned her palm upward, and beckoned him.  “Well, Mr. St. Cloud, if we are the only ones here, I can start right…  this…  fucking…  minute.  Emphasis on the word ‘fucking…’  Sir.”

Rory moved closer, delighting in the impure advances of his just-hired assistant.  “Miss Nichols, we are the only ones for miles and miles.  And yes…  I do so desire.”  Rory stopped and frowned.  “Now, you’re not going to go and tell anyone the new boss took advantage of you during the interview, are you?”

“Can’t, silly boy.  It’s in the fucking contract, remember?”  Sonia stuck out her tongue for emphasis.

The new employee’s erotic playfulness tweaked Rory’s cock.  He approached, knelt two steps below his very personal assistant, and slid between her legs.  Grabbing each ankle, Rory straightened Sonia’s legs and thrust them into a wide V.  As he began the motion, Sonia lifted her bottom from the stair and let her skirt slip fully upward.  Her panty-clad cheeks settled back to the cold, hard, marble step.  She gasped.

Rory licked his way down Sonia’s right leg, from her ankle to her puss.  The applicant prepared herself well, with black satin foundations and garter.  He gave her a playful kiss through the panty.  Rory praised Sonia’s preparedness for the interview.  “Delightful, Miss Nichols.  Simply delightful.  How did you know I love black satin?”

Rory playfully tugged the left strap and let it slap against her thigh.

“OUCH!  Rory!  Play nice!”

He snapped the other.  ”Ohhh…  This is playing nice, Miss Nichols.”

Rory leaned forward and kissed Sonia’s glistening, cherry flavored lips.  Sonia passed “Go” and immediately frenched the boss.  Rory wrapped his arms around his new assistant and pressed their chests together.  Sonia enticed Rory with firm, “flesh and blood,” breasts.  He, who came from a world of artificially enhanced bosoms, secretly craved “real” women.

With nobody around to interrupt them, the pair made out like horny teens.  As their heat built, probing and testing erogenous hot spots with kisses and licks, they hungered for a little mingling of consenting adult flesh.

Sonia pushed Rory back, stood, and turned him around, shoving him backward onto a step.  She took off his suit jacket and tossed it over the stair rail.  They laughed as it slid down to the bottom of the rail and fell unceremoniously to the floor.

Turning her attention to Rory’s crotch, Sonia teased him by licking and biting it through his pants with a mock growl, pawing at his prick with her “claws.”  He had a good laugh over Sonia’s comic antics.

After a minute or two of fabric-covered foreplay, Sonia unbuckled Rory’s trousers and jerked them – along with his boxers – down to his ankles.  She pulled off both shoes, slid his trousers off his feet, and tossed his pants over the railing, stepping back to admire one of God’s gracious gifts to women who craved rightly-endowed men.

At first gaze, an unexpected kink met Sonia’s wandering eyes.  The Boss “man-scaped.”  A follicle free phallus.  No fuzz on the tennis balls.  Rory’s entire crotch — and more, Sonia discovered upon extended scrutiny  — was clean shaved and smooth.  There would be no need to floss after fellatio.  The view both titillating and humorously unexpected, Sonia scrunched her lips to avoid an embarrassing snicker.  There was much more to take in regarding the Master’s thunder stick and Sonia ogled it with glee.

In addition to being a tall ex-athlete with a diligently maintained physique, Rory sported a thick, smooth, circumcised penis.  It was not-too-long and ever-so-slightly curved when erect.  It was more of a snatch stretcher than cervix killer.  Rory grinned, pulsing his prick for fun as he reclined against the stairs.

Sonia assessed Rory’s prick from a distance.  She rubbed her chin.  “Not bad, Mr. St. Cloud, not bad at all.  You’re sure you won’t marry me?  I’d love to have exclusive access to that toy.”

“Sorry, dear,” he said, shaking his head, “You can have me almost any time you wish.  But I come from a world where certain things are tolerated and certain things are not.  Of course you’ll probably be around me more than my wife…”

“Oh well, a girl’s gotta try,” she shrugged in reply.  “I can handle fucking the boss and being paid for my trouble.”

Sonia’s eyes popped.  “Hey!  Wait a fucking minute!  Doesn’t that make me a whore?”

“No, dear.  That makes you, ‘High society help’.”

Sonia laughed heartily and dove onto Rory’s cock.  Rory moaned, the warmth of her mouth giving him a smile.  Sonia licked up and down his shaft, stopping from time to time to suck him in for a furious bob.  Rory shuddered as Sonia tested each of his hot spots.

“Ohhh, Sonia!  YES!  Right there…  Lower…  Lower…  Oh yes…  Underneath…  Yes…”

“Under the balls, baby?”

“Yes…  Ohhh Yesss…”

Sonia dove deep and licked his scrotum.  “Hmmm…  Fresh as a daisy.  I love this boy.”

“Ohhh shit!  Shit, Sonia.  Ohhh…  So nice…  Agaaaain…  Ohhh… God…  OHHH SHIT!”

“Profanity, Mr. St. Cloud?” the hired hussy gibed between licks and sucks.  “Is this one of those ‘acceptable’ circumstances, horny motherfucker?”

Sonia popped back up and darted the tip of her tongue in and out of the meatus.  Rory gasped and froze.  Hearing no breathing coming from the boss, Sonia peeked up.  Rory’s eyes were clenched, his mouth hung open, and the veins and muscles in his neck and forehead looked like they were ready to explode.

“Oh… You like that, do you?  You like me trying to shove my tongue into your dick?  You’re such a horny little prick, aren’t you Mr. St. Cloud?”  Sonia licked up the shaft and tickled the glans.  “Just just a horny little prick who likes to have his big, thick cock sucked, and sucked, and sucked…”

She grasped his member at the base, sliding and twisting his cock with her hand, taking him in and bobbing up and down.  Rory’s tension released.  He panted and melted as Sonia gave him what would one day become known as the “assistant’s special.”

Sonia’s eager mouth did not tire.  After an eternity of high-quality head, Rory lifted Sonia’s chin.  “Shit…  Shit, Miss Nichols…  You’re amazing.  Shit…  It’s…  Your turn…  Miss Nichols.  Shit…”

Rory spun Sonia around, sitting her higher on the stairs and positioning himself to dive into her muff.  With both hands, he slipped her panties down over her garter, dropping them off her ankles.

Sonia shrieked with Rory’s first move.  Leeching his mouth to her hairy, bikini-trimmed flange, he sucked her clit into his mouth.  Rory flicked it back and forth under pressure from the suction, pushing the hood back with his talented tongue.  Sonia went wild, offering earsplitting invitation of Rory’s invasion.

“Fuck, yeah!  Tongue fuck me!  Tongue fuck me, you horny motherfucker!  Holy FUCK, Rory!”

Miss Nichols’s foul mouth made Mr. St. Cloud go a little wild during his spelunking expedition.

Sonia had been ready to come for weeks.  Self-love was no substitute for a man’s talented tongue.  With little effort, Sonia came after only a few minutes of Rory’s loving lapping.  Her legs wrapped around and crushed Rory’s head.  The waves of her orgasm crashed upon his cheeks as her muscles convulsed.  Rory glanced up to see Sonia’s still-clothed chest heaving.  He ducked his head back into her bush and licked down and into her gash.  With his index fingers he probed her snatch, inserting first one, then the second, smashing against her clit with the meat of his hand during each jab.

“Oh God, yes…  Yes…  Oh fuck…  Yes, Rory…  Yes…  There, you beautiful prick…  Uh huh…  Uh huh…  Oh God…  Uh huh!  Uh huh!  YES!  FASTER!  YES!  YESSS!”

Sonia didn’t quite come, but she still had fun.  “Ohhhhh fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!  Oh my God!  Ohhhh fuck!”

Rory backed away from Sonia’s bush, his dick erect and ready for the next step in the evolution of their relationship.  He let Sonia come back to earth, climbing down the stairs and scrounging through his trousers for a condom.  Finding a packet, he tore it open and stretched the rubber snugly over his cock.  Sonia watched him sheathing his sword and pouted.

“Ohhh…  Really?  A condom?  But I’m clean, sir!  Honest!”

Rory wagged his finger.  “No, dear.  You know the rules.  Testing first, bareback second.”

Sonia looked at him with a willful squint and commanded the boss,   “Well then, you horny fucking clean freak, what are you waiting for?  Fuck me!”

“Gladly, Miss Nichols, but first, stand up and turn around.”

“Doggie style, sir?  Oh my God!  I’ve never done this!”

“Standing, my dear.  I’m sure it won’t be the last time, either.  I have no doubt you will learn to love the favorite positions of your Master.”

Sonia moved into position, with Rory grabbing her left ankle and placing her left leg fully extended on a lower step.  She knelt on a higher step with her right leg, offering Rory a fuzzy, pinkish bulls eye for his favorite arrow.

Rory stood back to admire Sonia’s firm, full, runner’s ass.  Gluteus perfectionus.  “Miss Nichols, Regina said nothing about the splendor of this view.”

To which Sonia laughed and replied, “I don’t think Reggie ever saw this view, sir, though I think she probably wanted to.”

Mr. St. Cloud stepped up, closing the distance with his assistant.  He pressed his prick to her puss and rubbed the tip of his condom-clad cock between her labia.  Her sopping slick cunt lubricated his javelin.  Rory rubbed himself between Sonia’s lips several times and launched into her vagina, taking possession of Staffordshire’s newest asset.

“Ohhhh…  my God!  Ohhhh my God!  Rory…  Ohhh my God!”

Deeper Rory slid, filling her inch-by-inch, testing her for comfort.

“Ohhh…” Sonia moaned.  “Deeper, please, Oh God!  Keep going!  Keep going…  Yeah…  Yeah…  More…  STOP!”

Rory felt the tip of his cock touch her cervix.  Balls-deep, Rory expressed his satisfaction with his purchase.  “Miss Nichols, I think you will work out famously.”

“Yeah…  Ohhh…  Yeah…  Ohhhh…  Then…  Fuck me!  Fuck me if I’m workin’ out!  PLEASE!  C’mon, Rory.  Don’t tease me!”

Rory obliged.  He pumped Sonia, bouncing into his assistant with building force, pumping faster, pushing her toward the crest of ecstasy.

“Uh huh!  Uh huh!  Oh my God!  That’s it, baby!  That’s it, Rory!  Yeah!  Yeah!  Uh huh!  Uh huh!  YEAH!  Ohhhhhhhhhh…”

Sonia felt a small ripple of release.  “OH SHIT!  Not enough!  Keep going…  Ohhhhhh…  OH keep fuh…  Fuh…  Oh Fuh…”

Sonia’s voice trailed off, replaced by heavy panting.  Cut off variations of, “Oh fuh…” and, “Oh shhhhi…” filled Rory’s ears.

The boss humped the help for ten heady minutes and felt his crotch preparing to release.  He pulled out to cool down.  Sonia heaved and panted, looking over her shoulder with cock-hungry eyes.

“Enjoying yourself…  Miss Nichols?”

“Oh…  Oh…   Mr…  Mr. Fuck…  Oh Mr. Fuck…”

The Master grinned.  “’Mr. Fuck?’  Too much for you, dear?”

“FUCK, NO!  Oh…  MORE…  More, Rory…”

“You know, Sonia, it’s time you take this ride at your own speed.”  Rory climbed another two stairs and sat down, prick at attention, readjusting the condom to keep it in place.  “Face away from me, then climb on.”

Sonia obeyed, first taking off her skirt to give her a better view of the coring Rory planned to give her apple.  As Sonia settled over his cock, Rory unbuttoned her jacket and blouse.  A matching, black-satin, front-clasp bra greeted his fingers.  Rory celebrated a small victory for the fact that he could get her bra open without asking her to get off his cock.

Straddling Rory’s crotch, Sonia’s high-heels barely touched the step.  She rode Rory, slowly at first, grinding his spear with slim, rocking hips.  Rory massaged her tits, pinching and pulling her nipples as Sonia bounced up and down.

Sonia rubbed her clit furiously, doubling up on her pleasure on Rory’s beast.  It didn’t take long until the excitement of the twin-twat-tickle brought her to a weak orgasm, thin, creamy juices flowing down and over Rory’s balls.  She reclined, her naked back sliding across his sweaty chest.  Letting her head dangle backward over his shoulder, Sonia turned to her left and kissed the Master on the cheek.

“Ohhhhh my God, Rory…  This is…  This…  Oh…  So amazing.”

“Go for one more?” Rory asked.

Sonia drew several long, cleansing breaths, slowing her pulse and settling her respiration.  “Listen…  Rory…  I ran the…  The fucking Boston marathon.  Four times.  Push me!

“So you want to sweat, eh Miss Nichols?  Well I think I can arrange that.  Hop up and sit on the steps again.  Move close to the railing so I have something to hold.”

Sonia repositioned herself close to the railing, hunching her buttocks low on the step, giving Rory a target he could hit safely without slamming his balls into solid marble.

Rory came in, lifting his right leg over Sonia’s left to get some upward leverage, placing his other foot firmly against a lower stair and pressing up under her other leg.  The “Twister” maneuver positioned him for maximum depth and grind.  On his first dive into Sonia’s pussy Rory took his time and tortured his eager-to-please employee.

“YESSSS!” Sonia screamed.  “YESSS!!!  Ohhh…  This feels…  amazing!  Ohhh…  Yesss…  Ohhh please…  Go faster, Rory…  Faster!  Do me, Rory!”

“As you wish, milady…”

Rory picked up the pace.  The position was perfect for Sonia, letting her feel full on every thrust.  She screamed again, not caring how much volume she poured into the vacant mansion.

“Ohmygod!  Ohmygod!  Ohshit!  Ohmygod!  Uh huh!  Uh huh!  Fuck!  Oh fuck me!  Fuck me, Rory!  Uh huh!  Uh huh!  Ohmygod!  Harder!  I said HARDER, you horny son of a bitch!”

Rory’s passion exploded, possessed with a single goal.  Sonia was going to have a stair-shattering, sweat-drenched orgasm if it killed her.

Five minutes passed.  Sweat dripped from Sonia’s forehead, running past her clenched eyes and flushed cheeks.

Ten minutes passed.  Rory’s sweat fell from his face, mixed with Sonia’s, and ran down her tits.  Sweat flowed in co-mingled rivulets from Sonia’s chest to her stomach, dripping into and drenching her already sopping snatch.

Fifteen minutes passed.  Their combined sweat poured down Sonia’s back, past her sweat-soaked bottom, causing her sweaty legs to slip back and forth across the step.  Salty brine ran down her calves and over her shoes.

“Holy Shit!  Holy Shit!  Ohhhh holy fuck!  Rory!  Fuck me!  Fuck me!  Holy shit!”

Rory could no longer contain the pressure building in his groin.  A gusher was seconds away.  “Sonia!  I’m about to come!  I’m going to come!”

“Fuck me!  Keep going!  Harder!  I’m almost there again!  I’m almost…  Ohhhh yes!  YES!  Uh Huh!  Uh Huh!  Uh Huh!  Keep going Rory!  Yesssss!  UH HUH!  OHHHHH FUHHHHHH…”

Sonia erupted in a back-arching, leg-jerking climax.  It curled her toes, causing her to throw her head back so violently she nearly cracked her skull on the step above.  Rory threw out his hand and caught her just before impact, gently settling her head as rocking waves of release spread over her body.

Rory pulled out, yanked off the condom, and sprayed his seed across Sonia’s chest.  Some spurts shot high, landing squarely on her cherry flavored lips, some dropped low, dribbling across her sodden fur pie.  In a haze, Sonia lifted herself grabbed his cock and pumped, pulling him forward to lick away the lingering goo from the tip of his dong.  Sonia smeared Rory’s leftover joy across her body, occasionally licking her fingers to savor the boss’s pineapple flavor jizz.

Rory turned and collapsed on the stairs.  He lifted his right leg and draped it over Sonia’s lap.  His chest heaved.

“Ohhh…  my…  GOD!” Shouted Sonia.  “Oh…  My…  Fucking GOD! That was amazing!  That was insane!”

Sonia rolled her sweat-soaked head to look over at Rory.  “MY GOD!  Rory, that was fucking amazing!  Are you absolutely, positively, one hundred percent certain I can’t talk you into marrying me?”

“No, dear,” Rory managed between cleansing breaths, “but don’t worry.  I’ll make sure you always go to bed satisfied.”

The marathoner’s breathing settled quickly.  She reclined next to Rory, rubbing her hand up and down his thigh, amazed at how quickly a job interview turned into sweltering sex with the hottest star on Madison Avenue.


Rory scanned the foyer, enjoying the way the fading afternoon light bounced through the crystals of the chandelier, painting every surface with brilliant hues of purple, red, and gold.  He turned toward Sonia and smiled.  Her naked, drenched body was awash in a rainbow of bent light.

“Yes, Miss Nichols…”

“You don’t need to worry about a bonus plan.  Just give me one of these every couple of months and I’ll be juuuuust fine.”

He laughed.

“By the way, sir…”

“Yes, Miss Nichols?”

“Don’t you think your future wife might have a little problem with you boffing your personal assistant all the time?  I mean…  Don’t you think she could get a little jealous?”

“Miss Nichols, I suspect that after I get married I won’t be the only one in this house ‘boffing’ their personal assistant.”

“Good!  That’s a relief.  Another one of those ‘stipulations,’ sir?”

“Oh yes, Sonia.  Definitely one of those ‘stipulations’.”

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[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]N.C. Simmons has had a long and varied professional career. Writing erotica is just a pleasurable outlet for her crazy, mixed-up mind. Ms. Simmons and her husband have been married for 23 years and they have raised three “Drop Dead Daughters” of their own. As a cancer survivor, Ms. Simmons can often be found running up and down the east coast in support of cancer research fund-raisers. When not writing or fund-raising, N.C. and her hunky hubby like to hike, mountain bike, and soak up rays at the Jersey shore.[/author_info] [/author]