Meet the Jansens

July 20, 2014 Erotica

This is an excerpt of Meet the Jansens Lianah Morgan

Guy felt panic rising in his throat. Surely this was some kind of a trick—a test of some sort—and now he would surely have to pay for violating his stepson’s girlfriend. He wondered if she would scream.

Instead, she slid her wet, pink lips back over his cock. She moved faster now, sucking harder and harder, taking him deeper and deeper into her throat as Guy’s body tightened. He felt a knot of heat in his loins and knew that he only had a few seconds before he found his release.

“Oh, god damn,” he gasped. Guy grabbed Chrissy’s head roughly and shoved himself fully back into her throat, thrusting gently. He heard her gag a little. Power coursed through Guy’s body then; and raw energy pulsed through his veins as he began to climax. His cock spasmed inside Chrissy’s mouth and throat. Somehow, Guy still managed to be shocked when Chrissy gulped and swallowed without so much as a cough. She deserved a reward.

Guy released his grip on Chrissy’s head, and she eagerly ran her tongue up and down the length of him, looking up for approval as she did so. He waited until she lapped up every last drop of his seed before finally saying,

“Good girl.”

A strand of hair fell over her face as she pulled away from him, licking cum from the corners of her mouth and grinning wickedly.


He gasped for air and reached down to brush the errant strand of hair away from her face.

“Actually, I think you’re a very, very bad girl.”

She was still on her knees at his feet. His eyes bored into hers as he looked down at her. Guy began to wonder if Chrissy enjoyed it when he scolded her.

“Oh no, Mr. Jansen, I–”

“Shut your mouth,” he experimented in a hard voice.

Her eyes widened in recognition. She smirked wantonly and Guy wondered if she’d planned this whole encounter, somehow. He pushed the thought from his mind, too wound up to care anymore.

When Guy finally caught his breath, he slid his fingers into Chrissy’s hair and tugged until she was standing; trapped between his body and the counter. His exhausted cock pressed at the young blonde’s crotch, and she shuddered when Guy ran his hands down her sides, stretching his thumbs to caress her nipples on the way. When he reached the hem of her t-shirt, he slid his hands under the light cotton fabric and dragged his fingers over Chrissy’s flat stomach, toward her heaving breasts. He leaned forward and took Chrissy’s left nipple in his mouth through the bright white shirt and sucked at it, evoking a sigh from the young woman as he ran his free hand back down to her pussy.

Her core was warm and wet, with a tiny patch of dark brown hair shaved into the shape of a small triangle. Guy’s fingers searched for the little nub that he knew would make the girl putty in his hands. Slowly at first, he rolled her little bud under his index finger, smirking to himself as she moaned and shuddered.

He lifted the tiny, athletic blonde onto the counter and peeled off her t-shirt. As he pulled the shirt free of Chrissy’s arms, Guy gawped at her breasts as they swayed gently with her movements. Overcome, he pressed his lips to the hollow of her neck and began tracing a trail of feather light kisses down to the rosy, tight bud of Chrissy’s right breast. She moaned quietly while he squeezed and licked and sucked, arching her back and threading her fingers into his hair. Guy kissed his way down to Chrissy’s flat, tan stomach, reversing his path when he reached her belly button and its small, jeweled ring. He flicked his tongue over the bauble and made his way to her left breast. Her took her in his mouth again and rubbed his thumb over her hot slit. Chrissy’s leg twitched violently with pleasure. Emboldened, he slid his index and middle fingers into her, pumping lightly.

“Oh god,” Chrissy moaned. Guy slipped his lips from her hardened nipple and began lavishing attention Chrissy’s earlobe as he fingered her. She rocked against his hand, mewling appreciatively.

“Please!” she whispered as she trembled with the nearness of her peak.

“Please what?” he asked.

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[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Lianah Morgan writes erotica of all sorts, from the taboo to the tame. She enjoys cheeseburgers, Masterpiece Theater, and thunder storms. Find her on twitter @LianahMorgan.

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