Quarter Past Midnight

October 27, 2014 Erotica

About Quarter Past Midnight:

All she wanted was a fresh start…

For Kate Ariel, taking a job as a dancer at Silhouettes, Philadelphia’s hottest gentlemen’s club, was only supposed to be a temporary fix to pay the bills and escape her painful past.  As the days, suited up for job interviews, and the nights, spent working the pole, nearly push her to the breaking point, Kate receives an opportunity to work as personal assistant to Gretchen Lambert, a hard-drinking and eccentric former socialite who runs a high-end lingerie shop from her home.

It doesn’t take long, however, for Kate to learn the shocking truth about Gretchen’s business: that her lingerie shop is merely a front for the area’s most elite escort service; one that caters to the extravagant erotic fantasies of its wealthy and powerful clients.  Introduced to a world of wild sexual desires beyond anything she had ever imagined, Kate quickly becomes torn between the allure of the money she so desperately needs and the risks associated with Gretchen’s affairs.

Only making things more complicated are her attraction to Dylan Cole, the handsome young Silhouettes patron who has recently caught her eye, and her friendship with Vixen, the brash, wild dancer who quickly becomes both mentor and thorn in Kate’s side.  When an unexpected tragedy pushes Kate even deeper into Gretchen’s world, she must quickly decide whether to walk away from her new life or to embrace it.

But just how far will Kate be willing to go before Gretchen’s lifestyle consumes her past the point of no return?

Kate returned downstairs to the opposite end of the couch that Gretchen was reclining on.  Over the next hour or so she sat attentively as Gretchen rambled on about some of the sordid fantasies that she had helped fulfill over the years.  Kate admired Gretchen’s passion regarding her work, even if she was still in doubt over the ethical and legal problems that Gretchen had somehow managed to avoid.

They were both startled by the loud banging on the front door.  Peering out the window, Gretchen noticed the limo driving away, leaving no doubt as to who was there.

Laura and her date walked in, arm in arm and even friskier than when they left.

“Welcome back, I’m presuming that the evening met your expectations?”

“The evening was more than either of us possibly imagined,” Laura replied to Gretchen, peering up at her date and smiling.

“We’ve decided to take you up on your offer from the other day…”

Offer?  Kate had presumed the end of their evening would be marked by a hug or a kiss goodbye.

“Second floor bedroom. If you need anything I’ll be on the third floor.  Feel free to let yourselves out at your leisure.”

Laura and her date walked arm and arm up the stairs, noticeably a bit tipsy but still coherent.  Kate looked at Gretchen in amazement, having no idea that she had offered the couple the opportunity to spend some time alone together at her place.

Kate wondered why Laura and her date would want to spend the remainder of her evening at Gretchen’s house; perhaps it was all part of this “fantasy date” that she had devised, or simply for the total anonymity that Gretchen’s house could provide to her as opposed to being seen by anyone out in public.

Once the couple was out of sight, Gretchen leaned towards Kate.

“Come now, let’s go be voyeurs,” Gretchen whispered before grabbing Kate’s hand.  Nearly spilling her champagne, Kate jumped up and followed Gretchen to the third floor.

Once inside the ‘war room,’ Gretchen pressed a couple of buttons on a small box next to the television where the camera feeds displayed.  Instantly, the screen lit up with a view looking down on a bed, where a completely nude Laura was feverishly undressing her date as they passionately kissed.

“Oh my god,” Kate muttered aloud as she stared at the television screen, “I can’t believe they’re letting us watch this.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. They have no idea they’re being watched.”

Kate looked up at Gretchen, her mouth agape in shock.  Before Kate had a chance to speak, Gretchen cut her off again.

“It’s for their protection, of course. There has never been an incident in this house, but nonetheless you can’t be too cautious.”

Kate didn’t bother to ask what ‘an incident’ referred to; she could only imagine what an overly excited gentleman could potentially do to a much younger and more vulnerable girl.

Kate started at the screen mesmerized; watching intently as Laura’s date grabbed her by the sides, throwing her back onto the bed.  Crawling on top of her, he held her hands down as he penetrated her, her legs wrapped around him as he continued to thrust his cock into her pussy.  Her eyes rolled back in ecstasy as this stranger pressed himself deeper and deeper into her.  Kate could only imagine what conversation had transpired during their dinner cruise that would inspire this much passion between them both.

As Kate continued to stare at the muted television, she could hear Laura screaming out from the floor below.  Kate had seen porn before, mostly when in college with her fraternity guy friends as background amusement while they played poker.  It was never anything like this though; someone she met briefly who she was now watching engaging in passionate sexual intercourse.

Laura pressed her date’s hands up, forcing him onto his back.  Still inside of her, she rode his cock back and forth, faster and faster as the screams coming from the floor below grew in intensity.

After a few minutes Laura leaned down, whispering something into her date’s ear.  Both of them jumped off of the bed with Laura leaning down on the hardwood floor as she took his cock into her mouth, placing her hand between her legs and massaging her clit while the other hand clenched firmly onto his thigh.

She pulled him out of her every few seconds, gritting her teeth and telling him whatever perverted words came to mind to turn him on.  She continued to go down on him until he pulled himself of her mouth, furiously jerking himself off as he held on tightly to the back of her hair with her face up close to his cock.  She extended her tongue out just in time for him to come in her mouth and onto her lips.

Taking him back inside of her mouth once again, she looked up into his eyes as he continued to climax.  She licked her lips as she pulled his cock from her mouth, forcing his cum out of her mouth and down her chin to drizzle down onto her sweat soaked breasts.

“Wow… um, okay, that was… wow…” Kate mumbled, mesmerized as her eyes remained glued to the television screen.  She had never had engaged in sex that raw or intense in her own life, slightly envious of what Laura was experiencing but still overwhelmed by the reality that this was a married woman cheating on her husband, with his blessing, and all of this debauchery in exchange for money.

Leaning back into her chair, Kate could tell that this lifestyle that Gretchen was presenting to her was both tantalizing and terrifying, something she, in some strange way, was fascinated by.  Nonetheless, she was still fearful that it would become a desire that she wouldn’t easily be able to bury away.

About the Author
C.J. Asher is a blogger on various subject matters and trending topics related to sexuality, such as prostitution, women’s rights, sex trafficking and LGBT issues as well as the adult entertainment industry, having interviewed celebrities such as Dennis Hof and Joanna Angel.  C.J. is also an author and has just released his debut novel, Quarter Past Midnight, about a young woman whose job as an exotic dancer unexpectedly leads her into the sordid world of a high-end escort service.  C.J. currently resides in Philadelphia, PA and his blog can be found at CJAsher.com