Taboo Hall Pass

October 8, 2014 Erotica

“I’m sure you never thought you’d ever get blown by two sisters, uh?”

“Please tell me I’m not dreaming, Danielle.”

“You’re not dreaming.”

And with that, she stole my dick from Jasmine and began laving it. Immediately, her sister joined in to lick the other side. I couldn’t breathe at the majesty of it all. What’s more, they were visibly enjoying this as much as I was, licking the shaft like it was an ice cream treat.

Danielle gave my cock back to her sister and then she did something that made me even hornier. She began to undress Jasmine, lifting up her camisole and then pulling down her pants. She did that very slowly, sensually, and I couldn’t help but stare as my wife touched her sister in the process. This was more erotic than if she had gone down on her.

“You like her body, Shane?”

Danielle was kneeling behind her and caressing her shoulders, her arms. She swept her hair to the side to reveal Jasmine’s neck and she brought her face to it, almost kissing it.


I had never been this excited before and I was torn between watching Danielle touching her sister and simply delighting in the younger woman fellating me. But then she stopped.

“You caressing me like this has gotten me so wet, sis. Do you mind if I fuck your husband?”

Danielle turned to me and smirked. “What do you think, Shane? You think you can handle my little sister?”

“Handle her? I don’t think so but I’m willing to try.”

I was about to ask where they wanted me to go when Jasmine climbed on my lap. She was basically kneeling while straddling me which was difficult in the armchair but I wasn’t about to argue. She looked like she knew what she was doing.

“Here,” Danielle said. “Let me put his cock inside of you.”

Sure enough, my wife gripped my hard-on and wiggled it until it was between her sister’s folds.

“Aaahh yes, put it in!”

She found her opening and without further ado Jasmine sank onto my length. Her smooth channel was drenched and scorching. She was tight but she had no problem dropping down until I was fully inside of her.


“How does she feel? Does her pussy feel nice?”

“It’s crazy.”

This was the first new vagina I’d had in over four years. It felt different from Danielle’s but just as good. Jasmine had her eyes closed and her hands were on my shoulders to keep her balance. She had a beatific smile drawn across her lips while she got used to my girth.

“And you, sis? How does my husband feel?”

“Like daddy, but better. He’s so hard!”

To take my mind off the marvelous feeling, I explored her body for the first time. I cupped her small perky breasts and tweaked her nipples until she moaned. I pinched her ass while she swayed her hips. Although I had hoped the brandy would take away my hair-trigger, at this rate I would blow my wad in a matter of minutes.

“The two of you are so hot together.”

I turned my head toward Danielle. She was alternating between kneading her tits, fingering her pussy, and caressing Jasmine and me. Her hands were roaming everywhere, even on her sister’s boobs though she didn’t linger there, as if to tease me.

“Oh fuck!” I cried without warning.

My cock was expanding at an alarming rate and I knew what that meant. My balls were tightening and even though I wanted to stretch this evening for hours on end I was a victim of the amazingness of the situation. I was about to shoot my load inside my sister-in-law!

She smiled knowingly and started grinding faster on my lap. No, this couldn’t be happening…

“Jasmine, you have to slow down. Please!”

She shook her head. “No, I want your cum in my pussy and then I’ll do something that’ll make you hard again in no time.”

Danielle licked my earlobe and whispered, “Trust us.”

I watched my wife stroking my body and her sister’s. It was so incredibly personal that I had no defenses against that. All I could do was surrender to them.

“Yeah, I can feel your cock, Shane. It’s getting so big!”

“Is that right?” Danielle asked while fondling my balls. “You’re gonna shoot deep inside my little sister?”

Jasmine was going faster than ever and I reached the point of no return. I grabbed her hips so I could thrust harder and that’s when I exploded.


I groaned and let my scorching spunk shoot inside of my sister-in-law. I didn’t know if I was making her cum or not and I didn’t care. All that was important was how wonderful I felt, so lightweight and high from neurohormones and endorphins.

“Cum in her, Shane! Fill her up with your hot cream!”

My wife’s words made the whole thing even more intense. I was fully on board with the incest taboo now. Feeling two sisters pressed against me was the ultimate in terms of pleasure and I let them carry me through the delirium.

I came back to my senses and discovered that my cock had lost some of its rigidity. I was angry at myself because it would be terrible if that was the end of it, but they had promised they would get me hard again. I had to give them the benefit of the doubt.

“That was so good, sis.”

Jasmine was the first to move. She shifted until she was in a position to get off my lap. She stood up and took a step back. I saw her put her hand between her legs before ceasing to move completely.

At the same time, my wife rushed between my knees. She didn’t waste a single second and took me into her mouth. She moaned as she cleaned me, licking my flesh and sucking the remnants of our lovemaking. Oh my God, that meant…

“I can still taste your pussy on him, little sister. Tastes so good!”

Danielle returned to nurse my shriveling member. I wanted desperately to get hard again because this was beyond depraved but my body wasn’t ready yet.

“You want to taste more, Danielle?”

My wife backed away from me and turned around, still kneeling. Meanwhile her sister came closer and slowly pulled her hand away from her crotch. I was spellbound when I noticed she had collected my cum which had leaked out from her pussy. Her fingers were coated with the white sticky substance.

“Here, taste this.”


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