Taking Lance

October 6, 2014 Erotica

Author Bio:

A blogger by day, at night Candi Kay transforms into a writer of various genres, with an emphasis on the kinky and erotic. Author of the bi-erotica Taking Lance and Keeping Lance, and the upcoming Being Karen and Saving Travis, she spends her days being a good girl and her nights lost in her kinky imagination.

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“Wait. You’re really gay?”

“Yep. I’ve known for sure since I was twelve. And you,” he reaches under the table and grabs my hard cock through my pajama pants, making me moan, “are either gay or bi. You weren’t looking at Mandy last night. You were looking at my dick.”

I groan in frustration when he removes his hand.

In a choked voice, I say, “Bi.”

“I’ve watched you watch me, when you thought I wasn’t looking. You want inside me so bad it’s killing you. And my mother? You think I don’t know how she is? My dad has said a lot over the years about how she refused to put out the minute they got married. I had to listen to them fight about it night after night before he finally got smart and divorced her.”

“So, uh,” I begin, but he cuts me off.

So,” he says, “my mother won’t let you fuck her much and you’re horny. I’m guessing you aren’t getting it anywhere else. Am I right?”

I nod.

Lance gets out of his chair and straddles me in mine, his ass pressing down on my rock hard cock. I moan.

“Why not take advantage of what’s in front of you then?” he asks. “I’m horny all the time. You want me. Why not fuck me?”

I grab his hips and press his ass down hard on my cock, covered only by the thin cotton of my pajama pants. I slide my hands down the back of his shorts and grab his bare ass, thrusting my body up to grind it.

Pulling back, he asks, “Well? You interested?”

Stopping, I ask, “Have you ever been fucked before?”

“Yep, but it’s been awhile.”

“What about Mandy?” I ask, not believing my luck.

“You just said you’re bi. I won’t fuck Mandy, like I said. She sucks me, and I’ve used my fingers on her a couple of times, but that’s it. She does nothing for me sexually unless her mouth is on my cock and even then, I have to close my eyes and pretend it’s a guy blowing me. She won’t let me fuck her ass. I’ve tried.”

“Your point?”

“Mandy loves sex, and she knew you were watching last night.”

I jump up from the chair, dislodging Lance in the process.

“Fuck!” I turn and run my fingers through my hair in frustration.

Lance comes up behind me and shoves his hand down the front of my pants, grabbing my cock and squeezing. I lean back against him and moan.

Stroking me slowly, he whispers in my ear from behind, “Mandy was really turned on by the thought of you watching her.”

“I wasn’t watching her. I was watching you.”

“She doesn’t know that. She wants you, Rick. Bad.”

“She said this?” I ask, shocked.

“She did. She said it was a shame you are married because she’d love to have you inside her.”

Grudgingly, I pull away from Lance and his hand.

“So, what? I have to fuck the girl in order to fuck you?” I ask, frustrated.

“Nope, but I thought you might wanna.”

I lean back against the kitchen counter and close my eyes. Last night I was fantasizing about fucking Lance while he fucked Mandy. Now, Mandy wants me? Hell yeah, I’m interested.

“When?” I ask, my eyes still closed, my hand gripping my cock through my pants.

“Me? Right here. Right now. We’ll plan the Mandy thing.”

Opening my eyes, I say, “I don’t have anything down here.”

“Doesn’t matter. Find something to lube up with.”

I rush to the pantry and pull out a bottle of cooking oil, not even caring about not having a condom. Lance has shoved his shorts down to his ankles and is leaning over the small breakfast table, his ass in the air. In short order, I have shoved my own pants below my knees and have poured oil on my right hand. I rub a lubed finger up and down his ass crack, making him moan. When I get to his small hole, I take a step back, making him groan in frustration.

I drop to my knees and place my hands on his firm ass, and pull his ass cheeks apart. The first flick of my tongue across his asshole makes him jump. The second has him moaning out loud and alternating between grinding his cock against the table and pushing his ass against my face. He may have had his ass fucked before, but it’s obvious this is his first rim job.

Using my thumbs I open his hole up a little, and start shoving my tongue in and out of it. He’s moaning loudly now and grinding his cock against the hard surface of the table. When I feel his body relax a little, I press a lubed finger inside his hole, my tongue continuing its fucking motion around my finger. I move my finger in and out and add a second, causing him to flinch. I don’t stop. I fuck his ass with two fingers, spreading them a little with each thrust. When I add a third, he cries out in pain. I halt my movements until he relaxes again. I then start fucking him with three large fingers, curving them to hit his prostate with each thrust, causing him to scream out again and again for me to fuck him.

I remove my fingers and he groans in frustration. Grabbing the oil from the table, I liberally lube my cock. Before Lance has a chance to say anything else, I’m guiding my dick to his hole and slowly pressing in. As soon as the head is inside, he cries out in pain again. I give him a few seconds and then I slowly, too slowly, push until my nuts are pressed against his ass and I’m fully seated inside. He’s not given much time to adjust, as I am beyond going slow. I grip his hips with my fingers and watch as my cock moves in and out of his tight hole, my balls slapping his ass with each thrust. It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

I start out slow but he yells for me to fuck him harder and I oblige. I pull him back from the table a little so he can grab his dick and I take him hard and fast, my cock hitting his spot with every other thrust. He jerks his prick hard, stroking it up and down fast, as I continue to fuck him. It only takes a couple of minutes before he’s shooting his load all over the breakfast table. I reach around and run a finger through his cum and place it in his mouth, my cock continuously thrusting in and out of his tight hole. As soon as he sucks the cum off my finger, I’m ramming into him hard. With a loud yell, I’m cumming inside his tight ass.

Neither of us move for a few seconds as I wrap my arms around him and hold him from behind, my chin on his shoulder. I want to stay there, my cock fully seated in his ass. Unfortunately, my now-soft dick doesn’t like that plan and I’m forced to pull out, my cum slowly running down his thighs as I do.

I drop to my knees and lick it off, moaning at the taste of it, my mouth going up to nibble his hairless balls. At eighteen, he is almost ready to go again but the sound of a car pulling in the driveway changes that. We separate quickly and pull our pants up, having left our t-shirts on the whole time. I have just wiped the cum off the table with a wet cloth when Jenna walks through the back door, having missed seeing her husband fuck her son by mere minutes. Lance looks at me with a grin and turns and walks out of the room.

“Why is there cooking oil on the table?” Jenna asks, when he’s out of the room.

Ignoring her, I grab it and put it away. I wash my hands in the sink and walk out of the room myself. I’m feeling better than I have in months.