A Taste For Jackson

July 18, 2014 Erotica

This is an excerpt from Erika Foxx’s Seductive Couples Interracial Series

“You’re sure you want to go through with this?” Jackson asked after Tristan left their table. “There’s still time to call this off if you need some more time to think about it.”

“I’ve decided that I do too much thinking.” Kylie answered as she knocked back what was left of her margarita. “Last week I made a decision in the moment. I did what I wanted, what felt good, and look where we are now. We’re happier than we’ve ever been, and our sex life is more amazing than ever. So like you said last week, if it’s something we both want, and we’re not hurting anyone, why not go for it?”

Jackson smiled. “And do you really think you’ll be turned on by watching me fuck another woman?” He whispered suggestively. The band started playing again, making it easier for the couple to talk about their desires without being overheard.

“I’ve been thinking about it since Tristan left the house last week.” Kylie confessed. “I want to feel what you felt that night. I want to watch your big, hard cock disappear into a sexy stranger…a sexy black stranger. I want to watch her take every inch of you, watch her face while you throttle her. And after you make her come harder than she ever has, I want to take you away and remind her that you’re mine.” She admitted that last part with a little guilt.

Jackson smiled. “You know, I’m not like the speedboat, or the BMW, or the townhouse.” He teased, repeating his wife’s words from the previous week. “I’m not just another possession you can show off.”

Kylie blushed. “If I’d understood your feelings last week, I never would have said that.”

“So you really want to do this?” Jackson asked eagerly. Hearing his wife describe in detail what she wanted to see had made him hard again.

“Yes, I really want to do this… if Tristan can find someone for us.”

“Want to get started a little early?” Jackson suggested. “I mean, if you want me to have a chance at lasting more than a few minutes with this sexy, black woman of yours.” He winked.

“What did you have in mind?” Kylie asked.

“Well, there was a rush to the bathrooms when the band went on break. The ladies room is probably empty, now that they’re back on stage. How about you go in first and make sure the coast is clear. I’ll follow, and knock twice on the door. If you’re alone, let me in.” He grinned mischievously.

“You dirty old man,” she teased. “But I like how you think.” Kylie smiled and swallowed the last of her drink. “I’ll see you in a minute.” She winked at him and rose from her seat. Jackson stood as any gentleman would.

Jackson pulled her close, pretending to kiss her on the cheek. “Why don’t you slip your panties off while you wait for me?” He nuzzled her ear. She shook her head no, and he frowned. She leaned in and her lips touched his ear.

“There’s nothing to take off.” Kylie’s whisper made him shiver, and the thought of her sex exposed under her dress mad his cock twitch. “And I shaved for you, too.”

She gave Jackson a playful peck on the lips and then sauntered towards the back of the bar, well aware of the eyes that were on her as she walked. To her relief, the women’s room was unoccupied and it had a lock on the door. And unlike other bar bathrooms she’d been in, the restroom at Trinidad was incredibly clean. Kylie made a quick mental note to compliment Tristan on the cleanliness of his bar. After a few moments Kylie heard the knock on the door. She pulled Jackson into the restroom and locked the door behind him.

Jackson pressed Kylie against the tile wall as she loosened his belt and dropped his pants. He lifted her dress up over her hips and lifted her off of her feet. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he entered her. He teased her at first, giving her only a few inches before pulling out again. “Do you like your cock baby?” He teased. The tiled wall was cool on her back.

“Yes. Yes, I love my cock.” Kylie moaned softly as Jackson pushed deeper into her.

“Do you want to show-off your cock?” He asked, as he pushed all the way inside her.

“Yes, yes baby.” Kylie cried out. She felt herself climbing towards a powerful orgasm.

“Not yet, not yet.” Jackson insisted. He pulled out of Kylie’s soaked pussy and set her back on her feet, and dropped to his knees. He lifted her right leg over his shoulder and buried his face between her legs.

Kylie found it hard to keep her balance as Jackson used his tongue to trace figure eights across her clit. Before she knew it, she had both legs resting on his shoulders as Jackson’s tongue slid up and down her dripping slit. She bucked against his face, unable to control her movements or her cries. His lips sucked her clit into his mouth in rhythm with her thrusting hips. He used the tip of his tongue to trace the ridge around her hard little nub, and she was at the brink of ecstasy. Jackson pulled away again.

“Not yet,” He directed urgently. Kylie lifted her legs from Jackson’s shoulders and she stood on tingling, unsteady legs. His mouth was covered with her juices, and he kissed her hard so she could taste herself. She wrapped her hand around his rock-hard cock as she cleaned his face with her lips and tongue. Jackson turned her around and leaned her over one of the sinks. Kylie gripped the porcelain for support, and she met her husband’s eyes in the bathroom mirror.

“I love your cock the most.” She told him, her eyes half-closed. “Give it to me. Give it to me so hard that I can still feel it later while you’re burying it in someone else.”

Jackson was shocked by what was coming from his wife’s mouth. It was dirty, and it was hot, and he readily complied. Their eyes stayed locked as he thrust deep inside her.

“Fuck me baby, give me my cock,” Kylie begged him with her eyes. It was too much for him to stand, and he pumped in and out of his wife faster and harder. Every thrust brought a new, deeper wave of pleasure deep inside her as her husband’s cock filled her. She imagined watching it going in and out of a stranger’s beautiful, black pussy. Jackson saw her orgasm start as he watched her in the mirror. Her eyelids half-open, her eyes rolled back, her mouth open in the shape of an O. Despite trying to be quiet, Kylie’s moans grew louder. She couldn’t help crying out as she exploded with pleasure. Kylie squeezed his cock with every wave of her orgasm, and they came together in an overwhelming release. He leaned against her back as she milked the last of his cum from his softening cock.

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