Three to Tango

February 6, 2014 Erotica

This is an excerpt from Alisa Easton’s Book “Three to Tango.” You can find the full short story here (US) or here (UK)

Courtney took Allison’s face in her hands and crushed their mouths together. Courtney felt different than her husband, the only one that she’d kissed in more than ten years. Her lips were softer, wetter. She used her tongue to explore Allison’s mouth in a sensuous passion as they kissed. Allison relaxed a little feeling a little braver until Courtney moved one hand from Allison’s face to her breast making Allison jump back a little.

“Relax,” Courtney said almost purring the word into her ear. As she said it, she started to tug at the sleeves of her dress to push them down to her waist. Allison felt vulnerable as her body was exposed and she involuntarily crossed her arms over her chest once her dress had been adjusted.

“Take off her bra,” Jeremy requested. Allison looked over to find him with his dress pants unzipped and his penis in his hand. She tingled at her core as she watched him slowly stroke himself. He was pacing himself, she could tell, but obviously already enjoying what was in front of him. She wondered how he managed to feel so comfortable with the situation so quickly. Courtney reached behind Allison’s back and quickly unhooked the bra letting it fall off her shoulders like the dress. She picked it up and tossed it aside.

Courtney got up off the bed and turned so that she was facing Jeremy who moaned at the prospect of being watched by both women as he slowly massaged himself. Courtney tugged the fabric of her t-shirt out of her jeans and yanked it over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her hands stroked her breasts for Jeremy’s benefit before she turned her attention back to Allison.

Courtney straddled Allison and pushed her down so that her back was against the bed. Then she lowered her head to kiss and suckle each exposed nipple to her satisfaction. Allison moaned in approval. Courtney’s red hair tickled her skin as she moved from one breast to the next. Once Courtney was certain she’d made a good impression on Allison, she slid down so that she could remove the rest of the dress that still gathered at Allison’s waist. Allison was left in her panties and a pair of thigh high stockings. She didn’t dare to move.

“Move up a little,” Courtney told her.

Allison slithered back until she was lying on the bed completely. Courtney let her hands roam up and down Allison’s sides, paying special attention once again to her breasts, this time giving each one a gentle squeeze as she nuzzled and licked it.

“You want more?” Courtney said kissing and breathing in Allison’s skin.

“Yes.” Allison was panting in ragged breaths eager for the attention that Courtney would give her.

Courtney got up again, unsnapped her jeans, this time keeping her back to Jeremy so that she could fix her entire attention on Allison as she slid the jeans down to the floor and kicked them aside. She was left standing in a red thong that accentuated her toned legs and flat stomach. Allison thought she could see the moisture that soaked through the thin fabric and her breath caught in her throat as she realized that she would taste Courtney before the evening was complete.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” Courtney said as she crawled onto the bed beside Allison.

“Yeah… I mean, I think so.”

“I want this. I am sure of it.”

The two women lay face to face and Courtney wrapped her arms around Allison pulling her mouth onto her own mouth and devouring her in a kiss. This time Allison gave in and reciprocated. She was too turned on to let go. She couldn’t believe that she was actually doing this, that she was in bed with another woman and she was enjoying it.

She reveled in the sensation of her breasts rubbing against Courtney’s breasts and the way her pert nipples dragged across her skin as they slid against each other. Courtney let her hand slide down Allison’s back lightly scraping her nails as she did and using the opportunity to help pull their bodies closer with legs entwined. Now there was no mistaking the moisture between Courtney’s legs and Allison knew that Courtney could feel the moisture and warmth between her own legs. While she knew that Jeremy still watched, she no longer cared to look at what he was doing. This moment was hers to experience and the pleasure was immense.

“I need to feel you,” Courtney said as breathless as Allison felt.

“Yes, please.”

Courtney skimmed along the top of Allison’s panties igniting the flesh of her lower belly before pushing the fabric aside and dipping her hand inside to sample Allison’s sex. Allison involuntarily spread her thighs at the touch feeling as though she would come just by that simple feather light touch.

Courtney planted a trail of kisses starting from Allison’s breasts and leading down along her stomach until she reached her panties. Then she licked and nibbled at Allison through her panties, making her squirm with anticipation.

“Take them off,” Courtney whispered to Allison as she moved out of the way to allow her the space to do it. As she watched Allison reach down and push the panties off her hips, she hooked her thumb into her own thong and removed it as well.

“Oh god,” Jeremy said, reminding them that he was still in the room.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” Courtney said. She leaned down spreading Allison’s thighs with her hands and buried her face between them. Allison moaned and melted into the bed. Courtney licked and suckled using her tongue in ways that made Allison moan. Allison clawed at the bed sheets trying to hold on to anything to keep from feeling like she might simply float off the earth with the sensations that coursed through her each time Courtney’s tongue lapped against her core.

“Oh god, oh god,” Jeremy repeated, this time deep and husky. Allison knew by the sound of his voice that he was exactly in the same place that she was, about to come harder than she ever thought possible. She felt the waves of pleasure building and nearly jumped out of her skin when the first waves hit. It was such intensity that she didn’t think that it would ever subside. She heard Jeremy call out as he followed her lead.

Courtney sat up and gave Allison a grin as she used her arm to wipe the wetness from her face.

“You taste delicious,” she said.

Allison relaxed into the bed as the waves of pleasure subsided, not sure what she should do next. Courtney didn’t leave her to wonder for too long. She nuzzled close to Allison and reached for her hand to guide it between her legs.

Allison parted the soft silky folds and rubbed her new friend the same way that she had touched herself so many times before. She knew exactly what to do to elicit the right response and it wasn’t long before Courtney’s ragged breaths betrayed the fact that she was so close to her own orgasm. Allison used to her entire hand to massage and tease and manipulate Courtney’s sex until she could feel her own arousal begin to build again.

Courtney seemed to sense it as well. She reached over and started to massage Allison is the same manner so that the two mirrored each other’s movements as they massaged the outer folds and the clitoris and probed into the depths with first one finger and then two. They gained frenzied momentum and then realized as they stroked each other that Jeremy had moved closer. His pants were still open and his penis was hard again. He sat down on the edge of the bed as he stroked himself in a pace that matched each of the women, watching their hands carefully as they pleasured one another.

Allison wondered if he imagined being inside them as he pleasured himself. She felt Courtney buck underneath her when her orgasm hit and her cries of pleasure sent her spiraling into her own second orgasm of the evening. As soon as they were complete, Allison moved toward her husband, taking her hand still saturated in juices to take over the task of pleasuring Jeremy. He let her take control gratefully, leaning back to savor the sensations. Within moments, he too experienced another earth shattering release.

The three of them sat in silence for a long time after. Allison and Courtney lay beside each other on the bed while Jeremy moved back to the chair and fastened his pants. The awkwardness seemed to settle over them once again.

“You’re beautiful,” Courtney said softly caressing Allison’s skin.

“Thank you. So are you.”

“We should do this again.”