True Secret: The American

February 20, 2014 Erotica

The American

These days I look forward to my husband going out.  In fact it’s fair to say I ache for it, because I know that it’s ‘me’ time, which invariably involves a glass or two of wine, the internet and a sex toy. Decadence, girls.

So there I was, once more having gravitated myself to one of the internet’s more overtly sexual chat sites, when I came across Nick.  An American guy 5 years my junior, with a cute smile and smartly gelled hair. Well at least according to his profile picture (it’s the internet after all, where very few things are as they appear) Nick seemed pleasant. Having introduced himself to me respectfully, he told me he was from a farmstead in Illinois originally but now lived in Chicago. I said I live in Northern England, to which he replied ‘is that Scotland?’ My dear, you were doing so well. He then went on to say he was in marketing and he earned a salary of more than $100,000. Given he was chatting to me at approximately 11am Central Time on a work day, it was pretty clear that he didn’t have a job at all. Nick was about to get the flick.

Then he mentioned fantasies. Just like that, he had wrestled my attention back. ‘What’s yours?’ He asked. I replied. I won’t tell you yet what I said (that’s for another installment) then I fired it right back – ‘What’s yours, Nick?’

N: oh I’ve already done mine
Me: oh really? Do tell…
N: I fucked a stranger in a museum.
Me: Your fantasy was to fuck in a museum?
N: Well not a museum as such. More just to fuck a stranger in somewhere very public
Me: Mmmm hot!

The story went that Nick had been in this museum almost at closing time, when he saw a girl lurking around one of the art installations there.

N: She was so damn hot
Me: what she look like?
N: long brown hair which hung down her back. Tight dress. Clung to her ass so I could see both cheeks through the dress- and the line of her thong. I just knew I wanted to have her.
Me: My pussy just twitched.
N: really?
Me: Really. Now go on….

The woman, Nick found out, had been waiting for a friend who hadn’t turned up. He figured she’d been stood up by a date.

N: So I thought I’d try and take advantage I gave her the ‘fuck me’ look.
Me: Love that!
N: Yeah when you just know you need to fuck. And when you get the look back, you just know it’s so gonna happen. I needed to bend her over there and then.
Me: I’m wet.

I was as well. By this time my panties were soaked. I was rubbing my clit through the material, then gently pushing at my underwear, so a wet patch formed as they sunk into my hungry pussy. It was no use. My hand had to go inside. Had to touch my naked vagina.

N: I pulled her into the bathroom. Locked the cubicle door. Turned her around.
Me: yes!
N: Her palms against the wall. Then I pulled her dress up…
Me: Mmmm riding up her ass.
N: Yeah! Ass out. Damn her ass was fine! That thong looked so sexy too. Black. Silk.
Me: God I wish that was me now.
N: You need to get fucked?
Me: Hell yes. So bad.
N: I didn’t fuck her straight off though.
Me: No?
N: I pulled her panties over. So I could see her cunt gape.
Me: omg that’s hot….
N: And I started finger fucking her, three fingers.
Me: God yeah. I’d be rocking back on them. Fucking your hand so good.
N: That’s what she did. She really bucked on my fingers. I had to clamp my hand over her mouth, to stop her screaming. Then you know what I did?

My heart was totally racing at this point. I’d lost all control. Furiously working my clit, dipping in the occasional two fingers, before drawing my juice out of my body again to lube that swollen clit. Nick totally had me. He told me how he sank to his knees to taste the ‘sex’ that was dripping out of this random woman and down her thigh. Before giving her what she really craved.

N: I just pounded. Really raw fucking, you know?
Me: God I know…I so need that right now.
N: Panties round her ankles- she squirted all over them at one point.
Me: Fuck!

Yep, that’s me – literary genius. Reduced to ‘omg’s’ and expletives. A quivering wreck, by this time clenched tight around my thickest dildo, moaning myself hoarse on the living room floor. Wishing for all the world that lump of silicone buried in me was Nick’s cock and I could be that girl in the tight dress, in that bathroom, being roughly fucked against that wall.

I came SO hard over my dildo. I messed on my rug. I only had 4 minutes to spare before my husband came home. Close. So I shut down the conversation with Nick as soon as we both had come. Callous maybe, but necessary.

Such a shame we live thousands of miles away, Nick and I.  I need to turn my attention closer to home…