My Fleshlight Flight Review

flightfleshlighthomesmallFleshlight Flight is an adjusted model of the traditional Fleshlight offering users even more discreet casing and moldings.

The Fleshlight Flight is also considerably smaller with a total length of 8” and an insertable length of 6”.

Designed for the business traveler (and teenager) in mind, you won’t have to worry about taking the ‘Flight,’ through security at the airport as it should pass without too many extra looks from the TSA (or your mom).

I wanted to be sure it still delivered the high quality solo session I was used to from Fleshlight, so read on to hear what I have to say about this fancy thing.

Available Sleeves and Holes

The holes, or orifices, are the same for each model, but there are options when it comes to the sleeve texture.

The black model is called the Pilot and the white model is the Instructor. The Pilot has an insane array of different areas as you progress down the length of it, while the Navigator looks and feels a bit more like the STU which is a bit more plain but pretty nice for realism.

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My Experience with the Flight

If you have read about Cassie and I you’ll know I travel a lot for business which means the Fleshlight Flight was invented with guys like me in mind. Most of my travel are short-haul flights meaning I don’t usually check any luggage but in the case that I do, the regular Fleshlights are just fine as you can pack it in your suitcase. However, for the flights where I just have a carry-on, the Fleshlight Flight is nice to have as it is a lot more discreet than the other options available.

Now, it’s important to understand that it’s not completely discreet and I’ll tell you why. First off, it still says Fleshlight on the side, although the writing is more discreet. Secondly, the molding doesn’t necessarily resemble anything but it does require some questioning if an airport security guard is going through your belongings.

For those who travel, you know how uncomfortable this can be as everyone who is waiting in line behind you is watching you and wondering what you’re carrying that is holding everything up. Explaining that it isn’t some kind of weapon without explaining that it’s a male sex toy is nearly impossible so I suggest being mentally prepared to deal with the question in case it comes up. It’s happened to me and although Cassie and I laugh at the memory now, it was extremely uncomfortable when it happened because I wasn’t prepared to answer any questions in the case it was brought up. Lesson learned!

Using the Flight is much like any other Fleshlight. It’s best to warm it up before use, and if you are planning on using any of the accessories like the shower mount you will need to purchase the Flight Adapter as the back end of the device is a bit different than regular Fleshlights.

You have two different options for internal molding options with the Flight and I have tried both. The Instructor texture I found to be a bit too loose and I haven’t used it as much as the alternative which is the Pilot texture. The Pilot texture is more similar to the ‘The Destroya’ in that it’s a bit tighter and overall more pleasurable.

The one big flaw with the ‘Flight’ for you bigger guys out there is that it only has 6” of insertable length. So if you are bigger than six inches, you will be hitting the back of the unit pretty vigorously. For you smaller guys however, this can be a nice alternative to the regular Fleshlights as you will get to feel all of the bumps and grooves throughout the unit.

Cleaning is pretty reasonable and similar to the other Fleshlights. Rinse and find a nice space in your hotel room (maybe where the maid won’t see it?) and allow it to dry before packing it up for your trip home.

The Fleshlight Flight isn’t going to replace my original Fleshlights anytime soon. However, it is a nice option for those looking who travel extensively or need a smaller unit. If you have to choose between a Flight and a regular Fleshlight, I would go with a regular Fleshlight unless under 5” in length.

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