My Fleshlight Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit Review


The Fleshlight is the gold standard of pocket pussies and the Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit (also known as the STU) is one of their flagship products.

Designed for perhaps the lady in mind, the STU is built to help the man build up stamina, suggesting that repeated use of the device will help you control your ejaculation, allowing you and your partner to experience the most intense orgasms once you’re back doing the real dance.

That’s a pretty bold claim, but it seems that they can live up to it, like usual.

This is one of the most realistic experiences you’ll get without sinking your rod into your lady’s actual flesh.

Available Sleeves And Holes

The sleeve itself is going to be the same for whatever Stamina unit you get, but there is the option to get the Pink Lady vagina sleeve, or a more “discreet” option, the Pure, which is basically just a totally un-sexy hole. See what I mean below. For me, it was a no brainer to get the one that looked like the real deal, but I guess if you think having a plain hole is more discreet (even though there’s the giant  “FLESHLIGHT” lettering on the side of the case), the choice is yours!

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The Fleshlight Experience

As I travel frequently for business and am sometimes I’m gone for more then a week at a time, I was excited to give this product a shot. I have never really had problems with pre-mature ejaculation since Cassie and I have been married but I figured the extra-training couldn’t hurt ;).

The product came in a discreet box which I am sure is important for a lot of our readers. The actual product itself isn’t completely discreet as it does have “Fleshlight” written down the side of it, but it would take more than a passing glance to figure out it’s an adult sex toy. Bottom line: treat it like a sex toy and keep it in a discreet place. You don’t want to find your 8 year old one morning waving the Fleshlight around like it’s some kind of toy Ghostbuster’s vacuum.

Cassie convinced me to use the Pink Lady before I left for my first business trip so she could hear all about it in person. I told her I felt a little bit awkward that she knew I was masturbating in the other room.

As she often does, she told me, “Hey, this website was YOUR idea“.

Well, shit.

I took it out of the plastic wrap and inserted the water-based lubricant.

I want to mention that I did not warm up the Fleshlight initially which I found out later on to be more satisfying. Although it requires a little bit of preparation, warming up the Fleshlight in warm to hot water really loosened it up and gave a feeling resembling a pussy a little bit more than using it cold.

I slid my cock into the Fleshlight and I was definitely surprised at how comfortable it was. Obviously it will never replace having sex with a woman but it sure felt good. I went from a feeling of nervousness using this Fleshlight while Cassie waited for me downstairs to excitement at how good it felt around my cock. I began pumping it up and down, and I could definitely feel the bumps and ripples on the inside of the tube satisfying my shaft.

One thing I really enjoyed which I hated to tell Cassie (sorry babe) is that it was nice to have this feeling of tightness around me without having any pressure from another person to go faster, or harder, or softer, or slower. It was all up to me and let me tell you, it beat the hell out of using my hand.

Before I knew it, I was ready to blow, I let myself fill up the device while holding it tightly in my hand. This was the part that was perhaps most special. Blowing into a Fleshlight is unreal. If you have never blown into a woman, then you probably don’t know the blissful feeling and I am not suggesting this compares, but compared to the tissue from the hotel bathroom, the Fleshlight is a godsend.

Clean-up was fairly easy and required a good rinsing and then it has to be left out to dry. I can tell you that since I have had the Fleshlight STU that more then one house maid from the hotel has wondered what in the hell was sitting on the bathroom counter. Oh well.


The lid on top is a little bit wobbly but that can be easily be screwed on tighter which increases the suction. The whole plastic casing on the outside feels a little bit cheap but in the time I have had it, there hasn’t been any breakage. Internally, I haven’t had any issue with the liner either.

All in all, I’ve been thrilled with this product. The odd time Cassie and I have used it together, too, which was a bonus.

Whether you are trying to increase your stamina or are just using this product to cum I highly recommend it.

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