My Fleshlight Shower Mount Review

If you already own a Fleshlight, or are thinking about buying one, the Fleshlight Shower Mount will now provide even more options for you. Featuring a durable suction cup on the Fleshlight Shower Mount, you are able to attach which ever toy you currently own or want to own.

The shower mount is compatible with most standard Fleshlight devices (and will fit the Flight if you get the adapter which you can find at the bottom of this page) which means you can be having a hands free experience in no time!

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My Thoughts

When I had heard that Fleshlight had released a shower mount, I’ll admit I was amped. For those who don’t know, I do travel quite a bit for business meaning the Fleshlight on those days ends up replacing Cassie.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit taking my Fleshlight into the hotel shower with me. Especially if you don’t have a ton of time, the shower is great because you can warm up the device with the hot water and clean up is an absolute breeze. So naturally, when I heard the Shower Mount had been released, I had to order one online.

I found installation of the device to be pretty straight forward. I used my Tori Black Mini-Lotus and as all standard Fleshlight products do, it hooked up really easily. The suction worked really well, especially on my glass shower although I have tested it on other showers during my travels and it worked fine on pretty much all surfaces.

Even if you’re in the shower, you’ll still want to lube up with some water based lubricant to provide a smooth experience. Even though silicone lube is best in the shower with a partner, you never want to put that stuff on your toys. They can break down and you don’t want that.

The device will tilt to your desired angle so no matter how you want to go at your Fleshlight, the shower mount won’t let you down.

One thing I was worried about was if it would move easily if you thrust into it too hard. There would be nothing more frustrating than having to re-adjust the damn thing every time you got a bit too excited. I am happy to report however that it’s pretty stiff, meaning it really is a hands-free device.

If you happen to own a Fleshlight Flight (It’s the more discreet option of the original Fleshlight) you’ll need to purchase an adapter (again, bottom of this page) to go along with it which is actually fairly affordable. If you’re a traveler like I am, the Fleshlight Flight and Shower Mount is a pretty spectacular combo.

Perhaps the best feature is just how easy the clean-up is on this thing. After you’ve had a mind blowing orgasm, detach your Fleshlight from the mount, run hot water through it with a little bit of soap, rinse well and lay it out to dry. All while the conditioner is soaking into your hair.

The Shower Mount does have ‘Fleshlight’ written on it so you won’t be able to get away with leaving it in the shower but oh well. Store it with the rest of your sex toy collection as it only takes a second to suction or de-suction from the wall.

All things considered, the Shower Mount is a fantastic product and something to definitely pick up if you’ve got a Fleshlight or are planning to join the tons of other dudes who have one!

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