5 Must Know Tips for How to Have Freaky Sex

August 13, 2020 Fun, Sex Tips
Couple Having Sex

These hot tips will spice up your sex life.

It’s normal to want to get kinky in bed. Research shows 84% of US adults admit wanting to have freaky sex. The same study showed half of the participants already have.

You can improve your sex life by trying something new. If you’re not sure how to start, keep reading. Here are five must-know tips for how to have freaky sex.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Rough

Not only is it normal to have rough sex, but it’s encouraged when you want to get a little more freaky. You and a trusted partner can play with light choking, spanking, scratching, and slapping.

People who want their sex even rougher can use nipple clamps, whips, and other toys in the bedroom.

2. Suck on Fingers and Toes

One of the best things you can do to make your sex freaky is to suck on your partner’s fingers and toes. You can ease your way into it by starting with a foot massage in the bathtub to stimulate the nerve endings. Once you feel more comfortable with it, you can lick between and suck on the toes.

3. Turn on a Sexy Film

Watching other people get down and dirty helps get your blood flowing. You can watch a homemade snuff film, turn on a responsibly made porno, or watch an erotic film like 365 Days. To make things more interesting, considering trying the positions you see in the movie.

4. Try New Positions

New positions may be all you need to spice things up in the bedroom. You can try sixty-nining, kissing upside down, anal, pressed against a wall, and more. You and your partner can try karma sutra moves or anything else you’ve wanted to try but haven’t yet.

5. Bring in Toys

Bringing toys in the bedroom will bring new sensations and better orgasms. You and your partner can take turns finding your favorite spots for a vibrator, or use handcuffs to restrain one of you.

To enjoy freakier sex, consider investing in toys that can enhance the pleasure you feel from pain.

More Tips for Freaky Sex

It helps to appeal to the five senses during freaky sex. Combine the mentioned tips with the following:

  • Move your bodies to the beat of the intimate music
  • Rub the nose against the clit
  • Hairbrush one another’s bodies
  • Wear lingerie
  • Spray sexy perfume or cologne
  • Make some noise

You can try out different ideas to discover the best way to get freaky. Visit Freaky Kiki’s to find the best lingerie, toys, and games.

Get Freaky

It’s time to get freaky. You can use what you read today as a guide to a kinkier time in bed. These five must-know tips for how to have freaky sex will have your partner coming back for more.

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