5 Sex Tips and Tricks You’ve Never Heard Before

August 9, 2018 Fun, Sex Tips
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Everyone is looking for a way to spice up their sex life.

Whether you’re in a monogamous relationship or are no-strings-attached hooking up with others, there’s always room for improvement in the bedroom.

But we’re often told the same advice on how to improve our sex lives.

Nothing sexual should be cliche. All actions below the belt should be surprising, unexpected, and sexy. When looking for sex advice, it’s best to seek outside of your imagination.

Sometimes, all you need is some unconventional fun. But where do you start?

Here are 5 sex tips for a better time in bed. And don’t worry, these are ones you’ve never heard before.

1. Watch Each Other Masturbate

Are you looking for an easy way to get aroused? Maybe your partner has issues getting you off? If either is the case, watch each other masturbate.

Watching your partner pleasure themselves will immediately get you in the mood.

You’re staring at pure ecstasy as they give themselves pleasure. You’ll love seeing this excitement in your partner and you’ll want to share this pleasure with them.

Why is this exhilarating? It looks like live porn. You’re achieving pleasure and your partner’s fantasies.

This is also a great tip when you’re sleeping with a new partner. It’s hard to know what each new partner likes. Watching them masturbate is a great way to see how they touch themselves, where they touch, and how soft or hard they go.

This is also a great tip if your partner can’t bring you to an orgasm. Show them how you masturbate. Sneak in their hands or mouth occasionally and guide them to your orgasm.

2. Create an Adult Movie Sex Scene

Okay — we’re not asking you to film your sex. But act as if you are.

So many people watch porn — even women rank up to 41% of porn’s viewers. It makes sense that the idea of creating porn is a turn-on.

Act as if you’re acting in a porn film. Imagine a camera and a potential audience.

Go all out — make more noise, do more positions, and go as crazy as you can.

Think of the film from start to finish.

Create a unique meeting situation you’ll find in a typical porn film, such as the plumber or cable guy entering the home of a beautiful and lonely woman. From there, plan an elaborate sex scene until you both finish.

This is a great activity for couples — especially vanilla couples — who need to find a way to spice up their sex life.

It makes each person strive to perform their best for their invisible audience. In reality, you’re performing your best for your partner.

3. Don’t Expect an Orgasm

So many people — especially women — obsess over the big O. When you obsess over your orgasm, it prevents you from having one. That’s because your mind is racing, trying so hard to focus on your orgasm.

Instead, focus on the moment. Focus on the passion and pleasure. Indulge in the touch, the feel of your partner’s body, and consume every little detail of your sex.

Don’t think about the orgasm. Let it come naturally.

We feel under so much pressure to get sex over with. This is especially true for women; we’re taught we orgasm first before men, which makes men race to make women orgasm so they can have their fun.

In reality, men and women should just relax and enjoy sex. If neither orgasms, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

When it’s time for that orgasm, end with your favorite action. If you love intercourse, end with that. But if you prefer oral, end with some great oral sex.

4. Sexualize Your Partner

The easiest way to enjoy sex better with your partner is by sexualizing them. But isn’t that disrespectful? We’re taught it is, especially when men sexualize and objectify women.

This is the hardest when you’re in a romantic relationship with someone; you’re so consumed by feelings of love and respect, naughty thoughts just seem too dirty.

And after you two have kids? Your lover now becomes your partner parent.

Stop thinking of sexual thoughts and fantasies as negative or intrusive. As long as these thoughts and feelings are okay with your partner, feel free to think of them in a sexual way.

When your partner enters your mind, think about all of the ways they turn you on. It could be their body, the way they kiss you, or maybe the sex is just really good.

All of these thoughts are arousing and improve your sex life for the long-term.

Get excited about your partner like it’s the first time you both had sex.

5. Develop a Signature Move

Signature moves aren’t only for athletes. Signature moves can also be used in the bed.

Do you notice there’s something you’re great at? Maybe you’re great at oral sex. Or maybe it’s a surprising fetish you love. Use this move every time you’re in bed.

This advice is great for couples and casual flings.

When you use a signature move on your partner, your partner looks forward to that move each time you have sex. They know it’s only you who can do this move and it makes sex with you more special.

If you only hook up casually, your signature move can be used to surprise your flings. They’ll be impressed and aroused, and will start begging for more.

Use These Sex Tips In Your Future Sex Life

Doing the naughty doesn’t have to be boring, but so many people use the same sex tips. To truly spice up your sex life, think outside the box.

Use these tips and bring new life into the bedroom.

You’ll know your body and your partner’s body better — and all of the creative things that get you off. Whether you improve your relationship or want to be more creative during hook-ups, these tips will make you love sex even more.

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