5 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas at Home

March 13, 2021 Fun
Bachelorette Party Ideas at Home

Plenty of couples have had to postpone their special day due to COVID-19.

However, that doesn’t mean all the festivities have to come to a halt! There are plenty of ways to practice social distancing and party at the same time.

So, how exactly can you keep the celebration alive from your own home? Is a fun, pandemic-friendly bachelorette party really a possibility?

We’re here to help you out! Check out our guide below for five unique bachelorette party ideas at home.

1. Plan a Digital Sleepover

Admit it—we all loved building pillow forts in our living rooms as kids. Why not bring that childish joy back to life through a digital sleepover?

Send each member of the bridal party the tools to “camp” in their living room. We recommend a set of fuzzy slippers, some candy and trail mix, and a sleeping mask.

Next, stream a movie for the guests through a service like Watch Party! Sure, it’s not a traditional camping trip, but who can resist a classic sleepover with some of their best friends? 

2. Design Mailable Favor Boxes

Any best man or maid of honor usually has a list of what to bring to a bachelor party or bachelorette celebration. However, it can be trickier to stock up on supplies and favors when you’re celebrating from home.

You can still go all out when it comes to party favors and themed surprises, though. Our favorite way is by making personalized mailable favor boxes for the party guests.

You may be familiar with themed made-to-order gift boxes. They’re easy to customize, and you can make your own batch at home and have them sent out to the guests. The guests will then have a piece of their party waiting in the mailbox on the celebration day.

3. Host a Game Night

There are plenty of online games available that you can play to spice up your bachelorette party. If you want to make it even more heated, host a competition between the bridal party—just don’t forget to offer some great prizes.

Many people have turned to online games like Skribbl.io and Uno. As long as everyone in your party has a laptop or smartphone, you’ll have no trouble connecting over digital games. Don’t forget to try out the online version of Cards Against Humanity.

4. Hold a Taste-Testing Event

There’s no need to skip the booze just because your party is going digital. That doesn’t mean you have to opt for the $5 wine at Trader Joe’s, though.

Put the postal system to good use and order a beer-tasting kit to have delivered to each bridal party member. It’s a fun way to try some new brews and celebrate with your friends all at once. If beer isn’t your style, you can find the same types of subscription boxes for wine or even novelty sodas.

5. Take an Online Class Together

If you’re looking for physically-engaging bachelorette party ideas at home, try out a class hosted over Zoom. Many class instructors have taken to teaching digitally, and there’s never been a better time to learn something new.

A dance class is a great way to get the blood pumping and create unique memories with the bride and her bridal party. Looking for something that requires a little less coordination? Try out a cooking or painting class—just make sure everyone has the supplies to succeed beforehand.

Finding the Best Bachelorette Party Ideas at Home

There’s nothing better than seeing the bride-to-be enjoying herself with her bridal party. While it’s become tricky to learn how to celebrate during COVID, you’ll be able to craft an epic celebration with these bachelorette party ideas at home.

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