8 Erogenous Zones on Mens’ Bodies (And How to Tease Them)

December 18, 2019 Fun, Sex Tips
erogenous zones

You might think that men are easy to please in bed: kiss a little bit, and then go straight for the crotch. But men actually enjoy foreplay just as much as women do. So why not make the pre-sex show as exciting, sexy, and hot as possible?

You don’t have to only focus on the penis to drive him wild. There are plenty of other pleasure spots you can focus on to have him moaning your name in no time.

Let’s look at 8 erogenous zones that men can’t wait for you to play with.

1. The Butt

Guys don’t just like to touch butts: they like their own butt touched too. The butt, particularly right at the top of the butt where the cheek meets the back, is very sensitive to touch.

Tease this area by running your fingers gently over the skin there. You can also stimulate this area by grabbing onto his butt during sex. Not only will this stimulate a sensitive area, but it will also pull him closer and deeper, which both of you will enjoy.

If you’re feeling even more adventurous, try out some kinkier stimulation of the butt. Spanking with your hand, with a paddle, or even with a flogger could spice up your time in the bedroom all while stimulating this erogenous zone.

2. Nipples

Similar to the butt, many people neglect the nipples on men, thinking they’re only sensitive or sensual on a woman’s body. But men’s nipples are just as sensitive.

Start off by stroking the area around the nipple. You can then move your mouth down to lick the area as well. Sucking and nibbling on his nipples are sure to turn him on too.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try out nipple clamps. These will pinch his nipples, which will feel good all by itself. But nipple clamps can also work to make the nipples even more sensitive, which will make teasing him even easier.

3. Earlobes

Sensitive ears are common make for an excellent erogenous zone. There’s nothing sexier than hearing your partner moan or gasp right next to your ear.

Try making soft sounds of pleasure right next to your guy’s ear to really get him going. After that, lick and suck his earlobe and the skin right underneath the ear.

4. The Family Jewels

Pleasing men can be made too simple by going right for the shaft of the penis. While this does bring your man pleasure, you can make it even more intense by stimulating the skin around the scrotum as well.

This skin is super soft and sensitive. Lightly drag your fingers around the scrotum and scrotum skin while also stimulating the shaft and head of the penis. All of these sensations at one time will bring your man the ultimate pleasure.

5. Neck

Did you know that the neck is one of the most sensitive areas on the body? You may have because it’s an area notorious for hickeys.

But now that you know it’s one of the top male erogenous zones, you can go to town. That doesn’t necessarily mean sucking on his neck until he has as many hickeys as a teenager does.

You can suck and lick on the sensitive soft skin there without leaving a hickey. Gently find his pulse point and run your tongue over it repeatedly to give the feeling of suction without the consequence of a bruise.

You can also tease him by licking your way from his nipples all the way up to his pulse point. This is sure to send shivers down his spine.

6. Perineum

No, this isn’t a type of bacteria. You might recognize the more common names for the perineum more: the taint, the gooch, the grundle, or even the fleshy fun bridge.

The perineum is the skin between the scrotum and the anus. This skin is super sensitive, which means it’s perfect for teasing touches.

Start off by lightly touching it while your down there. You could be performing oral sex and tap or stroke the area to send him into sensory overload.

If you’re in the right position, you could even try stimulating this area with your mouth, lips, and tongue. Chances are no one has done this before, and the new sensation will be exciting and sexy.

7. Frenulum

The frenulum refers to the strip of skin that connects the head and the shaft of the penis. This is a forgotten erogenous zone since most people think it simply counts as part of the penis in general.

However, this small area is actually home to hundreds of nerves, which makes it one of the more sensitive parts of the penis. Make sure to give this area special attention with your hands and mouth.

8. The Male G Spot

Women aren’t the only gender with a spot that delivers amazing, sensational orgasms. The prostate is considered the male G spot. When it’s stimulated, it provides huge waves of sensation and pleasure that are almost guaranteed to produce an explosive climax.

The only drawback is that to stimulate this area, you have to do anal play. While most partners are not opposed to this, many men shy away or feel ashamed about anal stimulation.

If your partner is willing, though, stimulating the erogenous zone is something he won’t soon forget. You can use your fingers or try out some of the best sex toys for men to get deep vibrations right at his most sensitive area.

Top 8 Male Erogenous Zone and How You Can Stimulate Them

If you’re looking to have some of the best sex of your life with your male partner, please try out some of these tips. Not only with teasing these erogenous zones give your man some of the most intense pleasure, switching up your bedroom routine can turn vanilla sex into spicy and fun sex.

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