How to Take Sexy Pictures: The Complete Guide

November 8, 2020 Fun
Sexy Picture

While we stay home during this pandemic, it’s an excellent time to take sexy selfies and send it to your partners. Taking sexy pictures is an erotic expression that can deepen your intimacy with your partner.

Taking and sharing your sexy pictures is one of the hottest things that you can do. Here is a guide with tips on how to take sexy pictures.

Find the Right Environment

No one wants to see sexy pictures with a messy background. The background of your picture can show your texting partner who you are like in person. Be sure to clear the clutter and push your things away from the frame.

Cleaning your background is to enhance your picture, not distract. You can add some plants, books, and lamps. Ensure you get rid of the trash, laundry, and litter from your ceiling to your floor.

Know Your Kind of Pose

The first thing you need about how to take sexy pictures is knowing what poses you’ll show on camera. Your pose shouldn’t look so forced, which will come through in your pictures. You can try out some easy and sexy poses that anyone can do.

The red carpet is a common pose that can flatter both your body and face. Place your hand on your hip and turn your body away from the camera while you look back over your shoulder. Lying down is another easy pose where you lay flat on your stomach with your legs bent behind you.

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Accentuate Your Best Features

We can all agree that there’s a part of our body that we aren’t proud of. Use your “secret weapon” and show it off. Find your best feature like your bubble butt, great rack, and gorgeous hair.

Your clothes can also emphasize your features while hiding any unwanted parts. Take advantage of bending over the bed, popping out your nipples out of your clothes, or grabbing your hair in the picture. These poses will help you show more of your ass, boobs, and hair.

Get Into the Right Clothes

Showing a little glimpse of your underwear or private parts can be super effective. Try not to hide your body completely, but make sure you don’t show too much. For the women, wear a push-up bra with heels and boots that can flatter your legs.

Consider wearing lingerie but wrap yourself in a blanket and show a little to hint your partner on what you’re wearing. For the men, you can go for a button-down shirt that is partly open. Leaving a little to your partner’s imagination is a lot more powerful than sending a whole nude.

Make Use of Your Tools

To have the best sexy pictures, you need the best tools to show off the best you. Take advantage of the timer on your phones to take sexy selfies. If you’re planning on using your camera, place it on a steady surface or use your tripod.

Make sure you take advantage of the timers if you want to show a full body shot. If you don’t trust the timers, then take advantage of your mirror for your full body pictures. It’s better to lean against the wall or doorway to reduce the blurriness of your selfie.

Get Under the Best Lighting

The lighting of your picture plays a big part in emphasizing your features. Make use of a mobile light source or use the sunlight. A good way to take a sexy selfie is by taking your picture at different times of the day.

Take advantage of the natural light and lean against the window, so the light washes around your body. Move your body and camera around to get photos with different light sources strikes. Avoid shadows below your eyes since it can look unflattering and harsh.

You can go creative and add some soft candlelight or a string of fairy lights. Add different lights in your room to make your sexy pictures more interesting. Avoid using your flash since it can ruin your sexy pictures by making it look harsh.

Take Advantage of Editing

Editing and using filters is a great way to enhance a picture like the color and lighting. However, you shouldn’t look like someone else in your pictures.

A filter can make a cloudy day look brighter and make the colors around you pop. Edit your picture to look brighter or have more color. Avoid using editing tools to manipulate parts of your body.

Pretend the Phone is Your Partner

The reason why the Point of View (POV) porn is the most popular genre is that it’s like the watcher and subject are together. A good way to get your partner feeling as if you’re there with him or her is eye contact. Make a look at the camera as if you want to make love to it.

Place your phone or camera on where you want your partner to be, then click. Experiment with some fashion model moves to create dynamic photos. You can try tossing your hair back and forth or clutch onto your private parts to add a little personality.

Add Some Props

Having a prop in your picture can add to your final look while brightening up your face. You can wear things like pearl earrings, a scarf, or even sunglasses. When you hold a prop while taking pictures like a pillow, it tends to relax your body and make a more natural pose.

How to Take Sexy Pictures

Remember that sexy doesn’t mean taking off all your clothes and taking a picture. Take the time to find the right clothes and your pose. Now that you know how to take sexy pictures, it’s time to start and send them to your partner.

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