Stripper for Hire: How to Hire a Bachelorette Party Stripper

February 16, 2020 Fun
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Naughty or nasty?

Sarah was the perfect maid of honor. She always knew precisely what the bride wanted. That’s why, when it came time to hire the bachelorette party stripper, she knew exactly the type of guy to look for.

After finding a tall, muscular, blonde-haired entertainer, online, she booked him without a second thought. However, when the dancer showed up, he didn’t look anything like his profile photos.

The stripper that came to the party was about 20 years older, and 20 pounds heavier, then the young stud she had thought she was booking. Sarah wound up having to pay the odd man not to dance, and the party never truly recovered.

If you have the honor of hiring the entertainment for your friend’s bachelorette party, you only get one shot at doing things right. Don’t make the mistake of trusting the first dancer you find. Read on to find how to create the best stripper experience.

Bachelorette Party Stripper vs Strip Club

When it comes to hiring a bachelorette party stripper, you have to decide if you want to head to the club or have a private experience. There are pros and cons each option can bring to the table.

Will you be having a large group at your bachelorette party? If so, you might enjoy spending the night people watching, while having a club type experience.

Strip clubs are easy to come by, as long as you’re certain what you’re looking for. It’s always a good idea to do a little bit of research about the strip club you’re considering going to.

Check ahead and make sure that they’ll have the type of entertainment you’re hoping to find. Certain strip clubs will offer special themes, and treatment for brides to be.

However, if you’re looking for a more customized experience, hiring an entertainer is also easy to do. We suggest you start researching different companies, by talking to friends. Next, go ahead and jump on the Internet to start narrowing down your search.

Research Your Entertainment

Whether you’re considering going to a strip club, or looking for strippers for hire, start reading online reviews from past clients. Make sure you don’t worry about negative reviews that seem to be a one-off situation.

One person’s bad experience, shouldn’t stop you from considering a professional dancer. Instead, only pay attention to negative reviews that seem to have a similar theme.

Finally, you also want to consider the cost. Are you looking to make it rain for your bachelorette party? Were you hoping to have a budget-friendly event instead?

It’s common for strippers to require some type of deposit, and then expect the rest of the fee at the time of service. If you’re looking to save money, a short strip club visit might be your best option.

Instead of paying the strippers directly, you’ll just have to pay an entrance fee when you arrive. If you do it right, you and every member of your party can have the full experience, without having to go broke.

Double Check What the Bride Wants

Before you get too involved in choosing between hiring a stripper or going to a strip club, make sure that the bride is on board. While the stripper experience is a classic bachelorette favorite, that doesn’t mean every bride wants to experience it.

Every year over 2 million Americans join hands in marriage. Each wedding ceremony is unique, and each bachelorette party should be unique as well.

Play it safe, and ask the bride exactly what she’d like for entertainment. Be specific, as you find out if she wants to avoid the stripper experience altogether, or if she’s looking for a specific type of stripper time.

All About Personal Dancers

If you decide to forgo the strip club and hire a personal dancer, go with a large company. Well-established companies will want to maintain their good business reputations.

You’ll never have to worry about a cancellation ruining your good time. If for some reason your dancer cancels, they’ll have other dancers for you to choose from. 

Another benefit of going with established companies is security. Most well-established companies will perform background checks on all of their dancers.

If you don’t live in a large area, it may be difficult to find an unestablished entertainment company. If this is the case for you, go ahead and try contacting your local escort services. Sometimes, escort services will offer dancers, that don’t perform any escort like duties.

Know Your Stripper Etiquette

While their job may be fun and unconventional, strippers are still professionals. Here’s a shortlist of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to strippers:

  • Don’t take unauthorized photos
  • Know the rules
  • Never break the rules
  • Always have self-restraint

Chances are, your stripper will take their job very seriously. It’s a general rule that most professional strippers, and amateurs, don’t want you to take their photos. The same way you wouldn’t want any lewd photos of you out in the world, the stripper wants to maintain their privacy as well. 

Next, make sure you’re never inappropriate. While this may sound funny, it is possible to cross boundaries with your bachelorette party entertainment. 

To avoid any fiasco’s, make sure you, and every partygoer, know the rules and sticks to them. For example, a common rule most rivers will have is that any groping is inappropriate. 

Make sure everyone upholds the no groping rule. Even the slightest infraction can violate the stripper’s right’s and cause you a world of trouble. You also need to make sure you, and your group, are keeping things under control. 

Yes, you can be drunk. Yes, you can be loud. However, this doesn’t mean it’s okay to go full beast mode.

The stripper should feel safe at all times. If at any time, you feel the party environment is getting too rowdy, take a breather. 

Have the partygoers drink a little water, turn off the music, and give the stripper a break. Once everybody seems to be back under control, you can let get back to the fun!

Party With Confidence

Now you know how to pick the best bachelorette party stripper. When you know what you’re looking for, and take the time to read reviews, you’ll create a night to remember.

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