Can You Get Away With It? Top 3 Riskiest Places To Have Sex

January 29, 2020 Fun
riskiest places to have sex

If the good old missionary position in a dark room isn’t quite spicy enough for you, have you thought about turning sex into a riskier activity?

There’s something about the fear of getting caught that heightens your senses and makes risky sex sessions amazing.

You’re open, you’re vulnerable, someone could see you…it’s just so much excitement and anticipation that if the bedroom doesn’t always do it for you, there’s always somewhere more risky to try.

Here are our top 3 riskiest places to have sex.

On An Airplane – The Mile High Club

Joining the “Mile High Club” has been every young man’s dream for years. We all heard about it growing up, and only when we became older and realized just how small airplane bathrooms are, did we wonder if it was even possible.

I’m here to tell you that it is, indeed, possible, but it works best on huge airplanes (the ones with 3 rows of seats and bathrooms situated at various points throughout the aircraft.

If no one else is in line, or perhaps it’s an evening flight and people are sleeping, you could hypothetically go undetected. You need to watch out for flight attendants, though, and make sure they don’t see both of you enter the bathroom.

Perhaps the riskiest thing about this is leaving the bathroom. You don’t know if there is going to be a lineup of people waiting to use the bathroom, who will obviously see both of you come out.

But I mean, once the deed is done, are you really going to be ashamed? Could you really get in trouble because a couple of people saw you leave a bathroom together?

Pretty risky if you ask me, but damn exciting. Not to mention bloody difficult in the tiny space provided!

At A Wedding Photo Booth

Now this one might have been easier when a “photo booth” was a booth at a mall or a fair that you sat inside of, paid a couple of coins, and then made funny faces with your friends.

That’s still a pretty damn risky place to get it on, but you get the added benefit of old-school looking pictures that come out on a strip.

I’m talking about the new thing that’s going on these days, which is like a set of props and backgrounds that people set up at weddings. You can rent a photo booth these days in a variety of cities across Canada, the US, Europe, and Australia.

You may want to make sure you go last, or wait until something important is happening (you know, speeches at the wedding). Then you can pop out to the photobooth, get it on, (take selfies while doing it), and be back before anyone notices.

But let’s be real. How often can you escape at a wedding and not have people wonder where you are? And how often is the photo booth set up where no one can see you? Surely the photographer will be kicking around…or you’ll be in eye shot of the wedding party.

This is damn risky!

In The Office

This could go totally and completely wrong, considering you could probably get fired (and maybe worse).

However, that may make it one of the best attractive options, since the stakes are so high.

Maybe you and a coworker have been making eyes at each other for a long time and you finally make the right moves to convince her to “work overtime”.

You wait until everyone’s left the office, then jump on the photocopier, and go to town.

Just make sure the old perverted janitor doesn’t see you!