My Jenna Haze Fleshlight Review

jennahazeswallowfleshlighthomesmall2As Fleshlight has become famous for, many of their top products are modeled after adult movie stars. The Jenna Haze model is no different.

Popular for a long time as the 2007 AVN Winner for Best Oral Scene, they originally molded her mouth, which you can still get at some places online, but more recently they’ve dialed in on what I imagine are the more popular parts of her.

Can you guess? Yeah – her ass and pussy.

Read on to discover my perverted thoughts on this one!

Available Sleeves and Holes

Here you’ve got the classic double whammy, ass or pussy. Choose wisely (or get them both!) because there’s not one signature texture but TWO! Not all girls get a unique texture for all of their offerings, but Jenna does. Hard to choose because they both look so damn cool, but I went with the pussy on this one…it looks like a WAY more intense version of the STU kind of.

JennaHazeVagina>> Get the Jenna Haze Vagina / Obsession Sleeve! <<

JennaHazeAss>> Get the Jenna Haze Ass / Lust Sleeve! <<

The real deal experience

It’s funny, looking through these, I wanted to get the Swallows version (BJ / deep throat sensation in a mouth sleeve). Being the best oral award winner, why the hell not, right?

But then I saw Fleshlight was pushing these new sleeves and thought I should expand my collection a little bit. It’s hard for me not to buy a signature sleeve because they’re all so amazing I want to be sure I’m not missing out on anything, you know?

Anyway, like I said, I got the vagina sleeve, which comes in Jenna’s signature Obsession texture. Now, I’ll say right away that I’m not so sad I didn’t get the mouth version anymore.

Just take a look at the sleeve…it gets progressively tighter the further you enter it, with your dick getting tickled by the bristles all the way in.

I have to say, this was a pretty sweet alternative.

As always, it arrived to my door in a discreet box which is always nice when there is a possibility of someone else signing for the package on arrival.

I took the box upstairs to our bedroom and opened the package. There was Jenna Haze’s molded vag lips just begging to get boned. Like all Fleshlights, the cap is adjustable and could be considered ‘loose’ if not screwed on tightly to provide maximum suction. I think in the case of this product, you want that lid on as tight as you can to get as much suction as possible; I know I did.

I started by warming up the product in my bathroom sink as I wasn’t extremely interested in receiving a cold Fleshlight session for my first experience with the new sleeve (trust me, ALWAYS heat yours up first). Once it was heated up nicely, I applied a healthy amount of water-based lubricant, and took a seat.

As I began to insert myself into the Fleshlight, there were a series of sensations which I found increasingly enjoyable. First, you hit some ribs, and it’s not ultra tight by any means. Then, you hit the bristles, as they call them, which surround and play with your dick as you insert. However, the best part is that the further you go in, the tighter it gets, with the bristles all the way down to the end. That ends up being pretty damn tight and pretty damn exciting as you go balls deep. On the down-stroke, those bristles will sort of pull you i because they’re pointed downward a bit, which is a pretty intense experience.

If you’re a pretty big dude and punching the back of the Fleshlight with your penis already, it’s going to feel pretty tight…maybe even too tight for some dudes. If you’re anywhere less than that, though, you’ll probably enjoy this one as much as I did.

As I inched closer to climax, I was already blown away by the sensation I was feeling. By the time I got to really use this product, I was far from a rookie Fleshlight user and knew a little bit of what to expect. But this Jenna Haze unit was something else and let me tell you, it never felt so good to drive my cum into the back of one of these things. I had to let up a bit through the climax because the downward pointing bristles were giving me such an intense feel.

I touched on size above, but one issue I see with this one is if you are smaller than 5 or 6 inches. I don’t think you’ll be able to hit the back, which is where it’s particularly tight and intense, but since it gets progressively tighter, you’ll get a similar sensation of going tighter the further you go…just won’t hit the jackpot at the end where it’s mega tight.

Clean-up with this product was quick and fairly painless although it’s always good to remember to find a safe place to let it dry after cleaning.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic product. If you want a pretty intense experience where you’ll feel like it’s sucking you in because you can hardly handle the down stroke with all those tight downward pointing bristles…get this bad boy.

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