Kayden Kross “Bookworm” Fleshlight Review

kaydenkrossfleshlighthomesmallOne of the hottest actresses in the scene today, Kayden Kross has joined the team at Fleshlight to create a fFeshlight which is extremely exclusive to her: The Bookworm!

Inspired by Kayden’s passion for the books, the Bookworm’s “sudden plot twists and dramatic flashbacks will captivate you as your story reaches an explosive climax.”

Sounds like a pretty good read!

Ms. Kross is well known for much of her work, winning a variety of awards throughout her adult career including Best U.S. Actress in 2010, and the AVN Award for Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene in 2011.

Available Sleeves and Holes

Only the vagina available from Kayden, but don’t worry, you’ve still got your work cut out for you when it comes to choosing. She’s got three (oh yeah THREE) different sleeves to choose from. There’s the lotus and mini lotus, which are the gold standard for simulating real vaginal intercourse, then there’s her signature sleeve, the Bookworm. It looks nothing like any of the other sleeves, so obviously that’s the one I got to test out.

KaydenKrossVagina>> Get one of the amazing Kayden Kross Vagina Sleeves! (I got the Bookworm) <<

The book report (my experience with the “Bookworm”)

Being that I am actually a pretty big fan of Kayden Kross and everything she has to offer, I wanted to give her Fleshlight a try as well. Plus, with how popular she is, I know a few of our readers here would be interested in reading a hands-on (or pecker-on) Fleshlight review of the Kayden Kross Bookworm.

Another reason I was attracted to this particular model is that the sleeve features an extremely unique design which I was excited to try out. Being that Fleshlight likes to recycle a lot of their designs with different models, it was nice to see something fresh as the interior design really does seem to make a difference as far as sensitivity goes.

For example the Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit is a completely different experience than the Lisa Ann Forbidden Fleshlight just based on the sleeve alone which is why it’s always nice to try out a few sleeves to find out which one is best for you.

The Bookworm is based off of Kayden Kross’s pussy which I am sure a few of us have imagined being inside at some point. The exterior is simple and from what I can tell pretty accurate to the real thing. The real scoop however is what’s inside and this is where I really began to enjoy the Bookworm.

My first time using this particular Fleshlight, I went through all of the normal steps I have grown accustomed to.

I warmed it up with some hot water and I lubed it up with some of my favorite lubricant before turning on what is my favorite Kayden Kross flick ‘Body Heat,’ which as I mentioned above, won an award for best all-girl group scene in 2011. Once it was loaded up, I slid myself inside the Bookworm exploring the depths of Kayden Kross’s pussy for the very first time.

The texture is obviously like any other Fleshlight but for this particular model it is pretty straight forward except for some rounded bumps throughout. I am not sure if this is the right Fleshlight for everyone as it’s probably one of the less sensitive Fleshlights available but I was truly blown away by how amazing the round bulbs felt on the head of my cock. Placed with precision, as I pumped up and down, the Bookworm really seemed to hit the right spots forcing me to blow my load in only a couple of minutes. I felt a bit bad as I hadn’t even gotten to the part in the Movie where Kayden Kross goes down on Jesse Jane.

I would probably say this particular sleeve is great for people with high sensitivity as the feeling is quite subtle. I really enjoyed it though as it was just enough, and during orgasm it didn’t overpower me forcing me to hold up.

Like I mentioned in the above, if this is your first Fleshlight experience I would recommend steering clear as it is one of the less sensitive Fleshlights available. Go for the classic Stamina Training Unit, or actually you could still pick the Kayden Kross version, just choose the Lotus or Mini-Lotus texture. However, if you’re already familiar and are a Kayden Kross fanatic and love to collect all the Fleshlight sleeves like I do, I would definitely recommend it as I really enjoyed the way it made me cum.

Remember after use to always give it a good wash (no matter what Fleshlight you have) and leave it in a safe place to dry. Enjoy!

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