My Lisa Ann Forbidden Fleshlight Review

lisaannforbiddenfleshlighthomesmallThe Fleshlight brand offers a variety of different orifices based upon different adult movie stars.

One of the stars they incorporated into their product line was the 2009 MILF of the year Lisa Ann who I know fulfilled many a man’s fantasy when she played the character of Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin in the hit film, “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin.

Lisa Ann joins the roster at Fleshlight, now giving you the opportunity to fulfill your greatest MILF fantasies in the comfort of your own home.

In this review, we’re going to take a little closer look at her asshole.

Available Sleeves and Holes

Alright guys, if you want the full Lisa Ann Fleshlight line up, you’re going to have to buy THREE orifices and FIVE total textures.

Yup, she’s got the vagina with three different options, including a signature “Barracuda”, which is similar with the bristles to the Jenna Haze signature sleeve, just that the bristles are pointed in the opposite direction. You’ve then got her asshole (which I’ve tested for you here), and her mouth with the amazing Swallows texture.

So, whether you pick just one, or go for the whole suite of them, you’re in for some fun!

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Missing Out On Anal? Fleshlight and Lisa Ann Have You Covered

Obviously, I have had the pleasure of testing, reviewing and collecting many toys including pocket pussies. It’s always a running joke with Cassie that if our “Toy Trunk” is ever discovered by our visiting parents or something that they are going to be thrown for a loop. I know our parents are getting older, but the way they make these things look like real body parts, there is no denying my parents would know right away that a series of rubber vaginas and assholes are staring at them in the face.

And Lisa Ann’s product from Fleshlight is no different. Here’s hoping that my father doesn’t accidentally say in front of my poor mother “Hey, I think that’s Lisa Ann… err… I mean that’s disgusting”.

Anyways, I have never been a huge fan of Lisa Ann but I was interested to try this product as this was my first anal insert by Fleshlight. As all Fleshlights do, or rather all sex products we recommend, it comes by delivery in a discreet box so no worries there if you’re ordering it and you don’t want a significant other to notice.

Now I have been lucky enough to have a couple of anal experiences before and for the most part they were always taboo and enjoyable. That taboo feeling is in a way, carried over with the Lisa Ann Forbidden Fleshlight and the good people from Fleshlight have tried to emulate both the look and feel both externally and internally.

Naturally, I prepped the Fleshlight by warming it up quickly and inserting the water-based lubricant. Before long, I was SLOWLY (always go slow from the rear) entering myself into the unit. The first couple inches are very tight and rippled before opening up and giving a bit more space to the head of your cock.

Now, for those of you who have shared this experience with an actual woman, you’ll know that feeling is actually pretty similar. Extremely tight… and then it opens up allowing you to drive a little bit deeper and faster. I have to give props to this product for doing a hell of a job of giving me that feeling here.

As always, cumming was hardly a problem. And compared to the STU it was easy to control my orgasm but not as easy as say the Tori Black Mini-Lotus which has a looser feel. This product is also great for all cock sizes because the first couple inches are as tight as can be. Clean-up was quick and it’s always important to leave it out to dry for a few hours.

Overall, I really like the product because it is different in feeling and manages to carry that taboo feeling of anal sex. The only drawback? Cassie’s favorite excuse if she isn’t feeling very… “intrigued” in that region? “Go use your Lisa Ann honey.” She’ll never understand that it just isn’t QUITE the same.

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