Love Oil and Personal Lubricant from Good Clean Love: Our Review


We were recently contacted by the good people at Good Clean Love to see if we would be interested in trying out their products. We’d never heard of them before reaching out, but after looking into it a bit more, I was actually surprised not to have heard of them. Definitely MY bad, not theirs! (Only thing we received for this was the product itself. No biases here, just an honest review after some happy testing.)

Good Clean Love is all about natural and organic products. They’re an approved B-Corp (according to the website, “B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”)

Pretty solid stuff, right?

Well, we were definitely interested to see if they could deliver a solid product, because from the look of the company and the great people we spoke to, they certainly sound legit.

However, we always judge a book by more than the cover, which means we had to get all lubed up for you guys to really test these products out!

What did we test?

Two things. We chose to test what they call a “love oil” and the personal lubricant.

Caribbean Rose Love Oil


Basically a blend of essential and base oils that triggers something in your mind that proved to me very quickly that it was meant to be an aphrodisiac. The directions say to “apply lavishly” to your lover and it’s pretty obvious what to do after that.

We’ll get into an actual review below. Here it is on the Good Clean Love site.

Almost Naked Personal Lubricant


Just like the name of the product says, it’s a lubricant, but it’s 95% organic and totally vegan friendly. For us, we’re not too troubled by the “natural” craze, we figure if it works, we like it, but we totally get there is a huge (and growing) market for this kind of stuff. These directions say to apply generously. Again, pretty obvious what the next step is.

Here it is on the Good Clean Love site. Get it on Amazon here.

 The Goods (reviews in the name of…science)

Alright now to the good part. We’ll run down what we thought of each product. I (Mike) will be putting our thoughts together and making this just one article instead of each writing our own, because we used these together for the most part and that’s important for your experiences.

The Love Oil

VERDICT: Surprisingly delightful

I don’t know what I was expecting here, but lacking any expectations, I was still very surprised and pretty pleased with the love oil.

You need a fair amount if you want to give a nice massage or make things slick, as it is good quality stuff and sinks into the skin pretty quickly. So if nothing else, you’re getting some nice benefits of all the oils in your skin.

But luckily that’s not all it’s good for.

After figuring out the right amount to use, things got more interesting.

It’s got a handy top to it, which you can see in the pic below, which makes it pretty easy to splash the right amount onto your palm (or your partner) without getting messy and having it go everywhere. This is a clever and very welcome part of the experience.


The scent is really good actually. Its a bit floral but so much more than that. It’s not a direct hit to the nose, it’s almost like it smells a bit powdery if that makes sense. The scent is strong, but muted, so it doesn’t bother you no matter how much you use or how long you’re using it. We both found it excellent every time we used it.

And whether or not we just associated it with sex after using it, it definitely awakens something inside you. I’m pretty sure that was there before we did anything else, though, so full marks.

If you’re into a longer session where you’ve got time and have kicked things off a bit romantically, this can be an excellent introduction to events. I found myself rubbing quite a lot on Cassie, and maybe naturally I was not the recipient very much, but of course if it’s on my hands and I’m on Cassie, I’m smelling it and getting it on me, so hopefully that’s how it’s meant to be used, haha.

Like I said, surprisingly good and effective, and something we’ll absolutely keep using. Really exciting to have something ‘new’ in our bag of tricks.

We actually discussed things with the company after use, and one of the things that we hadn’t tried, as we had no idea, is something we DEFINITELY missed out on. And we’ll be trying it tonight. Seriously.

The love oils can also actually be used during kissing. There are smaller versions in roller balls specifically for the lips, but if you put a bit on your lips, they have that “awakening” effect and also a taste unique to each person. They’re meant to interact with your body chemistry, providing a different scent and taste for each person. So yeah, we’ll definitely be giving this another go sooner rather than later, because this sounds like a super unique way to spice things up.

The Lube

VERDICT: One of the better feeling lubes on the market, and way better than most (if not all) natural options.

Alright, let’s get one thing clear so we’re all on the same page. “Natural” lubes are almost exclusively worse than what I’ll call your traditional or conventional lubes.

Regardless of how far we’ve come in harnessing nature’s ingredients, sometimes lab made concoctions are just better at doing the job. Whether that be silicone or water based, you’ll almost never see a “natural” or organic lube in the top 5 if you compare across the whole spectrum.

Alright, so we’re clear on that.

The Almost Naked lube from Good Clean Love was a real winner in terms of natural lubes. Actually not sure if I can think of one that has felt better. We try these every once in awhile to see if anyone has cracked the code and usually end up using our regular lubes after a few minutes.


It’s just that most of these natural products dry up almost instantly. Not good for much of anything. It’s great to be good to the earth and offer non-paraben, non-petrochemical, non-glycerine options, but if it doesn’t do the job, what’s the point?

That’s why I was relieved when we used this one and didn’t have to re-apply within the first 10 seconds.

In terms of feeling and slipperiness, I’m a really big fan of it. It has the right consistency, even though it comes out of the tube pretty thick. Not too messy thanks to the thickness within the tube, but it thins out and feels pretty “real” if you know what I mean once it’s on and doing what it’s supposed to do.

Of course it doesn’t compete with some of the more traditional lubes in terms of staying power, but like I said above, for a natural offering, definitely tops.

If you’re looking for a natural lube and it’s important for it to be organic, vegan friendly, petrochemical free, paraben free, safe for latex, toys, and for your own consumption, we are very happy to give our endorsement to Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked lube.

A quick note here I should make. Again, like I said above, we talked to the company and they provided a bit more insight into who this might be useful for. Things that might affect certain people that to be honest, we’ve never experienced, so weren’t well versed on. So thank you kindly to Good Clean Love for making sure we got all the facts straight!

They told us that it was great for people with sensitivities to certain chemicals (the lube is, after all, paraben- glycerine- and petrochemical-free), or is having discomfort with traditional lubes. This lube can make pain and discomfort disappear, and make sexual experiences so much better for a lot of people, and for that we’re pumped! We’re alright with a bit of rough stuff, but sex shouldn’t hurt anyone in THAT way. So, more points for GCL and their team.

Cassie thought it smelled like vanilla yogurt, a bit sweet, but not overpowering, and I realized just now looking at the description on their website that it’s infused with vanilla and lemon…so it’s not just her, ha.

Overall, after a couple of uses (mostly together, but a quick solo test included), we were both satisfied with it as a lubricant and very impressed with it as a natural lubricant.

Anything Else?

Not really.

(Then why put this section here, tough guy?)

Not sure.

Basically just to reiterate our findings. The Love Oil was pretty awesome, as they’ve definitely dialed in a very good scent combination and the oil feels excellent during (and after) application. The lubricant was probably the best natural one we’ve tried, and if we’re using the love oil, we’ll probably reach for the Almost Naked lube just to keep the natural experience going.

No problem here recommending both products, and if this is any indication, I’m sure the Body Candy is pretty delightful too.