In the All Clear: How to Pass a Drug Test For Marijuana

January 3, 2020 More Tips
marijuana and drug test

There are many situations in one’s life where they might be required to pass a drug test. It might be to get a job, to say clean on parole, or a variety of other reasons. Whatever the cause may be, there are two scenarios when coming up on a drug test: either you’re clean or you’re not.

If you’re clean, you have nothing to worry about. But what if you have a drug test coming up and you’ve been smoking marijuana? If you have THC in your system, it can be difficult to pass a drug test designed to look for just that. 

Traces of THC can stay in a person’s system for a long time. It can be difficult to beat a test if you have been partaking, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Read on and we’ll walk you through how to pass a drug test if you’ve been smoking marijuana.

Understanding Tests: What Is THC?

If you’re a big smoker, you probably have a solid understanding of what THC is. But if you don’t, we can offer a very simple explanation.

THC stands for delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol and is one of the main chemical compounds found in marijuana. THC is the chemical responsible for hitting your brain and getting you high. THC naturally occurs in the body and is a fatty acid.

When you smoke, excess THC bonds with receptors in the brain and creates the euphoric effects that have kept people going back to weed for years and years. It induces enhanced sensations, which can vary from relaxation to paranoia.

There are many different ways, especially today, that people ingest THC. Many people smoke or use bongs, where the THC enters the body through the lungs. There are many other products where the chemical compound may enter the body in other formats, however.

Edibles allow THC to be ingested orally, and there are even some products that allow you to apply the chemical topically, where it is absorbed through the skin.

How Long Does THC Stay In The Body?

If you have a drug test coming up, you’re probably counting backward frantically in your mind. How long was it since you last smoked? Last night? Last week? 

It can be hard to determine how long ago you need to have ingested marijuana for it to still show up during a drug test. This is because there’s no straight answer for how long THC can remain in your bloodstream. A number of factors produce a wide variety of answers depending on the person and the situation.

Generally speaking, it can take 3-4 weeks for all traces of THC to fully exit the body. A week in, however, the presence of THC has probably decreased by over 50%. Whether a drug test in question will be able to detect these subtle traces will depend on how quality the test in question really is. 

How much you smoke and how often also plays a big role in how long THC will stick around in your body. If you smoke a lot and smoke frequently, it will often take a lot longer for your body to cycle the THC out of your system.

The potency of the weed itself will also play a factor. Stronger weed likely means higher levels of THC, and higher levels of THC mean that it will stick around in your system for a longer period of time.

A person’s lifestyle, their metabolism, their weight, their diet, and so forth — this all plays a big role in how quickly their body can get the THC fully out of the system.

Drug Tests For Marijuana

A THC and CBD drug test can be hard to beat. They come in many forms, so it is hard to plan for exactly what kind of test you might face. A test may look at your urine, your hair, your nails, or your saliva. Your urine is the most likely to give you away, as traces can be found much later than in the other forms of testing.

If you are a daily user of marijuana, traces still might show up in a urine test months after you’ve quit smoking. That’s how strong of a trace urine can provide.

Luckily, to pass most drug tests you don’t need to be 100% THC free. You just need to be below a certain threshold. Getting yourself there can take some work, but there are some steps you can take to help.

Detoxing Your Body

In the lead up to your drug test, drink as much water as possible. This can help to cleanse your body and get things moving. You should avoid exercise immediately before your test, and try to stay inactive up to 24 hours before.

Drinking tea or lemon water can help to flush out THC as well. Anything with a high level of vitamin C can help to decrease the THC levels in your body.

You can invest in detox products that are sold online that are intended to help lower your THC levels. These products are not scientifically proven to help, but many people swear by them.

Now You Know How To Pass A Drug Test

There are many reasons why you may need to stay off drugs in your life. If you know how to pass a drug test, you can do this even if you make a mistake somewhere during the lead-up to a big moment.

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