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7 Tips for Giving a Perfect, Mind Melting Blowjob

There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of getting your partner’s rocks off in the bedroom. Click here to learn how to give an amazing blowjob.

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reasons for divorce

8 Reasons Why Marriages End (And How to Prevent Them)

The average marriage lasts just 8 years. Why do they end in the first place, you ask? Click here to get 8 reasons for divorce and how to prevent them.

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sexual fantasies

5 of the Most Common Sexual Fantasies to Consider Trying

A sexual fantasy doesn’t have to be something outlandish! Check out the 5 most common sexual fantasies you might want to consider trying to help bring some new energy into the bedroom tonight!

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what makes a good relationship

What Makes a Good Relationship?: 5 Things to Look For

Every relationship is different in it’s own special way, but how do you know if yours is a healthy one? Read more to learn about what makes a good relationship and 5 tell-tale signs to look for!

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