Latest Erotica Excerpts and Shorts

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couple in bed

It’s Playtime! A Sexpert’s Advice for the Best Role Play Ideas

It takes a lot to keep a good relationship alive. Some of that work might…

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what do guys like during sex

What Do Guys Like During Sex: A Cheat Sheet to Mastering the Action Under the Sheets

What do guys like during sex? We pull the sheet back on man’s most common desires and fantasies so you can bring them to the bedroom.

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couple having sex on floor

3 Things to Remember About Lupus and Sex

Nobody seems to talk about lupus and sex – but the disease has a direct…

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How to Touch the Clit: Different Moves and Positions (So She Can Have the Ultimate Orgasm!)

Are you a guy (or girl!) who’s clueless about what to do with the clit? You’re not alone! These moves and positions will give her the ultimate orgasm!

Have a question about lube? We've got you covered.

From top level questions like what is the difference between water and silicone based, to more intense usage instructions like which one is best for anal or with toys, our Ultimate Lube Guide is your one stop shop for getting slippery.

There's some serious research in this baby (and I enjoyed every minute of it, thank you very much), and we'll penetrate every area of lube discussion you can think of - from each of our points of view.