Ready to Use a Sex Toy With Your Partner? Take This Quiz

December 2, 2015 Quiz, Sex Tips

The following is a contribution to the MoP blog by Laura of

When couples want to spice things up and have some fun, turning to sex toys seems like an obvious choice. But taking the plunge and opening up that Pandora’s Toy Box can be a bit weird and so it’s important to know when – and how – to begin. This little quiz offers an idea of where you fall in terms of toy readiness and the scoring offers advice and tips on how to get started.

1. When I think of Sex Toys, I immediately think of:

  1. Dildos and Vibrators
  2. Handcuffs and Blindfolds
  3. Nipple clamps and cock rings
  4. A St. Andrew’s Cross

2. The most adventurous thing my partner and I have done is:

  1. Positions other than missionary
  2. Having sex outside
  3. Having sex in public (with or without people actively watching)
  4. Threesomes or more

3. When the topic of sex comes up, my partner and I:

  1. Blush and stutter a lot before we eventually change the subject
  2. Talk about hot and sexy scenes from our favorite movies and books
  3. Watch porn together instead of verbalizing
  4. Use language that would make a dominatrix blush

4. When we role play, my partner and I:

  1. We’ve never ACTUALLY role played
  2. One of us gets dressed up but the other really doesn’t
  3. We use costumes but have a hard time acting out the parts
  4. We each have a complex back story, meet in public and use exotic locations

5. Our porn collection is:

  1. Non-existent (If we have any we keep it separate)
  2. Pretty mainstream and low volume
  3. Eclectic – We have everything from vanilla to extreme
  4. Pretty specific to one genre or another, but impressively large and ever growing

6. Before my current partner my previous sexual experiences were:

  1. Limited – he/she is one of the few sexual partners I’ve ever had
  2. Mainstream and vanilla
  3. Experimental – I always liked trying new things within reason
  4. I was always up for anything … Squirting, bondage… ANYTHING

7. My own sexual fantasies tend to be:

  1. Memories of previous encounters
  2. Based on things I see in movies, on TV or read about
  3. A bit beyond my current comfort zone
  4. Well beyond anything I could ever do – I let myself go wild in my fantasy life since I don’t have to worry about safety, repercussions, etc.

Now that you’ve answered our Sexy Seven Sex Toy questions, it’s time to figure out your score. Scoring is simple- just look back to see if you’ve answered mostly a’s, b’s, c’s or d’s. Then use this handy little scale to see where you fall and how to get started using new toys in the bedroom.

Mostly A’s:

Being a total newbie to the sex toy scene can feel pretty intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. The world of adult toys and accessories runs the gamut from little finger vibes to more intricate items. Start slow and try vibrating jelly cock rings or silky scarves – whatever gets you excited. Introduce ideas in the heat of the moment, during foreplay and even during sex – your partner will already be turned on and your dirty talk will play into the heat of the moment which could also make them way more receptive to the idea!

Mostly B’s:

You’ve been testing the waters a little from the sounds of it, but it’s time to take the plunge! If you’re already comfortable with showing off in front of your partner, start by showing him or her the toys you like to use when you’re alone. Masturbating in front of your partner and talking about your fantasies will not only get them turned on it will loosen you up and make it easier to verbalize what you really want.

Mostly C’s:

You know what you want and you have a good idea that your partner will be receptive – so what’s holding you back? Use your shared past experiences to introduce whatever kinky toy you’ve had on your wicked little wish list and see how they react. Taking the plunge into more advanced toys can be a big step for some couples, but you already share some kinks so even if it’s not their bag, chances are good you’ll be able to find a compromise that pleases you both.

Mostly D’s:

Sounds like you’re already pretty comfortable when it comes to talking about sex and experimenting – so what led you to take this quiz? Chances are you’re contemplating introducing something you think your partner won’t be comfortable with which, ironically, places you in the same category as any newbie. So the advice is the same – start by introducing the genre you want to try by talking about movies or other examples to gauge their reaction. Then just take the plunge. Explain what you’re into and ask if they are up for some fun. Since you and your partner already have a history of having fun and trying new things it should be less awkward than for others. Good luck!