5 Tips to Make Giving Up Alcohol for a Month Easier

January 18, 2019 Relationships
hand stopping alcohol from going into glass

It’s a brand new year and you’ve decided to do things differently. Maybe you are giving up alcohol for Lent, as part of a weight loss program, or some other personal goal. Avoiding alcohol for a month is doable but will require self-restraint and a plan.

Alcohol takes a rapid toll on the brain and if not controlled, can lead to serious medical problems.

After a night of drinking the body can still feel its effects hours after the substance has cleared your system. Giving up alcohol for a month is a great idea. You can learn a lot about your dependency on it by how hard or easy it is to stop.

If you’re considering a fast from alcohol, continue reading for five tips to make the task easier.

1. Make it a Challenge with a Friend

Sometimes it’s hard to do a challenge on your own. Ask your drinking buddies if anyone wants to join you in quitting drinking for a month. 

Having an accountability buddy keeps you honest. It also gives you someone you can hang-out with that won’t encourage you to drink. 

The two of you can create incentives to stay motivated and do something special to celebrate your success.

2. Create Alcohol-free Date Nights 

Your relationship has gone stale and you don’t know why. Could your drinking have something to do with it? Here is a way to do something good for yourself and your relationship.

During your month giving up alcohol, plan a special date night for each week during your break. Rediscover your mate and rekindle your love. By leaving alcohol off the menu you both can get a clearer picture of the relationship and why you fell in love in the first place.

3. Try Giving up Alcohol with Virgin Drinks

Demand for grown-up, non-alcoholic alternatives are growing in popularity. If you are out with friends and drinks are flowing, ask if there are any non-alcoholic drinks available.

They usually taste just like alcohol-infused versions, just minus the side effects. 

4. Join Friends for Dinner after Happy Hour

Hanging with friends can be a challenge when you are giving up drinking. When invited out for drinks and dinner skip the drinks and arrive in time for dinner.

True friends will understand and will want to support you on your journey.

5. Don’t Quit if You Slip-up

If you choose to give up drinking understand that there may be times when you slip and have a drink. Don’t use this as an excuse to give up on the challenge. No one is perfect, and stopping cold turkey on something you enjoy can take time.

Acknowledge the mistake and reset. Reassess your goals and do better going forward.

Starting Your Alcohol-Free Month

Giving up Alcohol doesn’t have to be a burden. Make it about self-improvement and self-awareness. Create a check-list of do’s and don’ts. 

For any challenge, try starting on the first of the month. This will give you time to prepare, and make it easier to stay on track.

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