Are You Satisfied? How to Ask for What You Want in Bed

July 10, 2019 Relationships, Sex Tips
couple on fur making out

Did you know that 50% of couples are dissatisfied with their sex lives? Just because you are settling down with a partner, it does not mean you need to be settling in the bedroom as well. Learning how to ask for what you want in bed will ignite more passion and playtime within your relationship, strengthening your bond and satisfy your souls.

No matter how much faith we have in someone, remember that no one is a mind reader, as good as your partner is in bed, if you cannot communicate what you want with them, you will never be fully satisfied.

So the problem is knowing how to ask for what you want in bed, without feeling awkward, embarrassed, or insulting your partner’s love-making skills.

Keep on reading to learn how to talk about sex with your partner, how to talk during sex, so you both finish extremely satisfied and ready for more! 

1. Be as Detailed as Possible

For some weird reason, so many women have become so shy around speaking up in the bedroom, basically affecting their own sexual pleasure by doing so.

Every vagina, clitoris, anus, nipple, etc, are all so different! Even worse, they do not come with an instruction manual. So, if you prefer it slower, faster, harder, to the left/right, or more sucking you have to be detailed about it, and trust us, your man will feel extremely proud once he has you screaming his name.

2. Physically Guide His Hands

If you spend time masturbating and getting to know yourself, you know exactly what speed, angle, pressure, and intensity is needed to reach an orgasm. 

Your partner does not know this as well as you, so you will have to guide him. There is no problem in taking his hand and showing him exactly how your vagina likes to be touched. Only 29% of women reach vaginal orgasms, do not be a part of that statistic! 

3. Don’t Worry About Ruining the Mood

If you start to worry about how speaking up during sex will affect the mood with you and your partner, then you have already gotten inside your head which will inhibit you from being able to fully surrender to the moment. 

Let go of the need to control the mood, and just say what comes to mind. Your partner wants to please you, so letting him know how to make you scream will make him feel ultra satisfied as well. 

4. Ask Him What He Wants

If you are still uncomfortable with asking for what you want in bed, start by asking what he wants. Ask him to get very detailed about it, telling you every stroke, speed, and the intensity he desires.

This opens up the communication for you to now feel more comfortable with asking for what you want in bed in exchange. He may even ask to see some amateur nude pics, let him feel comfortable with expressing his sexuality as well. 

Learn More About How to Ask For What You Want in Bed

Now that you are feeling confident knowing how to ask for what you want in bed, there are so many more tools of pleasure for you and your partner to play with. 

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