How to Spice Up Your Relationship (And Not Just in the Bedroom)

November 24, 2018 Relationships
how to spice up your relationship

Did you know that maintaining a level of romance in relationships can be one of the best ways to make them last?

No matter how hot and heavy a relationship used to be, almost all of them experience a lull at one time or another.

A lack of romance can create a vicious cycle, and lead to a lack of understanding and communication between partners. Your sex life can often become fade as you experience argument after argument with your partner, which makes matters worse for the both of you.

For most couples, it is essential to spice up the relationship outside of the bedroom in order to spice it up within it, as naturally, you begin to feel more interested in your partner romantically again. Read on to learn how to spice up your relationship again in and outside of the bedroom.

Think of Creative Dates

Even when you have been married thirty years, it is important to continue to date your partner.

Dating gives you time for just the two of you to talk, laugh, and enjoy the company of one another.

It will also help remind you why you fell in love in the first place. But oftentimes we get stuck in a date-night ritual that creates a level of routine that is leaves something to be desired.

Try to mix up your date nights by getting away from your routine and trying something different.

Take a class together, visit a new restaurant, plan a spontaneous weekend getaway, or have a cozy night in… just the two of you.

Make Love in a Different Place

The same routine over and over again can also get boring in the bedroom. While there is no need to be more adventurous than you two want to be, it can be as simple as having sex in a different place.

It could be a different part of the house or even just a different part of the room. If that isn’t possible or if you need something a little more enticing, try a new position outside of the norm.

There is something about mixing it up that can make you more into it, like the sensation of having sex in a hotel room.

Dress Up a Little

Long-term relationships can be great as you become more comfortable with one another. But, it can also lead to little motivation to doll yourself up for your partner.

If you feel things aren’t as hot as you’d like, try getting dressed up for them. Take a shower, shave, spend some time on your appearance, put favorite perfume or cologne, and wear something sexy.

This is a good idea for both men and women, and it can be even better if you have nowhere to go.

It shows your partner that this is just for them and that you care enough to look your best, even if they’ll take you at your worst.

Flirt Like It’s Your First Date

Remember to flirt with your significant other as much as possible. For some, that might mean some playful teasing, and for others that might mean complimenting them regularly.

Communicating and listening to your partner can also be part of the flirting process.

Try to ask and understand what your partner likes and doesn’t like in terms of flirting and conversations, even if you believe you don’t need to.

Women especially appreciate extra effort in this regard, and for many of them, listening is all a part of the foreplay.

Travel Together

There is something about the sensation of traveling and exploring a new city that excites more than just your mind.

Taking adventures near and far allow your relationship to grow, and encourage you to take adventures in other parts of your life as well.

Moreover, traveling can help promote a bond between you in new ways, even if you’ve been together forever.

Have Physical Contact Outside of the Bedroom

If the only time you touch each other is when you’re having sex, this is likely hurting your relationship.

Often times, the question of how to spice up your relationship is as simple as engaging is simple PDA throughout the day, instead of confining it to the bedroom.

Cuddle one another regularly, kiss each other every day, hug your partner for no reason, and hold hands in public.

It promotes a sense of wellbeing in both of you, and a spicy level of comfort that can translate to your relationship as a whole.

Also, try making out without sex from time to time, even for a few minutes. It will make both of you hot and heavy and likely remind you that there are pleasant physical sensations you can share without sex.

Put Extra Effort In

Overall, be willing to put the extra effort into your long-term relationship. Relationships are work, and there is simply no getting around that. The willingness of both partners to work on any problem they encounter is vital to the relationships’ survival.

Try to go out of your way to make each other happy. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and do your best to let go of grudges.

Deal with disagreements as they come in productive ways, and don’t underestimate the power of communication.

Have More Sex

As you begin to spice up your relationship in other aspects of your lives, you might realize that the main problem is a lack of intimacy.

While sex will not fix underlying problems or an unhappy relationship, it will help a relationship that has put physical pleasure on the back burner.

Make time for sex, as often as you want to. If you have trouble allowing yourself to want sex, ask yourself why that might be.

Work through issues around sex with your partner, rather than avoiding it. Sex is a sacred experience that you have the ability to share with them, and it should not be underestimated in its power to bring you closer.

Still Don’t Know How to Spice Up Your Relationship? Think Outside the Box

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you may find yourself still in a lull with your partner. This can lead you feeling like you have no idea how to spice up your relationship.

As long as everything else is seemingly fine, consider integrating more adventure into your bedroom.

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