Playing it Safe: A Guide to Finding Safe Sex Toys

February 16, 2019 Relationships
sex toy and underwear

 It’s not hard to find sex toys. There are sex shops in every city and hundreds of websites selling everything from oversized dildos to crazy bondage contraptions.

However, many of these sex toys come without instructions or warnings. While many of these toys may seem straightforward, it’s still important to educate yourself on safe practices when using sex toys.

Whether it’s a safer version of an existing toy, instructions on safe use, or a safer alternative to whatever kinks you may have, this is your guide to safe sex toys.

Check the Chemicals in Your Toys

If you bargain hunt for your sex toys, there’s a good chance that they’re made with materials not meant to be in contact with the intimate parts of your body. 

Phthalates are the chemicals most commonly found in sex toys. These chemicals help with the flexibility and binding of plastic. Makes sense that they would be in sex toys, right?

Well, it makes sense if you’re trying to make things cheaply, but not for health reasons. Exposure to phthalates has been linked to a plethora of issues, including breast cancer, male fertility, and type 2 diabetes. Doesn’t sound as fun anymore does it?

Because of this issue, many sex toys are now phthalate-free, and will say so on the packaging. However, it’s still important to read all the ingredients on the packaging to ensure there aren’t other harmful chemicals such as phenol and admium.

Porous vs Non-Porous Sex Toys

If you’re looking to spice up the bedroom, this is an important distinction you should know about sex toy materials. Porous sex toys are generally soft, and they are a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria. Non-porous sex toys are usually higher quality and more expensive, but can be completely sterilized. 

Any rubber sex toy is porous, and should only be used with a condom. It’s most commonly used in dildos, and in addition to harboring bacteria, can also cause an allergic reaction. Exercise extreme caution when using any rubber sex toys.

Silicone is a safe, non-porous rubber alternative. it’s still flexible and soft like rubber, but made without dangerous chemicals. Silicone products are generally more expensive, but absolutely worth the splurge. 

Using Safe Sex Toys as an Alternative

People like to do some weird shit in the bedroom. I don’t judge, and neither should you. But you should be careful about how healthy some of these kinks are. 

There are quite a few safe sex toys that replicate certain kinks but in a healthy manner. The whizzinator, for example, is a safe way to give a loved one a golden shower. Using all safe, synthetic materials, it provides the experience of a golden shower without actual urine.

Going Beyond the Sex Toys

Now that you know what to look for in safe sex toys, it’s time to use them! But not everyone knows how to properly use, or communicate their desires with their partner.

In addition to plenty of sex toy reviews, we have loads of relationship advice too! Everything you need to take your relationship to the next level is right here.