Spice it Up! How to Introduce Bedroom Toys into Your Relationship (Without Being Awkward!)

August 18, 2019 Relationships, Sex Tips
couple in bed

Have you been thinking of introducing bedroom toys, but aren’t sure how your partner will respond?

According to researchers, couples who have sex more frequently tend to experience a greater sense of wellbeing. And, that’s not the only benefit that comes from getting busy in the bedroom. A healthy sex life has been linked to a slimmer waistline, stronger heart, and a reduced risk of breast and prostate cancers.

But, to maintain satisfaction between the sheets, sometimes it helps to spice things up a bit.

Sex toys can be a way to keep things fun and interesting while maximizing both pleasure and intimacy with your lover. Although it might feel a bit strange at first, most people find that their partners welcome the opportunity to add some variety to their normal bedroom routine.

Read on to discover how to introduce bedroom toys without feeling awkward!

Tips for Introducing Bedroom Toys (& Leaving Your Inhibitions Behind)

If you’re ready to take your sexual relationship to the next level, we’ve got the tips to help you do it. Take our advice for a steamy night of passion that your partner won’t soon forget!

1. Casually Bring Up the Subject (Before Its Big Debut)

Prior to introducing a new bedroom toy, it helps to discuss your desires with your partner. It makes the deed a lot less awkward when your lover isn’t caught off-guard. Plus, it gives you the chance to discuss any limits either of you may have before you’re caught in the act.

2. Start Small

The first time you introduce a toy into your lover’s lair, you don’t want it to make them feel inadequate. 

You may want to begin with a starter edition…not the super-sized big guy. In other words, a pocket-sized battery-operated vibrator might come off better than the larger-than-life dildo that outsizes the most endowed porn star on the planet.

Of course, some couples may want to go big their first time around. In which case, go for it!

All types of bedroom toys can make your sex life lip biting when combined with a little passion and the right partner.

3. Make It a Joint Venture

When the time comes, make sure to include your partner every step of the way.

You certainly don’t want them to feel as if they are being replaced or having to compete with your new toy for your attention. 

4. Talk: Before, During & After You Do the Deed

Keep the conversation open before, during and after introducing your new accessory. This will help you and your partner feel comfortable before and during your bedroom activities. 

Afterward, have a discussion about what you liked and what you might change about the experience. And, if you both found the experience enjoyable, you might even talk about what you’d like to try next. 

Remember, communication is key to a healthy relationship. This holds true both in and out of the bedroom.

Keep the Flame Burning

Once you realize how much fun bedroom toys can be, keep the flame burning.

Continue to introduce new ideas for lovemaking to your partner from time to time. And, ask them what new bedroom tricks they would like to try, as well.

You might be surprised to learn what secret desires your lover has kept hidden all these years.

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