Stuck on Lockdown? Here Are 7 Dating Tips for Isolated People

April 11, 2020 Relationships
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Are you ready to finally ready to start dating but you’re stuck on lockdown? 

It’s safe to say that a global lockdown has put a damper on the dating world. In being confined to your own home, the meeting of potential mates hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park these days. 

As it turns out, dating during a global pandemic is totally possible. For isolated people, all it takes is the right attitude and a touch of creativity. If you’re intrigued, keep reading for seven tips on how to date while isolated! 

1. Peruse Dating Websites 

First things first, it’s time to take to the online world of dating. 

Sure, it might feel intimidating at first. But just remember that 40 percent of heterosexual couples reported meeting online in today’s day and age. 

With such a large influx of online daters comes an even larger influx of online dating websites. Whether you’re looking for same-sex dating, mature dating or a simple companion, there are countless online dating websites today. 

2. Take an Updated Photo 

Next, it’s time to update your mug! 

Remember, you want to ensure that your photo is current and reflective of who you are. This notion is especially important for over 50 dating where one of the most common complaints are outdated photos. 

3. Buy a Webcam

Today, most computers are equipped with a built-in camera. 

However, if you have an older computer or a low-quality camera, you’re going to want to purchase a webcam. This will allow you to take videos as well as engage in video conversations. 

For those isolated and on lockdown, video chatting is now the go-to means of getting to know a potential partner virtually. 

4. Design a Unique Dating Profile 

For isolated dating, your dating profile has never been so important.

Fortunately, the majority of folk now how plenty of time to perfect their dating profile. In addition to a flattering and current photo, you’ll want to create an honest and accurate depiction of yourself in your profile. 

Don’t hesitate to get a friend or family remember to help you outline all of your most positive attributes! 

5. Get Comfortable on Video 

Next, it’s time to acquaint yourself with getting comfortable on video chat. 

This entails feeling comfortable with yourself physically as well as your audio. Don’t hesitate to practice being on video before you first appear with a date. It’s only natural! 

After a few virtual dates, you’ll be surprised at just how easily you can let your guard down through video. 

6. Create a List of Virtual Date Ideas 

Unfortunately, grabbing dinner and a movie just isn’t going to happen during a pandemic. 

For isolated people, it’s all about creating virtual dates that are just as fun. This could be anything from enjoying a virtual meal and wine to playing a “get to know one another” game whilst on video. 

7. Restock Your Wine Collection

What’s your go-to drink order on a date? 

Let’s be honest, if you’re going to be diving into the online world of video dating, it’s time to restock your wine collection. Afterall, toasting to your date digitally is currently the only way to enjoy a beverage together. 

The Book of Dating for Isolated People 

Let’s face it, the art of dating for isolated people isn’t easy.

In a state of lockdown, potential mates are forced to get to know one another almost exclusively online. The good news is that there are over 5000 dating websites that are currently active worldwide. If now isn’t a good time to start online dating, we’re not sure what is! 

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