Reviewing The Magic Wand Original Personal Massager

July 11, 2016 Reviews
magic wand

So a little while ago we got the opportunity to test out the Magic Wand Original Personal Massager (formerly the Hitachi).

It’s hard to even know where to start.

Just looking at some pics I took, actually, let’s start at the packaging.


This one is for all you perv’s out there who want to order sex toys but are worried the packaging will tip off a neighbour, family member, or coworker.

Happy to say these guys passed on this front.

“Mechano-therapy appliances and massage” is as close as you get to saying what it is, and it’s ridiculous to think someone could guess that. Though your label might look slightly different, I ordered this to an address in Canada. Either way, we were very happy with the discrete packaging and would feel safe ordering this to our grandma’s address without any trouble!

magic wand personal massager box

Discrete. No way of identifying it as a pleasure machine.

magic wand packaging 2

Shot of the side, no markings at all.

Is this one legit??

Let’s look at the box and some pics of the actual unit now. There are some (a lot) of fakes out there, and the first thing we did was check if it was real.

Best way to do this?

Head over to Slutty Girl Problems and read their amazing “how to spot a fake Hitachi” article.

As you can see, the one we received was obviously real and we were therefore very excited for it!

magic wand box

Nice packaging!

magic wand in box

Just took it out of the box, still in the plastic

magic wand against box

Take a look at this bad boy. Bloody huge!

The Usage

This is where things get nasty.

It was late at night. We’d both got back from work late. Ate something quickly. Sat around to watch an episode on the old tube. Didn’t really say much to one another as we were pretty tired.

Got to the bedroom, got ready for bed. I got into the bed first, and realized I was feeling up for a little fun.

I think I startled Cassie as I turned on the massive motor of this bad boy and she was shocked to see me, fully nude, on the bed…

Massaging my shoulders.


It’s a brilliant massager! I mean, that’s why they sent it to us of all blogs, right? Body massage?


OK, so yeah, ha ha, that did actually happen that way, but let’s get to the good part.

I seriously did pull it out for a quick shoulder massage, but I did that to get Cassie thinking about the possibilities. The fucking motor on this thing is nuts. And since you can plug it into the wall, rather than rely on battery power, it’s consistent and insanely powerful.

Heads up here: if you aren’t used to playing around with vibrators and whatnot, this may be a BIT of a steep learning curve,and you may be fully overwhelmed.

Cassie got over her shock of the hilarity of what I was doing and quickly caught onto what I was REALLY thinking.

She insisted I go down on her first to get her in the mood, and after that I grabbed her vibrator of choice at the moment and warmed her up a bit. Even for experienced sex bloggers like us, this thing needed a bit of warm up.

After a little bit of easing into it, it was time to bring the big guns out.

I felt like a fucking artillery general getting ready to blow away the enemy.

Cassie laid back and I went to town. Which really isn’t that much work with this thing. It’s got a button with 2 settings, so you can do the “slow” which is not slow or easy at all, and the “fast” setting, which is ridiculously intense. Then it’s got a long handle, so by the end of the handle, the vibrations were easy to handle.

Cassie, on the other hand, just about died.

I mean, I couldn’t believe it. I think it took all her strength to lie back and let it happen because she was convulsing like mad in ecstasy. Could easily have just called it a night because of the intensity, but I think she stuck with it because she was totally cool with having orgasm after orgasm.

I mostly just chilled, nibbled her inner thighs a bit, may or may not have used a finger or two here and there, but pretty well massaged her vagina with the thing, resulting in pretty well 100% guaranteed orgasms.

magic wand head

The head of the magic wand

Moral of the story

This thing is really intense. And really powerful. And a lot of fun…if you can handle it.

Maybe work your way up to this if you haven’t used such a device before, but otherwise GET ONE OF THESE if you want to give you woman (or yourself, if you’re the woman) the multiple-orgasmic experience of her life.

If you want your clit to be absolutely massacred, resulting in countless orgasms, however, you should check this thing out.

Obviously it’s different than the tender flicks of a tongue you might be used to getting off on if your man is good at cunnilingus, so if you’re into that more sensual stuff, meh…but if you can handle a really good getting off sessions, damn you can’t get any better.

Magic Wand Alternatives in Other Countries:

Just up front, we were asked by someone from to review this on the blog, and only received a complimentary unit as compensation. All views on this are our own!