10 Unique Sex Positions You Haven’t Tried Yet

January 3, 2020 Sex Tips
unique sex positions

Sex should be a mind-blowing, yet intimate experience every single time. Sometimes, that means trying something new. It doesn’t matter if you and your partner prefer going slow or getting hot and heavy – you need to switch things up every once in a while.

Trying new things in the bedroom is the best way to make sure you’re giving each other the best pleasure possible. You may think you already know your partner’s favorite turn-on until you try something new, just like they might show you a different sex position that drives you totally crazy for all the right reasons.

If you’re not sure what other new positions you may have yet to try, keep reading.

Here are ten of the most unique sex positions worth getting into with your partner.

1. The Butterfly

Sex doesn’t always have to be in the bedroom. If you can’t wait to take your partner’s clothes off, strip wherever you are and make the magic happen.

If by chance you’re turning the heat up in the kitchen, try the butterfly position. This is when the woman is on the counter (or the edge of the bed) laying on her back. Her legs are up in the air, allowing the man to walk up to the edge of where she is laying and enter her body.

For more pleasure, the woman can rest her legs on the man’s shoulders and lift her hips up to feel him deeper. Or, she can relax her legs and her hips on the man and let him take control.

2. Happy Scissors

It’s easy to turn the butterfly position into happy scissors.

The main change is that the woman’s legs are spread wide with the man holding her ankle. This allows for both partners to feel what position of the legs works best for their mutual comfort and sensation. It’s a fun way for the woman’s flexibility to be tested and for the man to be a little more assertive.

Note, this position can also be done when the couple is in bed and the man is kneeling. It doesn’t always have to be from a standing position the way that butterfly would be.

3. Crab

Speaking of in-bed positions, have you and your partner tried the crab yet? To do the crab, the woman has to be on top, kind of like in the cowgirl position. But, instead of being on her knees, her feet are flat on the bed and out in front of her.

It’s almost like she is squatting on the man. This position allows for deep penetration, especially when the woman leans back and supports her weight with her arms behind her.

Keep in mind this position requires clear communication and understanding between the partners, as it is possible for the woman to cause discomfort for the man’s sensitive area.

4. Crab Walk

Maybe you’re familiar with the modified version of cowgirl mentioned above, but you have yet to turn the crab into crab walk. Crab walk is similar to crab except the man isn’t laying all the way back.

He is leaning against a headboard, a wall, or supporting himself with his arms instead. This subtle shift makes a big difference. It creates much more pleasure for the man and woman alike.

Oh, and the woman’s legs should be on the man’s shoulders. This is one of the best sex positions to try if you both want to finish at the same time – the stimulation is incredible.

5. Lotus

As intense as the crab walk can be, it’s more on the rough side of things than the super intimate side of the sex position scale. For something more loving and heartfelt, try lotus.

This is when the man sits on the bed and the woman sits on top of him, and both partners wrap their legs around each other. From there, the two can hold in a tight embrace or the man can pleasure the woman through stimulation of the breasts. The woman may also please the man by scratching his back or kissing his neck.

6. Seated Backbend

This sex position is the perfect blend of rough and romantic. To get into the seated backbend, the woman and man should begin on their knees facing each other.

The woman then leans all the way back, using her arms for support until her head touches the bed or a pillow. The man then slides into her and takes control. This position is great fast or slow. It can be nice and intimate or turn into something rough and sexy with the right sex toys or maneuvers. A bit of choking or hair pulling, for instance, quickly turns the heat up.

7. The Arch

The arch is similar to the seated backbend but there are a few key distinctions. The woman’s feet should be flat on the ground/bed instead of having her knees bent back. This allows her to raise her hips off the surface and create the arch this position is named for.

The man enters the same way, by supporting himself on his knees and sliding in. The raised position of the woman’s hips gives the man a better ability to stimulate her with his hands while inside of her.

8. Side to Side

Another unique sex position worth trying is side to side.

The two partner’s bodies have to line up just right for it to work. The man can enter from behind the woman or by holding her face to face. The key is to create careful, slow movements to keep everything in place and continue the sexy sensations.

9. Fusion

Fusion is one more variation of crab worth trying. It’s basically the crab walk, but with the woman’s feet on the ground/bed instead of having her legs on the man’s shoulders. This allows the woman to take control.

She becomes the one thrusting and setting the pace. Or, she could elevate her hips just a bit and let the man thrust his hips into hers.

10. Spread Eagle

Last but not least, spread eagle. It’s worth taking turns to pleasure each other from time to time and performing oral sex. Spread eagle refers to when the woman is receiving and her feet are flat with her knees bent instead of her legs splayed out.

This makes it much easier for the man’s mouth/tongue to access the super sensitive areas of a woman’s body. His job then becomes more enjoyable for both of them as he pleases his lady.

Rock Each Other’s World with These Unique Sex Positions

If you’re not at least a little turned on by this list of unique sex positions, your sex life might need more help than you might think. If you can’t wait to see your partner again and roll around in the sheets, it might be a good idea to talk to him/her before suggesting one of these positions in the midst of all the action.

The positions above are great for people who want to impress their new partner as well as for those who want to show some extra effort to their long-time boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse. It just depends on where the two of you are on your romantic journey together, and where you’d like things to go.

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