Get Senseless: An Intro Guide to Sensation Play

March 14, 2019 Sex Tips
sensation play

Are you ready to get sensual in the bedroom?

We’re not just talking about standard foreplay or using a sex toy with your partner

These can definitely be sensational. But one of the best ways to maximize sensation during any sexual encounter is to implement sensation play.

Sensation play involves intentional stimulation, designed to give any partner ultimate pleasure.  

If you’re new to sensation play, don’t worry. Keep reading to learn more about what sensation play is and how you can bring it to your bedroom!

What is Sensation Play?

The phrase “sensation play” often calls to mind Christian Grey, the fictional character in the acclaimed series by E. L. James.

In this series, Grey uses sensation play and other BDSM techniques while getting intimate with his partner Ana.

However, it’s important to note that sensation play is not strictly BDSM. It involves thoughtful, deliberate stimulation, often by manipulating certain senses.

It can involve whips, nipple clamps, and other toys designed to elicit erotic pain. But it can also make use of “lighter” tools, like massage oils, pleasurable lubes, and different temperatures.

Sensory Deprivation

Sensation play can involve sensory deprivation. Sensory deprivation is designed to “take away” one or several senses in order to augment the others.

One of the best examples of sensory deprivation is the standard blindfold. 

Blindfolding is designed to draw a partner’s attention to other, physical stimulation. Without the sense of sight, blindfolded individuals may experience more sensational touch.

This can be particularly important for women, who rely primarily on the sense of touch to get aroused. (Men depend primarily on sight for arousal.)

Visually depriving your partner can enable them to focus more on touch (and other sensations), which can, in turn, arouse them more deeply.

Some of us already do this while having sex, simply by closing our eyes. However, a blindfold can bring a more emotional charge to a sexual encounter.

It can also be a form of bondage play, which works with submission and domination tactics to elicit arousal.

Targeted Sensation Play

You don’t have to deprive your partner of a sense or two to use sensation play. Other forms of targeted sensation can do the trick.

For example, you may want to tickle your lover’s skin with the tip of a feather duster. This is a very basic form of sensation play.

The same goes for rubbing your partner down with massage oil and then blowing lightly on their skin to create a cool, tingling sensation.

Targeted sensation play can also involve opposing types of touch. This may mean moving fast and then slow or using gentle and then rough touch.

Temperature play can also be sensational for both partners. Change up the temperatures by heating or freezing sex toys, using heated lube or vibrators, or even bringing ice cubes into the bedroom!

Lastly, if you and your partner like a little bit of kink, nipple clamps can serve as great forms of sensation play. The same goes for cock rings.

How to Bring Sensation Play to the Bedroom

Just as a reminder, sensation play refers to a broad range of bedroom activities. If you are deliberately targeting your partner’s senses, you are engaging in sensation play.

Are you ready to bring sensation play into the bedroom? Here are some great tips for doing so in a safe and pleasurable way.

1. Talk to Your Partner

This is incredibly important when changing up any bedroom routine. Some people hear the phrase “sensation play” and immediately assume that it’s kinky.

Some assume that it is hardcore BDSM.

Yes, BDSM is a form of sensation play. But remember: sensation play itself may not be a form of BDSM.

For this reason, it’s important to have a conversation with your partner ahead of time. It’s best to have an idea of exactly what you want to try in the bedroom.

This will enable a more comfortable, straightforward conversation.

For example, you may start by seeing what your partner thinks about using sex toys together. If this sounds intimidating, ask your partner about the potential of using blindfolds or massage oil.

Make sure you don’t proceed with anything unless both of you give consent–and express comfort throughout!

2. Begin With the Basics

Sensation play may not come naturally to some people. For the partner delivering the play, it requires thoughtful, careful application of stimuli.

This can be tough for partners who aren’t used to such intentional stimulation (beyond the usuals, of course).

Accordingly, begin with the basics. A simple blindfold is a marvelous foundation for the most basic sensation deprivation play.

The same goes for general lubes if you like the idea of temperature play.

If your lover is comfortable with light erotic pain, you can always try pinching and slapping to vary up the pleasurable touch. 

3. Mix it Up

You can choose to focus on just one sense during sensation play, such a sight. But you can also mix it up in order to explore your and your lover’s full range of sensation.

Consider using nipple clamps and massage oil, for example. Or consider blindfolding your partner while you rub them down with pleasurable lotion.

This can bring more variety and versatility into the bedroom, helping you and your partner learn new things about each other in every encounter.

4. Try These Tools

If you are still feeling a little uncertain about starting with sensation play, we are here to help. 

There are plenty of tools at your disposal to target and stimulate your partner’s senses. These include many of the sex toys and tools discussed in this post.

But learning more about your partner’s pleasure can also be helpful.

In fact, these simple fingering techniques can get you started. Educating your partner about how to touch you (and vice versa) can be a phenomenal foundation for targeted stimulation.

Sensation Play: Final Thoughts

Sensation play can help you and your partner learn more about what makes you shiver. Sensory deprivation can make even the subtlest touch feel electric.

What’s more, you don’t have to use whips and chains to achieve this, although these can be useful tools.

Are you an adventurous couple in need of some new sex toys? Here’s a comprehensive list of the toys you need–for sensation play and beyond!