One-Sided Sex: 7 Subtle Signs Your Partner Is Not Enjoying Sex (And What to Do About It)

January 10, 2019 Sex Tips

Is your partner fully satisfied with the sex in your relationship? Are you sure? Up to 62% of women admit that they are not happy with their current sex life. 

There are a few signs you can look for if you suspect that your partner is not enjoying sex anymore. Once you confirm that your partner is unhappy, you can start to take steps to fix the problem. 

So let’s get started!

1. There Is No Feedback

When people are unhappy with a current situation, they will sometimes shut down completely. Some people handle a situation this way from the start. Others try and try and then give up and shut down. 

Either way, if you notice a distinct lack of communication when you used to talk openly, this is a problem. A healthy relationship is about having open communication. 

When you’re partner stops communicating you can’t fix the problem. This means it will only continue to get worse. 

Non-Physical Feedback 

It isn’t all about talking though. When you give pleasure to your partner they should respond physically in a positive way. 

Maybe their toes curl, they get flushed, or start panting. If they aren’t responding physically any more than this is a clear sign they aren’t enjoying what’s happening. 

2. There Is Too Much Feedback 

The exact opposite of this is when your partner overcompensates. Instead of shutting down, they go into overdrive to try and fix the problem. 

Oftentimes, this comes out as them trying to direct you and control the situation. Have you noticed that your partner is telling you to “do it like this” or “slow down” or “go faster”? 

This isn’t a bad thing! Your partner is still mentally engaged and is trying to help you improve to satisfy them better. Swallow your pride and start following the directions. 

3. Lack of Cuddling 

Couples that are mentally engaged and satisfied in their relationship will want to have physical contact with each other. This starts with a subtle touch or kiss. 

After sex is when you two are the most intimate. So if they lack interest in cuddling then you are missing the physical intimacy that comes with a relationship. 

There’s a catch to this one though. Some people just aren’t cuddlers. So if you two were never the cuddling couple, then lack of cuddling now isn’t cause for worry. 

4. Lack of Interest 

Every couple has a certain unspoken sign that it’s time to get it on. Maybe it’s a certain kind of kiss or touch. 

If your partner no longer initiates sex this is a bad sign. It is also a bad sign if they avoid or ignore your attempts to start that dance of lovemaking. 

5. They Repeatedly Mention Others’ Sex Lives 

Sometimes when someone doesn’t want to straight out tell you something, they will do it subtly. 

This can leave you playing a guessing game. If your partner has been telling you about her friend’s hot sex life, it might be a hint that she wishes her sex life compared. 

The great thing about this sign is that she’s already communicating with you. So take advantage of this and ask her to tell you more. 

Ask her to tell you what about her friend’s sex life makes it so great. Then listen to what she says and implement it in your own sex life. 

6. They Are Checked out During the Deed 

So you’re having sex, but you feel like you are the only one who showed up to the party. Your partner is simply going through the motions. 

Most likely if this is happening, you aren’t having a good time either. If you have noticed this happening, then it’s time to address what is wrong. 

Maybe your partner is unhappy with your moves. Or maybe they wish you were bigger. If you suspect size might be the problem you can read more here about male enhancements.

7. You’re Racing to the Finish Line 

Did sex used to take a while and now you feel rushed? This could be a sign that your partner is racing to finish to get it over with. 

If your partner isn’t satisfied, sex will be looked at as more of a chore instead of something pleasurable. No one draws out a chore, right? They will aim to get it over as soon as possible. 

As a part of this, they won’t be concerned with reaching orgasm. Now, this isn’t always true for all women, you need to take into account their history with their ability to reach orgasm. 

8. You Miss Bedtime 

One of the most common times when sex is initiated is when you go to bed. So to avoid this conversation of rejection, your partner will choose to go to bed at a different time. Then by the time you head to bed they are sound asleep. 

Now maybe your schedules have changed and the new bedtimes are a result of this. But if not, your partner may be unhappy with your sex life. 

Try changing up your schedule. Definitely ask her what’s wrong and what needs to be done to make her want to join you in bed again. 

Not Enjoying Sex? Time to Fix It 

Do you suspect that your partner is not enjoying sex anymore? Look for these signs to confirm your suspicions. 

Once you confirm that your partner is not satisfied, the best thing you can do is open up the lines of communication. This will help you figure out what you need to do to help your partner start enjoying sex again. 

Use these tips to spice up your relationship both in and out of the bedroom.