Quarantine and Chill: 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

January 24, 2021 Sex Tips
Spice Up Your Sex Life

Has your sex life started to suffer throughout the course of COVID? Are your bedroom antics becoming a little too vanilla for your liking? Well, you’re not alone!

The average number of times that couples have sex varies, but it’s usually somewhere between once a week and once a month. With the stresses of quarantine floating around, though, huge swathes of people are having less (and worse) sex than ever before!

Want to rectify the problem? Let us help. Keep reading for 5 stimulating ways to spice up those quarantine and chill sessions.

1. Try New Positions

Knowing how to reignite the spark in the bedroom isn’t always easy. But one of the simplest ways to do it can be to try new positions in the sack! Those time-honored classics (missionary, doggy-style, cowgirl…) are all well and good. But they’re overused, and familiarity always breeds contempt.

Furthermore, there are dozens and dozens of possible positions to try out for size. You wouldn’t watch the same films on Netflix all the time. So why do the same with your sex life?

2. Experiment with Accessories

There’s no shortage of sex accessories on the X-rated shelves these days. Go exploring and you’ll find toys for him and toys for her. From Hollywood Condoms to Rampant Rabbits, there are items and products for every occasion, interest, and desire!

Why not do some research and experiment with a few that take your fancy? With trial, error, and an open mind, you’re sure to find something that you and your partner will enjoy.

3. Talk Dirty to Each Other

Talking dirty to each other can feel awkward at first. Some people are naturals, but others don’t know what to say or how to say it. You feel silly and self-conscious.

Master the art of dirty talking, though, and it can be an unparalleled way to get everybody hot and bothered in the bedroom. Overcome the initial resistance, discover what your partner wants to hear, and you’ll soon experience the benefits for yourself.

4. Mix Things Up

Routine is kryptonite to anybody’s libido. Do the same thing too often and the excitement starts to fade! Keep things interesting, though, and you’ll enjoy a lively sex life forevermore.

The world’s your oyster in this regard. You could bring each other’s bedroom fantasies to life, try some lightweight BDSM, start taking showers together, and so on. Mix things up in your quarantine and chill sessions and COVID-19 may begin to feel like a blessing in disguise!

5. Communicate

Of all the top intimacy tips we know, this most effective one comes down to telling each other what you want! You need to ask each other for directions; see if you can do anything differently…

It might sound ludicrous, but the real secret to spicing things up usually comes down to communication. You have to talk to each other, be open with your desires, and be accepting (within reason) of theirs. Take this tack and it’ll feel far easier to try new things, to relate, and, ultimately, to satisfy each other!

Spice Up Your Quarantine and Chill Sessions

There’s nothing fun about being bored in the bedroom. But with COVID-19 running amok and putting a strain on relationships everywhere, our sex lives are suffering like never before! Know the struggle?

Well, with any luck, the tips in this post will help. Keep them in mind and your quarantine and chill sessions should improve before you know it. Want to read more articles like this one?

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