How to choose the right sex shop

July 26, 2016 Sex Toy Sites

How do you go about finding the right sex shop? There are plenty of them in most cities but unfortunately only a hand full of good ones. Here are my tips when choosing the right sex shop.

  1. Good service

It might not be the newest store with the largest range but if the service is good then I’ll stick around. Nothing beats being able to walk into a store and being able to tell the assistant what you are looking for without being seen as a sales target. Keep in mind that shop assistants are human too and may be having a bad day. Don’t judge too harshly as you don’t know what they’ve had to deal with that day.

  1. Knowledgeable staff

It helps when the staff is knowledgeable as well. I’ve been in to too many stores where every product is the best and works really well! I want to know about the materials, safety and what kind of sensations is the product designed to give.

  1. Mid-rand to premium products stocked

They don’t have to have every product ever made but a selection of mid-range to premium products is nice. That way they are catering for most budgets, which makes everyone feel welcomed. Beside a few accessories I don’t really like buying cheap sex toys, as I’m not sure of their safety standards.  Hence having the cheapest products is not a criterion of being a good sex store for me.

  1. Transparency

What is their refund policy? Do these products get restocked? In an effort to bring in more customers, some stores offer a ‘no questions asked’ refund policy.

  1. Variety & Inclusion

Does the store offer a variety of products for different sexual preferences? I want to know that it is inclusive of everyone and does not discriminate.  Everyone should feel comfortable when walking through the door.

It’s not easy finding the right sex shop, especially if you’re in a small town or rural area. Feel free to check out these listings for reputable sex stores near you if you live in Toronto (Canada), if you live in Sydney (Australia), or if you live in London (UK).