New Site Review: Tacky Sex Toys

April 12, 2016 Sex Toy Sites

We like to stay abreast of what’s happening in the sex toy world. I mean, we’re obviously pretty involved in it, so why not stay up to date, right?

Well, we found a site recently called Tacky Sex Toys, and it is the start of something pretty awesome!

For such a new shop, they have a massive selection. They’ve got:

  • Men’s toys
  • Women’s toys
  • Lubes
  • Lotions
  • Stuff for bondage
  • Games
  • Sexy-wear
  • Books
  • And more

I like to see new companies come on the market and offer a full complement of products right away, it helps to instil confidence that they’re a legitimate company and can be trusted.

One of the great things about them is that they’ve got a great Fair Price Pledge that basically means if you find a sex toy cheaper somewhere else, they’ll match or beat the price.

And for the rare occassion they can’t beat the price? They’ll hook you up with a gift card to get 10% off your future purchases! Pretty good consolation prize, right? Hopefully people don’t go scouring around the internet to find the most remote sex toy shop who happens to have one item at a ridiculously low price, just so they can get hooked up with 10% off their next Tacky Sex Toy purchase!

I know, I know, not likely going to happen, but of course this is actually an awesome thing for a shop to have in ANY industry, nevermind the sex toy industry. Great move!

They’re also contributing to the inclusive and sex-positive information library online, by publishing their own blog, which they excellently decided to call “Moan”. See it here:

Now, a point that is absolutely required for any sex toy distributor is that they send their shipments in discrete boxes, and the charge on your card is ambiguous.

Luckily they’ve got both covered, as they ship in plain boxes, without labels. Not only that, but your card will be charged to a pretty average name that shows up as “TST SHOP” on your bill. No one’s going to be asking questions about that.

They don’t have a ton of Fleshlights on offer, though they do carry the new Fleshlight Quickshot, which at least means they’re paying attention to new products and hoping to offer their customers the latest and greatest in masturbation aids.

They’ve literally got nearly a thousand dildos on offer, too. When I said they carried a lot of stock, I meant it!

There’s pretty much everything under the sun. Big ones. Small ones. Huge vibrators. Rabbits.

Just checked the site out on mobile, and it previewed very well, which is nice. Obviously this is becoming more mainstream, but you wouldn’t believe how many older sex toy shops have crappy old school websites that aren’t mobile responsive.

Everything looked nice and clean on the mobile.

One thing that you may have to get used to is the necessity to sign up for an account before you can purchase. There is no guest checkout option.

Most places you shop from, they really try to push you into getting a user account, but there’s typically an easily found guest checkout option. Unless I’m missing something, there is no way to check out as a guest on the site. You have to create an account with them and log in.

This probably won’t be a deal breaker, but I think with the somewhat sensitive nature many people approach sex toys with, having to “commit” to something like a user account is going to be a bit of a turn off for some people.

If everything else is closed off and secure, like the plain packaging box, the obscure payment name, etc., then you don’t want to put a barrier up like enforcing membership as a user. I believe this may be a bottle neck for them in terms of conversions, but we will have to see.

One other thing is that their social media accounts aren’t really built out or active, which likely reduces their legitimacy to some people. These days, even sex toy shops need to have a friendly, outward facing attitude. I think it goes with the whole sex-positive thing. If people aren’t actually out there and advertising and marketing (in an inclusive, talking to fans sort of way), then we as consumers may feel a bit like they’re just some creepy company selling some random sex toys.

That’s what sex toys used to be. The shops on the strips in the run down parts of town. There’s an aura of contempt and disgust that goes along with places like that. With the increasing acceptance of sex and sex toys in our society, and the internet making connection super easy, it is vital for all sorts of companies, even ones that have historically been relegated to seedy motels, to have an online presence to confirm that there are indeed real humans behind them.

Now, I’ve actually emailed them back and forth a few times so I can vouch for the fact that there’s a real person back there! So don’t let their lack of social accounts stop you. Heck, our own social accounts aren’t very active here on MoP. Whoops.

Anyway, long story short, I’m glad to see the actually insane amount of options on Tacky Sex Toys, it absolutely seems like your new one stop shop for all things sex and pleasure. Check them out!